Money Wasting Slackers

Posted: July 13, 2007 in Food, goals, Home, Journal, movies, TV

I still haven’t heard from that company in Maine. Motherfuckers.

I am shocked and a little awed (after having just balanced the checkbook and paid the bills) at the sheer amount of money we spend going out to eat. If we could just STOP DOING THAT, this paycheck-to-paycheck bidness could probably end. But going out to eat is not only the procurement of necessary nourishment – it is a form of entertainment for us. Mostly me. Clearly we need to find other ways to entertain ourselves. Ways that don’t involve spending money.

I am a very outdoorsy person, normally, but it impossible to do outdoor-type-entertainment things in Arizona in the summertime. And yet? I still see joggers out there, every afternoon when the temperature is at its 116-fuck-degree hottest. And I ponder to myself: what unpronounceable mental condition do these people possess? Or is it a physical problem (also unpronounceable) that prevents people from feeling the heat (Googling… hold please… Familial Dysautonomia)? I can understand the need to get/remain fit. I can even somewhat wrap my brain around the thought that some people in fact enjoy running. But nothing in the world can make me comprehend the reasoning behind running in July in Arizona. That’s just all full of The Crazy.

(Channelling Dawn, with whom I have been exchanging some EPIC e-mails this week.)

Remember how last weekend I said that Calvin and I were going to spend the entire weekend clearing out the garage and moving a bunch of stuff from the house and garage into the newly-obtained storage unit? Yeah. Well. We went as far as to take a trip to Home Depot on Saturday to acquire some storage containers. And Calvin purchased and put together a fan and attachments to make a mister to run in the garage during said cleaning out activity.

That’s as far as we got. Seriously. We showered, napped, and sat on the couch watching movies. For the rest of the day on Saturday, and ALL DAY Sunday. We didn’t do one damn useful thing at all. And felt really guilty about it. So this weekend we have renewed our motivation to accomplish the shitload of shit we need to get done. I have a list. It is long.

And now, a list of the movies that Calvin and I have used to distract ourselves from the guilt of not accomplishing anything:

Catch and Release – Starring Jennifer Garner and Timothy Olyphant. Cute enough. Decent, even. The dead guy pissed me off, but it ended good. I shall purchase the soundtrack.

Fur – Starring Nichole Kidman and Robert Downey Jr. What a freaking WEIRD movie. Normally I LOVE anything RDJr is in, but this one? Just weird, nothing else.

Zoom – Academy for Superheroes – Starring Tim Allen and Courtney Cox. Calvin picked this one out, it’s his fault. DUMB.

Tourista – Starring nameless B-rate actors. Calvin watched this one while I read a book. And when it came to the underwater scene, I took my book into the bedroom. I don’t like horror movies, and I can’t STAND scenes where people are trapped underwater. GAH.

Shooter – Starring Mark Wahlberg. Decent, though with much pointless violence. It was interesting to see Danny Glover play the bad guy.

Blood Diamond – Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Connelly. I still don’t much like Leo. Plus there was A LOT of pointless violence in this one… which I guess accurately depicted the conditions of that part of Africa in the 90’s.

Black Snake Moan – Starring Christina Ricci and Samuel L. Jackson. Certainly not what I expected, though I don’t think I had expectations of this movie. It was decent. I still think Christina looks like one of the aliens from Mars Attacks!, though. Creepy.

Music and Lyrics – Starring Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. Very cute. I couldn’t get the final song out of my head for days.

Bridge to Terabithia – Not what I expected, I thought it was going to be far more fanciful and far less literal. A good movie, though it struck a VERY STRONG chord because the similarities with what happened to Brad. Right down to the dog, for crying out loud.

The Devil Wears Prada – Starring Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway (with a minor role by our favorite, Stanley Tucci – I WISH they would put him on Grey’s Anatomy). Saccharine and cute. Anne Hathaway does well dressed ala Audrey Hepburn, circa “Sabrina” and “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.

And finally, Battlestar Galactica, seasons one and two. We’ve been getting the discs via Netflix since late March/early April, and just finished the last disc of season two last week. I am anxiously awaiting season three to come out, so I can watch it before season four starts on TV in November. What a great series. Calvin and I are both really enjoying it. Though the use of “frack” is really starting to get annoying. Also annoying, the last three or four episodes – Lee went from Captain to Commander in, like, two and a half episodes; Starbuck’s trip to Caprica to rescue the rebels was very abbreviated, topped off by a bullshit message from the Cylons that they “made a mistake” by practically wiping out humanity; they elected a new president, found a planet, inhabited it for over a year, and were invaded by Cylons in one episode.

They never jumped around in time like that before, and they never hurried the storyline so much before. It makes me wonder why executives make decisions to mess with the story like that.

As far as summer television goes, everyone knows that it is The Suck. Calvin and I just end up watching reruns of sit-coms, comedians on the Comedy Channel, whatever’s running on HBO (if we watch “Over the Hedge” one more time…), whatever’s on the Discovery Channel, and hours upon HOURS of WWII documentaries (Calvin’s a buff) on the History and/or Military channel. However, we have started watching episodes of “Kathy Griffin – My Life on the D List” (on Bravo? E!? Some cable channel…), and I’ve got to say, that woman CRACKS ME UP. She dines upon her foot with hysterical frequency, puts herself out there CONSTANTLY for judgement and ridicule, and doesn’t give a SHIT. It’s awesome. I want to grow up to be just like her.

Dear Lord, in reading back through this entry, it is very VERY obvious that Calvin and I need to put some meaning back into our leisure time.


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