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Hi, gang! I think I’ve got my sanity back! Let’s hear it for ME!

Readers: “Yaaaaaaaay! Let’s see how long it lasts this time!”
Tiff: “Hush, you.”

So. Backing up to last Friday, after I left work I stopped at the grocery store for some Olympics-viewing necessities. Then Bill and I ran to Chili’s to sit at the bar and sip beverages while waiting for them to process our to-go order of baby back ribs. We got back just before the opening ceremony coverage began (6:30 our time), settled in with our plates and our beer, and prepared to fall in love with Canada all over again.

The falling in love with Canada thing happened, to be sure (we’ve always loved Canada and I would LOVE to move there – alas, I doubt it’s in the cards and they’re trying to keep out the American riff-raff, anyway). But I do NOT love NBC’s coverage of the Olympics. Hi, Arizona is currently ONE HOUR BEHIND British Columbia in time zones, yet we are on an extensive TIME DELAY when it comes to coverage of the Olympic events. That really pisses me off. I mean, according to, an event could be happening LIVE RIGHT NOW, but I don’t get to see it until prime time? And then in an abbreviated, summary-type highlights fashion? EPIC FAIL, NBC! EPIC FAIL.


Anyway, we loved the opening ceremonies, flaws and mechanical failures and all. I was stoked to see good ol’ Stevie Nash representing Arizona and the Suns as well as his native Canada. And… yeah, who was surprised by the whole Wayne Gretzky thing? Anyone? Bueller? My favorite parts of the opening ceremonies were the whales “swimming” and “blowing” through the arena, and the circus boy who was harnessed and flying over the grassy plains.

Saturday I got up at a decent hour and basically futzed around until 3:00, when it was time to get ready to go organize Joss’ benefit party. I fielded multiple phone calls from the bar owner and the other lady who was helping organize things – up to and including when I was three minutes away, on the road and driving to the bar. I got started setting up the raffle table, laying out all the items, and taping the fliers I’d made describing each item to the wall behind the raffle table. My helper and I made a trek to another nearby bar, whose owner had a helium tank that she let us use to blow up a bunch of pink balloons. Hilarity ensued. I sang “We are Siamese if you please…” and “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine…” and sounded like Theodore Chipmunk. The bands showed up right at 5:00 to start setting up, and by about 6:00 everything was ready to go.

I ran back home to pick Bill up and bring him back to the bar, and had a few minutes to relax before people started showing up. From about 6:30 until about 10:30 I was stationed behind the raffle table, accepting money for raffle tickets and 50/50 tickets, and straight cash donations. My helper, another girl who frequents the bar, and even Bill, spelled me a few times for potty breaks. I used our new video camera a few times to capture scenes of the party, which I will post at some point this week (probably).

We had a really great turn-out, with lots of folks sticking to the beverages and entrees that were marked as proceeds going 100% to Joss. The acoustic guy that opened was awesome and had folks singing along, then the band that followed provided the energy to get us through the night. Folks were very generous and I had the satisfaction of handing Joss a fat envelope at the end of the night. The bar owner is still tallying up the proceeds from the food and beverages, I hope to find out today how it all worked out but he said it was a good amount.

Bill and Robert did their level best to support the proceeds and drank $4 Kiltlifters all night, so that by the time I finally convinced them to leave at about midnight, I forced Robert to get in our truck so I could drive him home, and Bill was giggling like a maniac for the whole drive. Bill stumbled off to bed right away, and I grabbed a quick sandwich (didn’t get to have dinner) before joining him.

Sunday was Valentine’s Day, and I got Bill a card from Vixen’s Empire. Plus his obligatory annual Valentine’s letter, and a bottle of Curve. Amanda got a box of chocolates and a Snoopy card – homage to her childhood that she appreciated. The three of us got ready and went out for some burgers, then went to see Avatar in 3D. Bill scoffingly figured he’d just sleep through the whole thing, then discovered himself riveted right along with the rest of us. What a visually stunning movie. I loved it and will probably buy it. I will not, however, become suicidal and depressed and despairing that life isn’t as beautiful on Earth as it is on Pandora. Feh.

(Jaysus. Google “Avatar” and “depression” and see what comes up. Sheeeeeesh.)

Yesterday I did some work for Beyond Megapixels, but primarily just held the couch down and ate unhealthily and watched the Olympics. My boy from Maine, Seth Wescott, won gold in Men’s Snowboard Cross, and I felt happy for Shen and Zhao that they won the gold, finally. Though I do think that their Chinese countrymen, Pang and Tong, skated their long program better. I cheered just as loud as any Canadian as Alexandre Bilodeau accepted his gold medal for Men’s Moguls. Indeed, for every event we watch, we’re cheering for the Canadian participants every bit as enthusiastically as we’re cheering for Team USA.

And now it’s Tuesday, and I’m back at work, and there’s 101 days, six hours left until my sabbatical.


Okay, let me clarify that. Contrived romance pisses me off. Like those Kay Jewelry commercials? ALL of them? But ESPECIALLY the one where the stupid woman is scared by the stupid storm while she and her stupid significant other are holed up in their stupid cabin? And she flings herself into his arms when the thunder rolls as if to say “Oh, protect me from the so very frightening storm, my big strong man!”, and he says, “Don’t worry, I’ve got you” or some shit like that, and she says, “Don’t let go… ever.”


Or the one where the couple is walking through the neighborhood, and he says, “Do you remember that place?” And she says, “It’s where we first met.” And he says, “How ’bout that place?” And she says, “Our first kiss!” And he leads her to a park bench and she sits and he says, “How about here?” And she doesn’t remember, and he’s all smug and shit and says, “You will now,” and kneels down and gives her a ring and his eyes are all buggy and creepy and he’s trying so hard to slap a MEANINGFUL expression on his face that it turns out to be just EWWWWWW and OH COME ON ALREADY. Every time I see that commercial on TV I yell, “Say NO, bitch!”

Every kiss does NOT begin with Kay in OUR household, fuckyouverymuch.

You know what’s romantic? I’ll tell you what’s romantic. Coming home after a hellish day, that’s just part of an ongoing hellish week, and going immediately to bed for a nap. Then being woken up over two hours later by my very considerate husband who wanted to make sure I didn’t sleep too long and mess up my sleep that night. THEN stumbling out to the living room to sit in a headachy daze and blink at the TV. And THEN notice about fifteen minutes later that my husband had gotten up, gone to the kitchen, and was making dinner for us.

THAT is romantic.


Tonight I am getting wings and chicken fingers and fries and nachos from Teakwoods, and we’re sitting on our asses in our living room for six hours and watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.

Tomorrow is Joss’ benefit party. Final raffle item total – TWENTY-NINE.

Sunday is Valentine’s Day, during which Bill and Amanda and I will probably go see Avatar.

Monday is President’s Day and I have it off and by GOD, I’m gonna read a BOOK.

Happy weekend, Happy Valentine’s Day, and Happy Birthday to Kim!