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I revealed my uber-embarrassing choice in movies for nothing! Turns out Bill didn’t have the part he needed up in the City of Tubas, so he did a one-day turn around and waltzed in the door at about 6:30. I’d called him twice, in the hour leading up to his waltzing, and he didn’t pick up his phone. Whether he was hoping to surprise me, or catch me in the act of something nefarious, is debatable.

Anyway, the upshot was that I didn’t watch the movie. We *did* watch the Charlie Brown Christmas Special, though. Linus’ monologue makes me tear up every time.


Occasionally, I like to peruse the stats over at World Famous Nosh, to see what people are cooking these days. Seems lately folks have a hankerin’ for Steak Dinner with All the Fixin’s, Hershey Kiss Cookies (which would be AWESOME with the caramel kisses, wouldn’t they???), Incredible Crock Pot Meatloaf (and it is), Five Flavor Pork Roast, and Irish Cream Brownies.

The meatloaf recipe has had the most hits of all time (1,212!), followed closely by the World War II Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake (972), with the crock pot recipe for Chicago Italian Beef coming in third (736).

I’m probably the only one who finds stuff like this to be kind of interesting.


Here’s some wicked awesome stuff that has come to my attention in the past week or so:

– A recipe for Apple Cider Sugar Donut Muffins, courtesy of Dlyn, that you can BET YOUR BIPPY I will be making in the near future.

– Sweet Salty gives us permission to suck. Thank God, since I’ve been sucking in an unauthorized manner for all this time!

– Did I share this with you guys? I forget. How to deal with your camera getting lost or stolen. Link shared by Karl over on the Twitter.

– This OH MY FUCKING GOD AWESOMENESS that Heather shared with me:

– This other OH MY FUCKING GOD AWESOMENESS that Blogography Tweeted:

– This video that a co-worker shared with me that made me laugh until I pee’d:

There. You’ve been entertained.


I finished up my Six Sigma green belt training today. That means my team is about halfway through the project completion and should get our certification in a few months’ time, after we’ve deployed and reached a sustainable point. After that, I need to decide if I want to pursue my black belt. I might. I haven’t decided. It IS quite a marketable skill to have, and if I want to leave AcronymCo at some point and pursue a job on the east coast, having this as a bullet on my resume wouldn’t hurt. So, we shall see.

If I did I’d get to hang out with the Stats geeks again. I love me some Stats geeks. The ones of my acquaintance are so very, very enthusiastic about their chosen bliss that it’s hard not to enjoy learning from them.


We watched the Country Music Awards last night. Lady Antebellum represented very nicely among the categories. I never really liked country music, much, but it seems to be growing on me.

Look out, it’s a tearjerker. Country music seems to have more of those kinds of videos than other genres. Like this one, which KILLED ME when I watched it the first time, and kills me again every time I see it. So, don’t watch if you don’t want to cry. I’m not kidding. I just watched it, just now, for probably the tenth time, and it got me bawling all over again. Sometimes a good cry is good, though.


Okay. Ha. On THAT cheerful note, I’m going to get a workout in before my 5:00 teleconference. Catch ya on the flip!

Take nineteen minutes out of your life and watch this:

It’s Friday, and these songs are getting me in a weekend frame of mind.

(The official video is here, and a group of four people shouldn’t, by law, be allowed to be that freaking attractive.)

Party people in the house! Gonna get my drink on and watch some questionable television. I recommend you do the same.

We are big, BIG fans of mix CD’s in our family. We make a mix CD to accommodate a road trip, or to mark a holiday. We make a mix CD when we want to consolidate a bunch of our current favorites onto one disc. We make a mix CD when we’re bored on a Saturday night.

And we save them ALL.

I have a stack of our mix CD’s on my desk right now. I know there’s more at home. As I’m listening to these CD’s, I’m struck with how they tell the history of our family, of the life I have with Bill and the kids, and of where we were mentally and emotionally when the CD’s were burned.

It’s kind of fascinating, really.

Take, for instance, “Mixiness Volume II”, which was created on 2/24/02. I actually wrote a corresponding entry about that weekend, which inspired the mix. Quoth the entry, “Then, with windows rolled down and a new mix CD blasting away, we wandered up to Old Town Scottsdale.”

Track list includes:

– “Shook Me All Night Long” by AC/DC
– “Brick House” by The Commodores
– “Dead Man’s Party (Live)” by Oingo Boingo
– “In The End” by Linkin Park
– “Livin’ It Up” by Ja Rule
– “Girl Can’t Help It (Live)” by Journey
– A sixteen minute and twenty-nine second 70’s/80’s rock sample mash-up that begins with Hendrix and ends with Led Zeppelin
– “Rock You Like a Hurricane” by The Scorpions
– “No One Like You” by The Scorpions
– “Play That Funky Music” by Wild Cherry
– “Wooly Bully” by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs

“Mixiness Volume III” was created around 4/8/02 – I didn’t write the date on the label, but I did write an entry about it. I was in the midst of planning our wedding at the time. Here is the tracklist THAT weekend inspired:

– “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us” by Jefferson Starship
– “Bang a Gong” by Powerstation
– “We Built This City” by Jefferson Starship
– “December 1963 (Remix)” by Frankie Valli
– “Venus” by Frankie Avalon
– “Fantasy” by Aldo Nova
– “Reflex” by Duran Duran
– A fifteen minute and thirty-one second 80’s/90’s dance music mash-up
– “Bodies” by Drowning Pool
– A thirteen minute and fifteen second mash-up of Madonna songs

The “Happy Hour Mix” was inspired by the happenings of this entry back in April of 2002, in which I describe a happy hour we held at our house. We used to have a lot of happy hours at our house. Then we stopped cleaning it unless we really, really had to. And stopped creating reasons to have to.

– “One Love” by Bob Marley
– “Days Go By” by Dirty Vegas
– “Reflex” by Duran Duran (repeat offender!)
– “Return of the Mack” by Mark Morrison
– “Hella Good” by No Doubt
– “Bang A Gong” by The Powerstation (another repeat offender!)
– “Mas Tequila” by Sammy Hagar
– “Pour Some Sugar on Me” by Def Leppard
– “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” by Kylie Minogue
– “Sexual (la di da)” by Amber
– “Silence” (techno remix) by Sara McLachlan
– “Sexual Healing” (remix) by Marvin Gaye
– “South Side” by Moby
– “Escape” by Rupert Holmes
– Some techno trace song by Darude

I talked about the Valentine’s 2004 Mix in this entry. It wasn’t very… Valentiney. Really, it was entertainment for the four-hour drive up north to go skiing.

– “Splash Waterfall” by Ludacris
– “Toxic” by Britney Spears
– “One Thing” by Finger Eleven
– “Brush Ya Shoulders Off” by Jay-Z
– “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” by Jet
– “Milkshake” by Kelis
– “Figured You Out” by Nickelback
– “I Like The Way You Move” by Outkast
– “Tipsy” by J-Kwon
– “Yeah” by Usher
– “Salt Shaker” by the Ying Yang Twins

Our taste in music is… random. But once we like something, we like it FOREVER.

Feel Like Writing

Posted: September 7, 2010 in Food, Headspace, Video

Today, I feel like writing. Not about anything specific, I’m just in the mood for words.

Simply because you’re near me.


I am struggling with an ongoing debacle between Amazon and Adobe. See, about two and a half years ago I purchased Photoshop CS3 from an Amazon Merchant. I’ve been using it quite happily since then – used the provided serial number to unlock the software, and I’ve been merrily post-processing away. Now, I’m ready to upgrade to CS5 (in part because I have to – the Canon 7D’s RAW files can’t be read by CS3). So I purchased the upgrade (to the tune of under $200, as opposed to over $600 for the full version). Except that the serial number for CS3 is coming up as invalid, which disallows me from installing and activating the upgrade.

I contacted Adobe customer support. They told me that since I didn’t purchase the software directly from them, I’m out of luck, too bad, so sorry. I pushed it with their on-line chat tech, who instructed me to send them a Proof of Purchase. I did so (after a bit of a rigmarole – I couldn’t access the invoice on-line and had to have Amazon – who has been supremely helpful this far – fax me one). Now I am in a holding pattern until Adobe figures out what they want to do next.

Amazon is willing to accept the return of the upgrade, if Adobe won’t unlock it for me. I’d just hate to drop nearly seven bones for software I should be able to upgrade for under two. And so I shall Fight On. Because if they aren’t nice to me, the Internet shall hear about it.

I’m not above using my powers for personal gain. Heh.


I cooked quite a bit this weekend. I made, and posted, this new recipe on World Famous Nosh. You should make it. And you should make this to go with it. I did and I didn’t regret it.

What I do regret is making a batch of these. I’m the only one that eats them, and eating them I am. Have been. Are. Whatever. The point is, one should not consume so very much butter in one weekend. Yarg.


Suffice it to say, I’m re-starting my diet and exercise regime. Tomorrow. Maybe the next day. I’ll get right on it. Swears.


Speaking of exercise, the impending descent of local temperatures into realms not unbearable (read: we’re gonna be in the mid-90’s this week – woo! fall’s right around the corner!) has re-inspired me to research biking and hiking trails. I just want to do more exploring this fall/winter. Get out there, get active, move this sluggish slothful body of mine, and drag Bill along with me. We’ve been hibernating and lolling around the house on the weekends for WEEKS now. The lack of movement has aided in our natural tendency to get all bluesy and depressed. It’s time to break the cycle of despair.

“Where am I?” “The Pit of Despair. Don’t even think (ur-HURM!)… Don’t even think about trying to escape.”

Nobody withstands The Machine.


Sorry. Feeling a bit random at the moment.


I am aware that I owe you guys the final couple of Maine recap entries, as well as an Indy recap. I found myself not particularly feeling like getting going on those at the moment, which in turn causes me to be stymied over writing anything else. When I feel like I have an obligation, I tend to lean towards feeling guilty for not meeting it, and therefore not writing anything; as opposed to just shelving the obligation for a bit, writing what comes to me, and naturally working through the blockage.

It’s an organic process.



Finally, if you’re not following me on Twitter (and WHY NOT, I ask you?), you missed this:

Hangin’ with Kali

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The last three nights in a row I have been unable to fall asleep very easily. And I know exactly why that is. It’s because I have fifty million and seven details whirring around and around AND around, trying to find purchase and ascend from thought, to action, to completion.

I am, and always have been, one to repeat the mantra, “One thing at a time.” “One day at a time.” “One task at a time.” Register, follow through, complete. Comprehend, tally forth, finish. Realize, plan, execute. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I am holding myself, rather forcefully, to that mindset. FORCING myself to be calm – this false, fragile calm that is staggering in its pretense. This calm that is more the stillness of a prey animal when faced with a sky full of talons. This calm that is the fake calm of having it all under control, which precedes the REAL calm that I will, hopefully, feel at about mid-way next week, when the concept of a summer vacation actually manages to sink into my over-revved brain.

Because you can’t operate for seven years at 15,000 RPM and expect to ramp down to idle in a day.

Preachin’ it.

Posted: May 30, 2010 in Music, Video