101 in 1001

Editor’s Note Yeah. It’s 11/4/2010. Obviously, I didn’t accomplish what I wanted to. Eh.

The intent of the 101 in 1001 project is to compile a list of 101 things to be accomplished in 1001 days. Here is my list, and I will write an entry about each task as I accomplish it on the main page.

Beginning date: January 17, 2008
Ending date: October 14, 2010

    Personal Things

  1. Get back down to my fighting weight. (9.0/28.5 as of 6/30/08 )
  2. Take guitar lessons.
  3. Take a photography class.
  4. Get passports for me and Calvin.
  5. Participate in a marathon (note I didn’t specify “walk” or “run”!).
  6. Learn how to play poker. (Done! TB taught me at Indy in August 2010.)
  7. Vote. (DONE!)
  8. Make a will.
  9. See the grandbabies. (DONE)
  10. Read “Love in the Time of Cholera”.
  11. Do something charitable. DONE!
  12. Get a mammogram.
  13. Donate blood. (DONE)
  14. Walk or bike to work for a week.
  15. Discover a new favorite band. (DONE)
  16. Fast for a day. (DONE)
  17. Miss zero work-outs in a month. DONE April/May 2010.
  18. Go a whole week without cursing (hah!).
  19. Pack my breakfast and lunch for work every day for a month. DONE.
  20. Write my sister a letter. (Done 2/24/09)
  21. Go for one month without reading any books, every six months. (DONE)
  22. Creative Things

  23. Learn quilting, then make a quilt.
  24. Make a cookbook out of Grandma’s recipes.
  25. Make or build something with my own two hands (that isn’t food).
  26. Plant something in the yard.
  27. Write a short story.
  28. Learn how to bake bread.
  29. Finish mapping family tree. (DONE)
  30. Take a photo for the specific purpose of enlarging it and framing it. DONE – One of the PHL from our trip to Maine in July 2010.
  31. Create a new recipe from scratch. DONE!
  32. Material Things

  33. Buy a new bicycle. (DONE!)
  34. Buy a car. (DONE)
  35. Buy the boxed set of all of the seasons of Buffy.
  36. Purchase a freezer for the garage.
  37. Get a new mattress for the bed, darnit. Mostly done, got a memory foam mattress topper, decided not to replace the mattress just yet.
  38. Have another drawing made by Ethrian.
  39. Buy a new TV for the bedroom. (DONE)
  40. Buy three of my favorite children’s books.
  41. Fun Things

  42. Travel outside of the country.
  43. Go hiking in Sedona.
  44. Visit Heather in Chicago. (DONE)
  45. Go to a concert. (DONE)
  46. Go camping. (DONE)
  47. Go dancing.
  48. Have pizza on the roof.
  49. Go horseback riding.
  50. Have friends over for dinner. (DONE – We had Joss over for pot roast in October ’08)
  51. Go on a “touristy” excursion in my own state. (DONE)
  52. Play beer pong.
  53. Go to the art museum.
  54. Sip champagne in the hot tub, for no particular reason. (DONE)
  55. Plan an extravagant date with my husband. (DONE)
  56. Go skiing.
  57. Lay in the grass and find shapes in the clouds.
  58. Go stargazing.
  59. Go to a Broadway musical, play, or other such type of live performance.
  60. Visit Kartchner Caverns.
  61. Go to Luke’s for lunch.
  62. Take a ride or a trip on a train.
  63. Take a road trip. (DONE)
  64. Go to a sports game (basketball, football, baseball). (DONE)
  65. Stay up all night.
  66. Watch a black-and-white movie (that I’ve never seen before). (DONE)
  67. Make dinner for the Grandparents and take it to them. DONE!
  68. Go to the shooting range.
  69. Host a happy hour at our house.
  70. Have a neighbor over for dinner.
  71. Bloggy Things

  72. Do a “weekend in pictures” entry.
  73. Gather all of my on-line recipes into a single comprehensive recipe site. DONE!
  74. Finish what I started with The Lessons of Horse.
  75. Have another mix-CD giveaway. (DONE)
  76. Do one of the Blogging bandwagony things (Holidailies, etc.). (DONE)
  77. Write every day in the blog for a month. (DONE, completed NaBloPoMo in November of ’08 )
  78. Put up an “Of the Week” sidebar feature. (DONE, added 11/9/08)
  79. Join a collab or other such on-line organization. DONE!
  80. Organizational Things

  81. Sort through my book collection and give the unwanted ones to Jen.
  82. Get the filing cabinet in order.
  83. Shred unwanted papers.
  84. Organize the photos in the photo box.
  85. Organize the bedroom closet. DONE!
  86. Get everything out from under the bed. DONE!
  87. Organize the “storage room”. (DONE)
  88. Goal Things

  89. Pay off credit cards.
  90. Paint the bedroom some color other than white.
  91. Paint the bathroom some color other than white.
  92. Frame the pics of the grandbabies, Marie’s Senior pics, painting of my mother.
  93. Change the photo collage over the fireplace to something different.
  94. Change the stuff on the plant shelves to something different.
  95. Put three months’ salary into a savings account.
  96. Paint the front door.
  97. Max my 401k and stock contributions.
  98. Sell my motorcycle, use funds to pay down debt.(DONE)
  99. Buy an indoor plant. Keep it alive.
  100. Get some sort of display shelf thingy for our shot glass collection.
  101. Big Things

  102. Fix the leak in the garage. DONE! (it wasn’t interesting enough to do an entry about)
  103. Paint the inside of the house.
  104. Paint the outside of the house.
  105. Get the upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms in “saleable” condition.
  106. Replace the carpets.
  107. Sell the house.
  108. Move to Maine.
  1. jadesymb says:

    Go for one month without reading any books, every six months

    That’s is a dumb goal. Honey, it should be the other way around. read six books every month! Books are GOOD. Spend a month away from TV, thats good.

  2. Laura says:

    Hah, Jen. Actually, with as much as I like to read, taking a month off once in a while will serve two purposes. One, it will make me slow down and appreciate the books I do read instead of inhaling them like a Hoover. Two, it will re-motivate me to do the things I should be doing other than reading (housework, paying attention to my husband, exercising, etc.). So while a lot of people would put “read more books” as a goal, I already read so much that I actually should cut back.

  3. […] the ending stats on April 12th. It is my intent to not miss a workout (thereby completing #17 of my 101 in 1001) in this time frame. I will also make a concerted effort to eat properly – cut out junk food, limit […]

  4. Taoist Biker says:

    I actually hadn’t read over this in a while, and it’s impressive how much you’ve gotten to mark off in such a short time!

    Holler when you want guitar/poker lessons. My rates are as reasonable as the market price of a bottle of bourbon. 😉

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