Posted: July 14, 2007 in best things, movies

So I got up during the previews before Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix started (I picked Marie and her boyfriend up for the 10:15 showing this morning), to go to the bathroom. As I passed by all of the “Coming SOON!” movie posters, one in particular caught my eye. I stopped, backed up, stared with a completely retarded grin growing on my face, and got actual goosebumps.

This is what I saw. They’re making a movie of “The Dark is Rising” by Susan Cooper. My absolute hands down FAVORITE series of books of all time, period. And that’s a BIG statement, coming from me.

I was so geeked that as soon as the movie was over I called Jen. And shrieked with her. Thank GOD she understands how WICKED this is.

Oh, and Harry Potter was good, too.

Edited to add – here is the official movie website.


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