I got up at 6:45 this morning. Not sure what the hell is wrong with me.

I submitted an application for a new writing gig, and just as I hit “submit” I realized that I was one digit off on my area code (though it’s correct on the resume that I attached). SIGH. That’s what I get for trying to be productive before 8:00 in the morning. Hopefully it won’t make a difference – I get the impression that they communicate primarily via e-mail, and that I got right.

I got a ball head (this one) for the new monopod (this one) that I bought, and I can’t understand how I lived without one before. I’m going to need to get either a ball head to go with my tripod, or a new tripod that jives with the ball head. Also, typing “ball head” so much makes me feel a little dirty.

Two weeks from today we’ll be in Maine. Contrary to my usual habit of starting lists months in advance, I only started making a travel list yesterday. We’re going to try to pack light and do laundry a couple of times while we’re there. Yeah, whatever. We always have the “pack light” goal, and the last time we flew we nearly had to cough up an extra $50 for going over on the weight allotment.

Once I passed the age of ten, I fell out of love with fireworks. Now, I did go see fireworks last year while I was visiting with Heather – that was, of course, much more about being with Heather and having a good time, than seeing fireworks. The time before that was back in 2003, when Amanda and her friend and I were visiting my sister and her family in Maine. We went to the annual fireworks show on the Eastern Promenade the night that we arrived. I went because my sister and her family were going, we were in Maine, the girls were excited about it, and we were in Maine. Hmm. Now I’m wondering if I really fell out of love with fireworks because it’s such an exercise in torture to see ’em in Arizona (too fucking hot, even at night).

I am currently participating in Women to Women’s Personalized Program for hormonal imbalance. Since I went off the pill, I felt like my body needed a reset. I’m a couple weeks into the three-month program, which involves taking these essential nutrients, along with this herbal equilibrium supplement, on a daily basis. Since Women to Women was my gyno when I lived back in Maine, I really trust them. I will, of course, let you all know if any of this made a difference once the three months are up.

Speaking of supplements, Gadget and Gypsy are wicked old and creaky. Gadget has his bad back and his seizures, Gypsy her bad hips and her reverse sneeze, plus Gypsy is pretty much stone blind and deaf now. Then Gypsy started getting fatty tumors – one over her eye, one on her nose, one on her belly. I was looking around for a nutritional supplement that would address a multitude of ailments, and came across NuVet Plus. After half a bottle, I started seeing a noticeable difference in Gypsy’s fatty tumors, and neither dog seemed quite as gimpy. I’m now just starting their second bottle, and the tumors on Gypsy’s eye and nose are gone. Gadget hasn’t had a seizure (at least not that I’ve seen) in a long time, and I only had to dose him with aspirin once in the past two months for his pain. Of course, no supplement is going to help Gypsy’s vision and hearing, but we just yell louder and gesticulate more dramatically to get her attention. Poor dumb dog. So. Yeah. I recommend the stuff. They make it for cats, too!

Today’s plans involve something along the lines of laundry, grocery shopping, sun-bathing, and a light weights workout to ease myself back into my fitness routine. It’s been a week since the Essure procedure and I feel pretty much back to normal. Well, as normal as it gets for me, anyway. We have no plans at all for the long Independence Day weekend, other than perhaps grilling up some burgers and dogs on Sunday, and maybe catching a movie.

What plans have you guys made for the weekend?

  1. Taoist Biker says:

    Grilling, maybe shooting off some small firecrackers, and doing a whole bunch o’ nothin’.

    I will probably get up Saturday morning and go for another longer run – I think that’s my standing plan for the next month or so. This time I’ll try not to lock myself out of the car, though.

    • Tiffany says:

      We have sparklers, though technically fireworks are illegal in AZ (I forget where we got ’em, now). I find the term “fireworks” to apply only to those things that go BOOM.

  2. iamheatherjo says:

    Plans?!?!? Yard work, playing ball with the mutt (maybe a trip to the bark park), walking on the trail, probably some live music outside and inside (too many to choose from so I have no idea where I’ll end up), fireworks, friends, food, “chores”, reading, pictures, farmer’s market and the grocery store, I’m sure. Maybe some drinkin’, maybe not.

    You know…the usual. 😀

  3. Kim says:

    After the “hottest June on record,” rabble-frabble-sonofabitch, we’re having amazing weather right now, so I plan on taking advantage of it as much as possible because God knows it won’t last. I walked already this morning WEARING A HOODIE for the first half hour!
    I’ve always loved fireworks and still do but I no longer feel the need to fight mobs of drunken assholes to see them so I usually only get to see whatever is visible from my house.
    I’m old.

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