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I’m working on a new project for UpTake, which involves creating “playlists” for vacation destinations. It’s a really neat, really FUN concept. Check out my first one, “One Day in Portland, Maine“.

I’ll be on vacation next week… well, from AcronymCo, anyway. I’ll be working on these playlists throughout next week, as the editors would like as many as possible completed by early December. But they’re so fun to do that it doesn’t seem like work. Wish ALL of my gainful employment worked out that way.

Thanksgiving plans worked themselves out. Bill and I will be headed to his sister Karen’s, and I will only be obligated to provide supplementary food items. We haven’t hashed out the menu details yet, but I’m going to suggest that I bring Connoisseurs Vegetable Casserole, THE Pie(tm), and this recipe for Pumpkin Cream Pie provided by the lovely and talented Pioneer Woman.

I have something REALLY REALLY cool to share but it will have to wait until I can scan some pictures. In the meantime, I will amuse you by telling you that Bill got drunk the other night and ordered one of these. When queried, he retorted, “No, it does NOT light up.”

Oh, the humanity.


Pimpin’. Cuz it’s mah blog.

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I just submitted an UpTake entry that I’m particularly proud of:

I Left My Heart in Portland, Maine

Stumble, Twitter, Reddit, Digg, etc., if you would be so kind. UpTake’s got a contest going on and I’d love to win it – a gift card to whichever contributor gets the most hits on a single entry, from now until September 30th.

Thanks, guys!

1iconsdancingfingersCri-zayzay day, my darlings! So this will be short, sweet, and to the point.

1. Calvin and I went to Sedona and Flagstaff on Saturday. I’ll write more when I can spare an hour, but for now I posted a bit about it on UpTake, and all of the pictures are among my May 2009 set, here. Just scroll past the Botanical Gardens pics. Or, you know, look at ’em again!

2. My laptop is blastedly overheated, and the fan runs CONSTANTLY. Is there any way to cool the thing down and get the fan to STFU without, like, submerging it in water? Before you ask, the fan itself is not dirty or blocked, and the output area is clear too.

3. Help me make a decision. For our epic road trip this summer, is it more logical to drive our own truck, which doesn’t get very good gas mileage, and requires premium gas; or should we spend the money to rent a car for ten days, that would probably get better mileage and we can use the cheap gas? Is it a wash? What do you think?

1iconlaughinlizardI am craving Taco Bell like you read about. A double-decker taco, and a chicken quesadilla. And a large Pepsi, because there’s just something about the fountain Pepsi at “our” Taco Bell that’s just perfect. They’ve got their mix down, they do. Not too sweet, not too fizzy, and crushed ice instead of cubes.

At the moment, I’m contenting myself with salt-n-vinegar kettle cooked Lay’s potato chips, but they’re hitting a different spot (read: my ass) than the spot that I want the Taco Bell to hit (read: my thighs). Mama’s hitting the drive-thru tonight!


Woke up from a nap a few minutes ago. Cheeto gets the fuzzy end of the lollipop when I take a nap – I turn off the tank light closest to me (their tanks are next to my side of the bed) and close the blind of the window behind their tanks, to darken (it is too a word!) the room enough for me to sleep. Which puts him in a premature sleep cycle himself. Then I wake up, a half-hour or hour later, turn the light back on, open the blinds, and Cheeto blinks at me, all, “What the fuck, woman?”

It’s shameful that I let him talk to me like that.


I’ve decided that it’s time to join the world of grown-ups, and stop working from home in my jammies with my laptop on my lapdesk, on my lap, on the couch.

In short, I need a home office. Which will in no way stop me from working in my jammies.

Marie’s vacant bedroom is suggesting itself to me. It’s away from the television, away from our bedroom, away from shiny distractions that distract with all the distracting. It has an adjacent bathroom. It’s bright and sunny in the daytime, and I can lock the cats out. One of these days (tomorrow, maybe? Monday?) I’ll get up there and clean and move furniture around and set myself up on the desk up there.


We have the first disc of season one of Dexter from Netflix. I plan to drink copious amounts of rum (“Why is the rum gone?”) and watch a few episodes to decide if I want another show to obsess over. We got a bottle of Captain Morgan’s Private Stock last night, and intend to make hefty inroads through it.

(“But why is the rum gone?”)


Made YET ANOTHER mix CD last night (we save ’em all, and they rival the number of regular CD’s we own), and drove around town with the windows down and the tunes UP. Jane hung out next to Shake That and Hey Pretty. Our mix CD’s frequently suffer from an identity crisis.


If you had to choose, would you go see “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” tonight, or “I Love You, Man”?


Calvin and I are going to take a short road trip tomorrow, to get more pictures and word fodder for an Uptake entry I have an idea for. In the meantime, I wrote this one today. In my jammies. On the couch. If you’re interested.

1iconpenMmmkay, WordPress changed the look of their dashboard again. It’s always jarring when I’m not pre-warned. I’m one of those people whose computer “desktop” is as organized as my physical desk at work. Some folks have icons covering the whole screen – me, I just have a background photo of one of the rose shots I took last weekend, and a neat double-row of icons down the left hand side. Death becomes anyone who messes with my desktop. It’s one of my quaint little quirks.

It is TOO quaint. (Readers: “Uh, yeeeaaaah…” Laura: “Hush, you.”)

It’s been a totally stupid week at work. Busy doesn’t even begin to describe my antics. Last night I was a total bitch to Calvin because I was tired and stressed and my neck was hurting like you read about.

Heh. Which reminds me of a story my sister was telling me. She’s got the worst luck in existence, which translates to “if something bad could happen, it will”. She was house sitting for a neighbor, who is a widower with two small girls. So, she thought she’d do the guy a solid and run a couple of loads of laundry through his washing machine. As soon as she loaded it and turned it on, it started “smoking like you read about”. Which probably explains why there was so much laundry piled up in his girls’ room.

And that’s why I’ve been using “like you read about” as often as I can fit it in. It’s totally a Maine-ism. The world could use more Maine-isms, if you ask me.

ANYWAY. Calvin gave me a neck and shoulder rub last night, I laid on a cold compress for a while, and today it’s better. Not 100%, but better. I need to hook myself up with a craniosacral therapist again.

Which brings me to today, and a culmination of a week full of ass. So I decided to make myself a “Good Mood 2009” mix CD, to cheer me up. Except the CD tray in my laptop just ate a CD. I got the playlist lined up, clicked “burn”, it started, and then the whole iTunes window just closed. Just like that. Now I’m pushing the eject button to get the CD out of the tray and it ain’t opening. Fucker.


Here’s a few of the songs I was going to burn, anyway. is my friend.

Got You Where I Want You by The Flys. It’s a good song for feeling nostalgic, for some reason.

In This City by Iglu & Hartly. It’s pop! It’s rap! It’s reminiscent of the 80’s! Yet, it’s now! It’s bipolar!

Sheep Go To Heaven, Goats Go To Hell by Cake. Because they do, and they do. And, dude, it’s Cake. It’s one of my niece’s favorite bands, which cracks me up because she’s sixteen and she should “get” Cake until she’s at LEAST in her mid-twenties.

Just a Friend by Biz Markie. This one’s TB’s fault. It cracked me up when I saw him Blip it.

Se7en by Prince. Weird-ass song, lyrics-wise, but AWESOME harmony and back beat and catchy as hell.

Yeah, these are putting me in an INSANELY good mood. Lucky for Calvin, huh? So, thought I’d share. Spread it around. Add to my karmic goodness. That sort of thing.


I’ve got another post up at UpTake, if you’re interested.

Newsy News.

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beachumbrellaHey, gang! Things have been quiet on the Snerkology front for the past few days, eh? Well, I now have News To Share. I am very excited to say that I have joined the ranks of freelance writers! I waited to say anything until the deal was sealed and the contract was signed. Now that it has been, and I’ve officially started work, I can share the deets with you all.

I will be blogging, several times per week, at UpTake. I will be participating on the Vacations Blog as “LauraC”, and I will write about the vacations we’ve taken, the trips we will be taking, local guide articles, my favorite places to visit, etc. etc. etc.

Here’s a blurb from UpTake’s About page:

“ is a travel search and discovery site – the first step for travelers to decide where to go, where to stay or what to do. We help users make informed decisions about what best fits their travel preferences. We scoured more than 5,000 sites to collect 775,000 places to go, things to do and places to stay in the U.S. Then we analyzed and organized over 20 million U.S. travelers’ opinions to enable search based on exact travel requirements and preferences.”

I’m very excited about this opportunity. Obviously, as you all know by now, I will not be particularly challenged for subject matter. This gig jives so well with what I like to write about, and photograph, that I’ve got a million ideas just off the top of my head already. It won’t make me rich, but it’s a foot in the door, perhaps, to other professional writing opportunities.

Hah! I can call myself a professional writer, now, and it’ll be the truth!

So, if you’re interested, you can subscribe to my RSS feed over there and follow my posts. I’ll probably post links from here over to my entries after they’re published, as well. Such as this one, my inaugural post (be kind – it sounded stilted to me, who knew I’d be nervous?). I’ve also put an UpTake badge on the left-hand frame of this site, which will take you directly to the Vacations Blog, as well.

So! That’s the news! I’m kind of proud of myself, actually.

(p.s. – I’d like to thank Miss Britt, who pointed me toward the opportunity in the first place, AND gave me a nice recommendation. She’s an absolute peach, she is.)