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Say Hellew, Please!

Posted: January 14, 2011 in Blogthings, Friends, Pimp

It’s that time of year again! It’s National Delurking Day!

Who are you? Why are you here? How did you find me? Will you be my friend? Will you tell me a story?

Will you leave a comment? Show me some love up in da club!

(Badge blatantly stolen from Loralee.)


I revealed my uber-embarrassing choice in movies for nothing! Turns out Bill didn’t have the part he needed up in the City of Tubas, so he did a one-day turn around and waltzed in the door at about 6:30. I’d called him twice, in the hour leading up to his waltzing, and he didn’t pick up his phone. Whether he was hoping to surprise me, or catch me in the act of something nefarious, is debatable.

Anyway, the upshot was that I didn’t watch the movie. We *did* watch the Charlie Brown Christmas Special, though. Linus’ monologue makes me tear up every time.


Occasionally, I like to peruse the stats over at World Famous Nosh, to see what people are cooking these days. Seems lately folks have a hankerin’ for Steak Dinner with All the Fixin’s, Hershey Kiss Cookies (which would be AWESOME with the caramel kisses, wouldn’t they???), Incredible Crock Pot Meatloaf (and it is), Five Flavor Pork Roast, and Irish Cream Brownies.

The meatloaf recipe has had the most hits of all time (1,212!), followed closely by the World War II Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake (972), with the crock pot recipe for Chicago Italian Beef coming in third (736).

I’m probably the only one who finds stuff like this to be kind of interesting.


Here’s some wicked awesome stuff that has come to my attention in the past week or so:

– A recipe for Apple Cider Sugar Donut Muffins, courtesy of Dlyn, that you can BET YOUR BIPPY I will be making in the near future.

– Sweet Salty gives us permission to suck. Thank God, since I’ve been sucking in an unauthorized manner for all this time!

– Did I share this with you guys? I forget. How to deal with your camera getting lost or stolen. Link shared by Karl over on the Twitter.

– This OH MY FUCKING GOD AWESOMENESS that Heather shared with me:

– This other OH MY FUCKING GOD AWESOMENESS that Blogography Tweeted:

– This video that a co-worker shared with me that made me laugh until I pee’d:

There. You’ve been entertained.

Avitable’s Man Test

Posted: November 23, 2010 in Friends, Listy goodness, Pimp

Adam Avitable wrote an entry about an article he read, listing the fifty things every guy should know how to do. As I read through the list I came to the conclusion that I, too, know how to do a non-zero amount of them.

The article he references is here. And now, my take:

1. Make a mean breakfast – The meanest breakfast I ever made was *for* my man, and it consisted of bacon, eggs, biscuits, sausage gravy, and hash browns. Bill makes a mean, mean breakfast skillet, too.

2. Shave – I can, of course, shave my assorted bits. I’ve never given Bill a shave, though. I doubt he’d let me come near him with a straight edge – all his past transgressions would rise up and choke him.

3. Make a drink – I’m not too boned up on this one, actually. I can mix a decent gin and tonic, or screwdriver, or greyhound, or Jack and coke, but if the ingredients go further than one booze and one mixer, I get lost unless I have a bar book in front of me.

4. Change a diaper – Both of us are champion diaper-changers. And we’re of the opinion that our kids can put off having any (more) babies for as LOOOOONG as they want, so we don’t have to change any (more) in the near future.

5. Drive in crappy conditions – Bill’s going to disagree that I’m a capable driver in poor weather, but he hasn’t seen me tackle a black-iced road at two in the morning with sleet hammering down.

6. Spot a liar – I’m not too great at this, unless it’s one of the kids. I’m too trusting of the basic decency of humanity. What a New Year’s Resolution that would make – “Be more suspicious.”

7. Surf the web anonymously – Other than signing off of my various log-ins, I’m actually not positive how to do this.

8. Buy a gift for a woman – I can buy a gift for anyone. The trick lies in buying them something they LIKE. And I’m never sure, when I give someone a gift, if they actually like it, or are just being polite. See #6.

9. Off-road without flipping the ATV – Noooo idea. I’d love to give it a shot, though!

10. Talk your way out of a traffic ticket – Hah. Not a chance. I’m wired to take the punishment that I deserve. Hmm… that sounded delightfully dirty.

11. Open a bottle unconventionally – Bill’s a champ at this, and because he is, I’ve never tried.

12. Unhook a bra with one hand – You know? I just tried doing this and, I can’t! Not on myself, anyway, and I’ve never tried to unhook another girl’s bra (bucket list!). Bill’s a champ at this one, too… channels Fonzie while he’s doing it, though, which isn’t as cute as he thinks it is.

13. Sew a button – My grandmother raised me. Of COURSE I can sew a button.

14. Choose the right urinal – Bill and I actually had a discussion about this once. If you’re the only guy in there, choose the middle one. If there’s someone else in there, don’t choose the one right next to him. If those two conditions don’t exist, go in a stall.

15. Spot fake breasts – “Real or Fake” is one of our favorite games!

16. Rally after a big night of drinking – Nope. I’m out like a light, then require a big greasy breakfast, possiblly followed by a nice cleansing hurl.

17. Upgrade at a hotel – I’ve got a 50/50 success rate on this, but I’m never afraid to ask.

18. Unclog a toilet – A required skill when one has children and grandchildren.

19. Parallel park – GAAAH. I suck at it, and have been known to keep circling to look for a less skill-required parking space. Bill’s a champ at it, though.

20. Play poker – I just learned how to play last summer, and I’m not that great at it. That fact may or may not be directly related to the amount of whiskey I consumed while learning.

21. Dance – I can, with probably more enthusiasm than skill. Bill does a mean African Anteater Ritual.

22. Do at least ten push-ups on command – Sure, I can do ten.

23 – Shine your shoes – Sure.

24 – Iron a shirt – I can, though I haven’t had to in a long time. We’re of the “spray it with water and toss it in the dryer” camp.

25 – Perform CPR – I need to get re-certified, but yes, I know how to perform CPR.

26 – Know how to navigate a road trip – I’m usually the navigator on vacation, and other than a couple of memorable turn-arounds, I usually do a pretty darn good job.

27. Pick up a girl using a dog as your wingman – I’ve never tried, but Gypsy used to get a lot of attention when she was a puppy.

28 – Drive a manual car – Before I got divorced, all of my cars were stick shift.

29 – Choose a scotch/whiskey – Hah. HA HA. I haz ze MAD SKILLS.

30 – Paddle a canoe/kayak – Yep!

31. Use a chainsaw – I’d… better not.

32. Tap and operate a keg – Never done it, no idea how to. I usually BYOB to those kids of events anyway, because the kegs are inevitably of the Bud Light variety.

33. Build a fire – If I have all of the ingredients, yes. Matches, kindling, newspapers, kerosene…

34. Cast a fishing rod – Sure. It’s baiting the hook that squicks me out.

35. Erect a tent – With instructions and enough beer, sure.

36. Tie a tie – I probably ought to cultivate this skill, since Bill swears up a storm the once every two years he has to wear a tie and goes through the rigmarole of re-teaching himself how to tie it.

37. Haggle for a lower price – I’m not really very good at this, but Bill is, and I’m a good wingman for him. He’ll haggle for a car, I’ll sit there waiting for his signal, then when he gives it I make a move to get up and leave, the salesman knows that if he’s lost the wife he’s lost the deal, and the negotiations settle on something more accommodating.

38. Throw a football – I’d love to be able to throw a pretty spiral, but, well, I throw like a girl.

39. Jump-start a car – Necessity has made it such that this was required learning.

40. Pour a beer – Feh. Who needs a stinkin’ GLASS?

41. Know your local professional sports teams – Unfortunately, I’m well aware of my local professional sports teams (damn Cardinals.)

42. Some assembly required – If the instructions aren’t in JAPANESE, I can usually figure things out.

43. Get your money’s worth at a buffet – Nah, I usually get full too soon.

44. Pick up a woman with a one-liner – Do guys still think that works???

45. Hook up the cable – Sure, though Bill is the Electronics God in the house.

46. Fry a turkey – I could figure it out, but I like cooking the turkey in the oven. It makes the house smell good.

47. Throw a punch without looking like a sissy – I’ve thrown the perfect punch a thousand times… in my mind.

48. Bong a beer – Apparently I’m too old for this.

49. Use a charcoal grill – Charcoal used to be the only kind of grill we had. Now we have propane which is just better.

50. Change a tire – I know how, in theory, but I don’t think I’m strong enough. That’s why I have AAA.

And now, Adam’s list of 10 things that every man should do in his life:

1. Pee outside just because you can. I grew up in Maine. You do the math.
2. Try and fail miserably to fix something. Unless you count my first marriage, I can’t actually think of a time that I tried to fix something and couldn’t. Unless it was a dinner gone astray.
3. Think one of the Hansons was a hot girl. I laughed at this one, because once I DID mistake the youngest one for a girl.
4. Masturbate to a catalog or magazine that nobody would expect, like Sears, Hot Topic, Entertainment Weekly, National Geographic, or Conde Nast Traveler. No, I get my eye candy from the traditional sources.
5. Trim your toenails whilst sitting on the toilet. No, but yes to the bathroom sink.
6. Buy tampons voluntarily without grumbling, being embarrassed, or thinking that somehow the check out girl is going to think you have a bleeding vagina. This one’s kind of a necessity.
7. Cry at a movie, commercial, or TV show. All the flippin’ time.
8. Get someone flowers or a thoughtful gift, just because you wanted to. Yes, but not as often as I should.
9. Suffer from a urinary malfunction and accidentally pee everywhere but the fucking toilet before you can stop it. Ow, Adam. Really? This is something that SHOULD be on every guy’s bucket list???
10. Take at least one photo of your junk. [[REDACTED]]

And now, MY list of 10 things every woman should do in her life:

1. Be the “body” part of a body shot.
2. Go to the movies by yourself.
3. Take revealing pictures of yourself.
4. Go tandem skydiving strapped to the front of a burly Marine.
5. Make yourself foolish over a man. Or woman. Preference dependent.
6. When someone drunkenly yells out, “Show us your tits!” do it, just once.
7. Throw down beers at a biker bar.
8. Go on a solo weekend getaway.
9. Drunk dial your best friend.
10. Tell someone that has wronged you EXACTLY what you think of them.

Yes, I’ve done all of these things. You’re welcome for not making you go through the effort of wondering.

I’m about to admit a shameful thing. Shameful in that I am a blogger, nay, a WRITER, and as such I should have this particular skill that I am about to tell you I don’t have.

I can’t tell a story. To SAVE MY LIFE, or the life of someone I care about, or even someone with whom I’m only faintly acquainted but hey I’m a nice girl so I’ll give the whole life-saving thing a go if only to benefit my karma, I cannot tell a story.

I get the order wrong. I don’t have bright and shiny descriptive… um… things. WORDS. Those things. I know the middle, and I know how it starts, and I kind of know where I want to get. But not how. And the momentum, it kind of loses all of it. I start out with a great pace, kind of get muddled around after a bit, and in the end if someone could draw a pictorial of the wending path of my story it would start to look like one of those Family Circus cartoons where Billy (not my Billy – who would give you A Look if you called him Billy – but the cartoon Billy) has been all over the neighborhood chasing a butterfly.

Pretty! Butterfly!

Where was I? Right. Story. Can’t tell one.

I would love to be one of those vastly entertaining story-tellers, the kind that are sought out in parties and added to guest lists by virtue of their story-telling abilities alone. “Oh, let’s invite Tiff! You know how fun she is with a story. Maybe she’ll tell the one about how she hugged the toilet at Iguana Mack’s. That one’s a HOOT!”

At first, I thought that by my very blogging nature, I MUST be a good story-teller. Ask Bill about that. I’d be in a conversational group, wending my way along, realize I was taking too long, start to see the eyes of my audience glaze over, try to frantically recall any pithy and fun detail that might corral the interest back in my direction and not on, oh, say, DUST MOTES, catch Bill’s “WRAP IT UP” glare, and peter to a stuttering halt with a sheepish smile. At which point there would be a collective, mostly inaudible “ANYWAY!” sigh, and I would relinquish conversational control to someone more qualified.

I stopped telling stories. Unless I was drunk. Ask me about when I was drunk! Everybody knows drunk people are interesting! And funny!

Anyway. Fortunately, the Internet is blessed with those bloggers who CAN tell a story, and tell a story well. Like this one, and this one, and this one. I read them. I study them. I learn from them. And in the end…

In the end…

I STILL can’t tell a story to save my life. Or anyone else’s. It is my life-long sorrow. My life is a perfect graveyard of buried hopes.

Hey, wait, I’ve found something I AM good at. Gross, negligent exaggeration. WIN.


Posted: September 24, 2010 in Family, Health/Fitness, kids, misc, Music, photography, Pimp

– Miss Amanda Marie turned twenty-two on the 18th. We went to Kona Grill for dinner (sushi FTW!). A good time was had by all, in part because Kami joined us. DAMN, though, we need to break Amanda of that Coors Light business. She brings shame upon us.

– Our grandson Robert Anthony turned seven on the 23rd. We all hope he had a happy birthday.

– I have a new photo blog, here. I’m only somewhat blatantly copying Dys. Eventually there will be fresh content – the few pics I’ve put up were simply to fill the space for the time being. Still, they don’t suck. You’ve just probably seen ’em before.

Heather is awesome and we should all support her.

– I’m having the follow-up test for the Essure procedure next Thursday. Verily I say unto you, deets will be sharedeth.

– Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.

– It pissed me off that Facebook’s downtime was the number one CNN headline for two days in a row. Where do you guys get your news from? Cuz I’ve gotta say, that factoid right there speaks worse for CNN than it does for our culture in general.

– This is stuck in my head and it’s all Kim’s fault:

– The fact that it’s Friday has been the only thing barring me from committing several homicides, one assault with a deadly weapon, and some major self mutilation. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Ten Years Later

Posted: September 15, 2010 in blogkeeping, Memory Lane, Pimp

This was the very first Snerkology entry I ever wrote.

Fast forward ten years, and here we are.

Holy crap.

I wrote 439 entires at the old Snerkology domain, and WordPress tells me that I have 1,520 posts existing on this domain. Those also contain the posts that successfully transferred over (I know I’m missing some) from the blogger version and the companion blog, both of which I FTP’d to Dreamhost when I was writing them, so they’re preserved for posterity.

That’s a lot of words.

I have no plans to stop. I think Bill would pitch a fit if I did – he rather likes having a family archivist and historian.

I have nothing more profound than this to say: Ten years. Go me.

If you’re looking for recappy goodness, my other anniversaries had more words:

My 100th Entry
First Anniversary
Second Anniversary
– Didn’t write a Third Anniversary entry per say, but here’s what was going on then.
Fourth Anniversary
– A mention of the Fifth Anniversary.
– A brief mention of the Sixth Anniversary.
– No mention of the Seventh Anniversary, but here’s other stuff happening in that timeframe.
– The Eighth Anniversary, when I made you guys write guest posts so I could be a slacker for a week.
– A big, yooge recap for the Ninth Anniversary.

Thanks, as ever and always, you guys, for still being here!

I have three very specific reasons for feeling bouncy today.

Before I get into them, let me just state for the record that I am more inclined, in general, to be bouncy than to not be bouncy. My husband is fond of commenting that, while he needs a specific reason to be in a good mood, I need a specific reason to not be in a good mood.

I think that’s a good quality to have in a wife, don’t you?

Anydoodle. The first reason for my bounciness is our oft-mentioned, oft-gushed about (yes, TB, you have been gushing) trip to Indianapolis to see the MotoGP race. I am STUPID excited to be meeting TB and Dys in person, finally. There’s also the possibility of seeing Heather, too (she lives a few hours away and is trying to figure out if she can come hang with us for a day). So, there will be:

  • Non-hundred degree weather.
  • Gearhead-oriented conversation.
  • Hot boys with motorcycles.
  • Hot girls who congregate around hot boys with motorcycles.
  • Meeting good, good friends in person for the first time.
  • Seeing a good long-time friend in person after a long parting.
  • Food that doesn’t contain calories because we’re on vacation.
  • Photographic opportunities galore.
  • Some good old-fashioned RACING.
  • Long days that fade into late nights because I GUARANTEE, everybody will be having too much fun to sleep.

I will be blogging if/when I can, Tweeting often from the track on my Crackberry, and posting pictures when I can. TB will be doing the same in his various on-line methods. It’s gonna be SICK.

We’re leaving Thursday morning and I have an epic ton of stuff that needs to get accomplished between now and then. Which leads me into my next reason for being bouncy. I asked my boss, and received permission, to extend my vacation by one day. So I have tomorrow off in order to accomplish all the things that need to get done, pre-trip. That I was running out of time was starting to stress me out a tad. Now I know I’ll be able to get everything done.

My third reason to bounce has got me WICKED geeked. See, you all know that I write for a photography website. The job has gotten me several fun things in the way of perks. One is the ability to rent lenses for free from Pro Photo Rental, as long as I write reviews about the lenses and mention where I got ’em. NOOOOOO PROBLEM. Because of this, I have been able to bring some fantastic photography equipment with me on many of our vacations, and I am able to bring a sweet telephoto lens with us to MotoGP. It arrived yesterday via UPS. It, and another box that I was so thrilled to see that I SQUEE’D.

See, about a week ago on a whim, I contacted the folks at Lensbaby to see if they had a lens that I could borrow, in order to write a review. I have always been interested in the Lensbaby line, and though I intended on buying one myself, the timing wasn’t right to purchase one for review purposes any time in the near future. Lo and behold, they wrote me back almost immediately, and said, “Hey, here, let us give you stuff for your very own! When you write your review, let us know!”

They sent me a Lensbaby Composer. AND an accessory kit that includes a wide-angle and a telephoto adapter, plus creative apertures. For my very own. To keep.

How cool are they??? Fantastic and generous and their customer service ROCKS. I spent a happy hour geeking out and playing around with this cool little lens system. It’s so creative and unique and CLEVER. I can’t wait to write a review about it. I’ve got a thousand ideas.

If you’re not familiar with Lensbaby, check out their photo gallery to see what their different products can do. I plan to own as many lenses, optics, and accessories as I can get my hands on.

So! Any one of those things is enough of a reason to put anybody in a good mood, right? Let alone all three!

Today is a good day.

I got up at 6:45 this morning. Not sure what the hell is wrong with me.

I submitted an application for a new writing gig, and just as I hit “submit” I realized that I was one digit off on my area code (though it’s correct on the resume that I attached). SIGH. That’s what I get for trying to be productive before 8:00 in the morning. Hopefully it won’t make a difference – I get the impression that they communicate primarily via e-mail, and that I got right.

I got a ball head (this one) for the new monopod (this one) that I bought, and I can’t understand how I lived without one before. I’m going to need to get either a ball head to go with my tripod, or a new tripod that jives with the ball head. Also, typing “ball head” so much makes me feel a little dirty.

Two weeks from today we’ll be in Maine. Contrary to my usual habit of starting lists months in advance, I only started making a travel list yesterday. We’re going to try to pack light and do laundry a couple of times while we’re there. Yeah, whatever. We always have the “pack light” goal, and the last time we flew we nearly had to cough up an extra $50 for going over on the weight allotment.

Once I passed the age of ten, I fell out of love with fireworks. Now, I did go see fireworks last year while I was visiting with Heather – that was, of course, much more about being with Heather and having a good time, than seeing fireworks. The time before that was back in 2003, when Amanda and her friend and I were visiting my sister and her family in Maine. We went to the annual fireworks show on the Eastern Promenade the night that we arrived. I went because my sister and her family were going, we were in Maine, the girls were excited about it, and we were in Maine. Hmm. Now I’m wondering if I really fell out of love with fireworks because it’s such an exercise in torture to see ’em in Arizona (too fucking hot, even at night).

I am currently participating in Women to Women’s Personalized Program for hormonal imbalance. Since I went off the pill, I felt like my body needed a reset. I’m a couple weeks into the three-month program, which involves taking these essential nutrients, along with this herbal equilibrium supplement, on a daily basis. Since Women to Women was my gyno when I lived back in Maine, I really trust them. I will, of course, let you all know if any of this made a difference once the three months are up.

Speaking of supplements, Gadget and Gypsy are wicked old and creaky. Gadget has his bad back and his seizures, Gypsy her bad hips and her reverse sneeze, plus Gypsy is pretty much stone blind and deaf now. Then Gypsy started getting fatty tumors – one over her eye, one on her nose, one on her belly. I was looking around for a nutritional supplement that would address a multitude of ailments, and came across NuVet Plus. After half a bottle, I started seeing a noticeable difference in Gypsy’s fatty tumors, and neither dog seemed quite as gimpy. I’m now just starting their second bottle, and the tumors on Gypsy’s eye and nose are gone. Gadget hasn’t had a seizure (at least not that I’ve seen) in a long time, and I only had to dose him with aspirin once in the past two months for his pain. Of course, no supplement is going to help Gypsy’s vision and hearing, but we just yell louder and gesticulate more dramatically to get her attention. Poor dumb dog. So. Yeah. I recommend the stuff. They make it for cats, too!

Today’s plans involve something along the lines of laundry, grocery shopping, sun-bathing, and a light weights workout to ease myself back into my fitness routine. It’s been a week since the Essure procedure and I feel pretty much back to normal. Well, as normal as it gets for me, anyway. We have no plans at all for the long Independence Day weekend, other than perhaps grilling up some burgers and dogs on Sunday, and maybe catching a movie.

What plans have you guys made for the weekend?

Okay, you guys. You remember a long time ago when I mentioned that I wrote a warm-fuzzy bomb of epic proportions but saved it to my drafts, and in the cold light of (sober) reality (i.e. the next morning) I decided against posting it? That was back in May of 2009. I post it today because a) it still applies, over a year later; and 2) I thought you’d get a giggle out of it because, well, HOLY HELL, I must have been buzzing fit to beat the band. Still, I mean every word! I just generally choose a more subtle, toned-down way to express my feelings for y’all. Love ya! Mean it!


This is the blog version of an, “I love you, man!” after two beers and a really big shot of something potent.

I just have to express to you, my lovely readers, how much I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU GUYS. Your blog entries make me laugh, cry, and think, sometimes all in the same post. You leave me comments that make me crack up, and I know that you really, really get me. I may have only met a handful of you “in real life”, but the friendships I have with you are so very valuable, and so very dear to me, that physicalities mean nothing to me in the face of true, real, kindredship.

Heather – Lovey, you don’t even know the special place you hold in my heart. You are my sister in spirit, and I wish everything good for you because YOU ARE DUE. Your hugs are like gold, and I’m planning on cashing in and stocking up in very short order. I can’t carry you in my pocket like I really want to, but I always carry you in my heart.

Amy – I think if we ever had a face-to-face conversation, we’d end up using this binary short-speak that started each sentence with three random words, and ended with, “Oh my God, me too!” Don’t be surprised if I show up on your doorstep one day, fixin’ to help you break in that outdoor kitchen. I’ll bring the beer. And the tequila.

Kim – If my sense of humor, and sense of reality, had a twin, it would be you. The way you spin words is so damned smart that if I were ever to be compared to you, I would consider that to be a very high compliment, indeed. In fact, I’m going to call you. If I can wheedle your phone number out of you. You’ll have your very own tele-stalker, and you will be flattered. Oh yes, you will.

Crisitunity – Reading your words makes me feel peaceful. I know you, out of everyone else I know, really understands how huge that is. Calm in the center of a stormy life, that’s what you are. You make me want to take better care of myself, and emulate the centered-ness that you have created for yourself.

TB – Dude, you’re wicked cool. That’s a Maine-ism right there, so you understand the honor I’m bestowing upon you. You’re a long, lovely conversation that goes on until 3:00 in the morning. I know you get that. I’ve got a bottle of whisky with your name on it, any time you want to cash in.

Dys – We’re twins, you and me. Friendship never looked me in the face so hard as when you and I started rapping back and forth together. Distance doesn’t matter, day or night, I know you’re someone to count on, and I hope you know you have the same in me.

MTAE/Steve – I can’t think of a better occupation for you than a comedian. You talk about life so well, and we all know that’s where the best material comes from. One of these days I’m going to see you on Comedy Central and think, “Hey, I know that guy!

Amanda – You’ve read me forever, and I’ve read you forever. Since you posted under a “nom-de-net”, do you remember that? “Heather”, wasn’t it? You remind me of home, and you of all people understand how much that means to me. Some day, we’ll have a beer down at the Lower Deck!

Joe – You’re tender, you’re gangsta, you’re vulnerable, and you’re strong, all at the same time. You make me take a closer look, think a little longer, and assess my perceptions. For that, I consider you a blessed friend.

Jayne – Haven’t we met, in real life? It truly feels like we have, though you’re thousands of miles away. One day I’m going to make good on my threat to move in with you. You’re wise, you’re loving, and you have a young and vibrant spirit. I cherish you, I really really do.

Jen – You’re one of my best friends. We’re enough alike, and enough different, to have a truly fulfilling friendship. So no matter what, no matter where, I’ll be your fellow geek in spirit and protect you from the dreaded cubicle disease. It’s the least I can do, you keep me company in my craziness!

Robyn – Good grief, I can’t even count how many years I’ve been reading you. A fellow Exiled Maineiac, I’m drawn to your journal day after day, like cozying up to your kitchen table and chatting over coffee. One of these days we’ll have to coordinate a trip to Maine and meet face-to-face.

Sherry – You’ve been a constant in my life since I started reading on-line journals, YEARS and YEARS and YEARS ago (not to date us, or anything). I’ve so enjoyed reading along as your family grows, and sharing our love of photography. Some day we will meet in Halifax and have a grand laugh at how far we’ve come since HTML and Notepad.

Jeanette – You’re kind and you’re thoughtful, generous to a fault, and always ready with an encouraging word. That I know all this without even meeting you in person is just a testament to how wonderfully your personality shines through in your writing.

Finally, before I get too maudlin, I’d like to mention all of these other folks whom I read on a regular basis. We don’t really talk with one another, other than the occasional comment, but I appreciate them just the same!

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God bless the internet!

(Heh. Let’s see how many hits THAT title gets.)

Man. I am un-be-LIEVABLY tired. I am SO sleeping in tomorrow.

The benefit party just… kind of came together, all at once. We now have SEVENTEEN raffle items, with another EIGHT items that are a “maybe, but probably” at this point. I’m going party decoration shopping today at lunch, and hitting a few more restaurants/bars (plus the local BevMo, whose employees frequent The Sandstone). Folks have volunteered to decorate and to man the raffle table. Folks at my work are donating money.

It has just been… awesome. And kind of exhausting. I’m half-way through that list of phone numbers I need to call, hoping the rest will be finished by this afternoon/evening.


In keeping with the cancer topic, Jen sent me this AWESOME video. If you love Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory (he’s my favorite – except I really didn’t need to see him in a banana hammock), you’ll love this. It is COMPLETELY FULL OF AWESOME. Full. Of. AWESOME.


I wrote an entry about Gaining, and Keeping, Your Confidence on Beyond Megapixels that seems to be getting a lot of traffic, and positive feedback on the BMP Facebook page. I admit, I’m kind of proud of it myself. It weirds me out though, sometimes, to contemplate how many people end up reading my words. What a long strange trip it’s been.