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Sig Sauer 556

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This is the latest purchase in our armament against the Zombie Apocalypse. This is a Sig Sauer 556 Classic SWAT and we picked it up last week as a kind of Christmas present that Bill gave himself. However, it came with a rather flimsy magazine. So Bill bought a dual mag with a mag clip to fix that little issue. Hopefully we’re going shooting today and I’ll post about how much we enjoyed it, because I’m sure we will. Well, I mean, watch:

As a public service note, and unrelated to our purchase of the Sig Sauer5 556, if you too are arming yourself against the zombie apocalypse and you’ve purchased a Saiga 12 shotgun (which I wrote about here), be aware that the magazines provided by Surefire, specifically the SGM mags, WILL NOT FEED PROPERLY. So far only the stock five-round magazine will feed properly without gun smithing involved. The Surefire SGM’s are angled incorrectly even when used in tandem with a mag well, so the first round will not even load properly, and subsequent rounds if you do get the thing working will stovepipe and immediately jam. You can probably fix this if you modify the gun, but keep in mind that if you do that you will no longer be able to use stock magazines.

We can’t speak to any other Surefire products, just these particular magazines which seem to have prevalent issues.

I would like to point out that I linked to Carolina Shooters Supply several times in this entry, and we cannot say enough positive things about them. Their customer service and level of expertise have been fantastic and we will continue to purchase from them in the future. So even though the Surefire stuff didn’t work out, that was certainly not their fault and they have provided excellent customer support throughout.

These are the sorts of topics for which Bill really needs to start his own blog, don’t you think? You do realize that he TOTALLY dictated this entire entry to me, don’t you? I mean, come on. He could become the Resident Internet Expert on the Zombie Apocalypse! He even has the handbook, given to him by the kids as a Christmas present:

Written by the author, completely without irony. It's... fantastic.

Aaaaand… before I can hit publish on this thing, Bill wants me to let you all know that the DSA SA58 is up next. Well, I published my wish list yesterday, so I guess it’s only fair that his gets airtime, too. You guys, if we weren’t on some sort of a government watch list before, we sure as hell are now.


I let myself fall

Posted: December 3, 2010 in Bill, photography, Warm Fuzzy

I’m Bill-sick.

No, I’m not sick of Bill. And no, Bill is not sick.

I’m homesick… for Bill.

That probably makes no sense to you guys, whatsoever. I see him every morning and evening, and talk to him several times throughout the day. I just spent a long weekend with him, and we’re headed into another weekend a few short hours from now.

There was just… something about heading out the door today, yelling goodbye to him, starting up the car, backing out of the driveway… I paused in front of the house and looked at it for a minute. And was struck with an almost overwhelming urge to pull back into the driveway, run back in real quick, and grab one last kiss.

I didn’t. I wish I had. One should follow through with these kinds of impulses, when one experiences them.

We’ve been together for over twelve years, and he’s been a daily constant in my life for seventeen. We’ve had high, high ups; and pretty darned low down’s. Mostly, we’ve been cruising at a steady altitude. Which is wonderful, but it is also where complacence lies.

I don’t want to be complacent. I want us to thrill along to this love that we have, every moment of every day.

At the same time, I’m so grateful for the ability to be complacent, when it happens. To take things, just a little bit, for granted. There’s so much peace to be had, simply with the knowledge that I can just… let myself fall.

Neither one of us is perfect, but our imperfections, for the most part, compliment one another. Neither one of us tries all the time, but we each try when it counts, and that’s what matters. We’re not always as nice, as kind, to one another as we could and should be – but we’re better at loving each other than at anything else we know how to do in this life.

I’m lucky, and I know I’m lucky.

Heather took this picture of us.

Heather took this picture of us. And the thumbnail I opened this post with, come to think of it!

In Hawaii!

In Hawaii!

First trip home in '98.

First trip home in '98.

At Rula Bula.  Courtesy of Heather again!

At Rula Bula. Courtesy of Heather again!

Here's the full size of that thumbnail.

Here's the full size of that thumbnail.

Oh dear.

Oh dear.

In Maine in '07.

In Maine in '07.

House of Tricks in '07.

House of Tricks in '07.

Oh dear, again.

Oh dear, again.



Bill got home yesterday, late afternoon. After I signed off of work, I got myself together and we went to Best Buy, where Bill purchased Call of Duty: Black Ops. We went to Charleston’s for dinner (have you HAD their croissants?), then stopped at the grocery store for some necessities and beverages.

The rest of the evening was spent watching TV and Tweeting in a manner whose level of sanity and amusement was directly proportional to the level of beer in my bottle.

The out of doors is calling my name – high of 75, sunny, perfect motorcycle riding weather. We take a sharp turn into colder weather tomorrow and most of next week. I’m totally making beef stew.

Happy Saturday!

I’m working on a new project for UpTake, which involves creating “playlists” for vacation destinations. It’s a really neat, really FUN concept. Check out my first one, “One Day in Portland, Maine“.

I’ll be on vacation next week… well, from AcronymCo, anyway. I’ll be working on these playlists throughout next week, as the editors would like as many as possible completed by early December. But they’re so fun to do that it doesn’t seem like work. Wish ALL of my gainful employment worked out that way.

Thanksgiving plans worked themselves out. Bill and I will be headed to his sister Karen’s, and I will only be obligated to provide supplementary food items. We haven’t hashed out the menu details yet, but I’m going to suggest that I bring Connoisseurs Vegetable Casserole, THE Pie(tm), and this recipe for Pumpkin Cream Pie provided by the lovely and talented Pioneer Woman.

I have something REALLY REALLY cool to share but it will have to wait until I can scan some pictures. In the meantime, I will amuse you by telling you that Bill got drunk the other night and ordered one of these. When queried, he retorted, “No, it does NOT light up.”

Oh, the humanity.

So last night my brother-in-law George (my sister Wendy’s husband) called. This is unique in the fact that he has never initiated a phone call to me, like, ever. It was 9:30 our time, 12:30 their time. I immediately thought something was wrong. But there was nothing wrong, he was just calling to brag on my sister, who was elected as Androscoggin County’s (that’s in Maine) Register of Probate in Tuesday’s elections. She’s already Chairman of the Board of Selectmen in her home town (Poland). She’s also something called an “AVCOG Commissioner”, whatever that is. (Okay, I just found it, it’s the “Androscoggin Valley Council of Governments”.)

The point being, my sister is knee deep in a grass roots campaign to take over the government in the State of Maine. She could pull it off, too.


We have a marker board calendar on the wall in our kitchen, that we use to plan our dinner menus, write appointment reminders, and list birthdays and holidays. It has a space on the right-hand side to write memos and lists and whatnot, and we use this area to list the items that we need at the grocery store. It’s a common refrain, when someone tells me we’re out of this, that, or the other thing, for me to tell them to, “Put it on the list!” So, my husband does this funny little thing where he purposefully mis-spells the items and leaves it to me to figure out what the heck he means. “Kooking Spra” had me chuckling the other night. Other recent items have been “Kat Fud”, “Kofe” (Coffee), “Basco” (Tabasco), “Groni Chz” (Kraft Mac & Cheese), and “Pit Stop” (deodorant).

It’s just one of those silly little things that he does, that I’d miss if he stopped.

Yeah yeah, I’m having a warm fuzzy fit. What of it?


Lord have mercy, I have been so flippin’ BUSY lately. We have a new project at work that is deploying in two weeks, which means this week I have four nights of meetings that go at least until 6:00 (tonight’s goes until 7:30, waaaaaaaaah). I have those same meetings scheduled for next week, too, but on top of that I have the second half of my Six Sigma Green Belt training next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, eight to five. Which translates to not getting any of my regular work done, AND having to sit in night meetings. Still not getting work done. Then I have to train my group, probably next Friday because the project coordinator wants everyone trained before deployment on 11/15. And then it’s stabilization meetings every night THAT week.

So, yes, deployment week is the week before Thanksgiving. Which is just in keeping with the mandate that AcronymCo seems to have, that All Major Projects Must Deploy The Week Before A Major U.S. Holiday. Every year. EVERY FRIGGIN’ YEAR they do this.

I’m a bit behind on my articles for BMP, UpTake, and Demand Studios this week, because I gave myself a break last weekend for Grandpa’s funeral. I’ve been doing them during lunch and in the evening, this week. But this weekend I HAVE TO get my articles done for the week following, because I’ll have ZERO time to do them during the week.


Oh, fuck. Thanksgiving. When am I going to have time to plan that??? Thank God I have that whole week off from work, because I have a feeling I’m going to go into a menu-planning frenzy that Monday.

Happy Birthday, Handsome!

Posted: October 1, 2010 in Bill

Today is Bill’s birthday. We both have the day off to spend together.

I lurve him.

His and Hers Meme

Posted: September 29, 2010 in Bill, meme

Avitable started it, Crisitunity picked it up, and here I am putting my spin on it. I’m going to record both my answer, and Bill’s answer. Look at us, all maritally bonding and whatnot. Brevity wasn’t the intent of the original meme, I believe, but that’s what we ended up with.

Day 01 → Something you hate about yourself.

Tiff – My lack of discipline.

Bill – “My intolerance and bad temper.”

Day 02 → Something you love about yourself.

Tiff – Optimism that refuses to be crushed, withered, or otherwise die a horrible death.

Bill – “Nothing, really, that I can think of. Or, well, sense of humor I guess.”

Day 03 → Something you have to forgive yourself for.

Tiff – Moving away from home and not being there for Grandma in her last years.

Bill – “Teasing people and being mean and inconsiderate to them through grade school and high school. Looking back, it was childish and immature for sure.”

Day 04 → Something you have to forgive someone for.

Tiff – My ex-husband for being a psychotic asshat.

Bill – “Probably something having to do with my ex wife.”

Day 05 → Something you hope to do in your life.

Tiff – Move to Maine. And spend a month in Ireland.

Bill – “Achieve financial freedom so we can spend more time together.”

Day 06 → Something you hope you never have to do.

Tiff – Grow old in Arizona.

Bill – “Bury a loved one.”

Day 07 → Someone who has made your life worth living for.

Tiff – That one guy. Oh, hell, what’s his name…

Bill – “My wife.”

Day 08 → Someone who made your life hell, or treated you like shit.

Tiff – My psychotic, asshat of an ex-husband.

Bill – “My ex-wife.”

Day 09 → Someone you didn’t want to let go, but just drifted.

Tiff – My good friend Kim, who lives in Maine and I keep missing her on every visit home.

Bill – “My childhood friend George.”

Day 10 → Someone you need to let go, or wish you didn’t know.

Tiff – Nobody that’s presently in my life. I’ve let go of everyone I need to.

Bill – “Certain segments of my family.”

Day 11 → Something people seem to compliment you the most on.

Tiff – My positive attitude.

Bill – “How easy it is to talk to me, and how they end up somehow sharing more with me than most people.”

Day 12 → Something you never get compliments on.

Tiff – My singing. Ha. (Bill went as far as to shut the door to the workout room today as I was singing along to my iPod while on the elliptical.)

Bill – “My appearance.” (I protested this one because I tell him he’s handsome all the time, and he said I don’t count because I’m his wife.)

Day 13 → A band or artist that has gotten you through some tough ass days.

Tiff – Fleetwood Mac.

Bill – “Journey. Scorpions. Judas Priest. All for different reasons.”

Day 14 → A hero that has let you down.

Tiff – I don’t have any heroes. Maybe I’ll write about why some time.

Bill – “I guess my mom, when I was younger, and then everyone else in the reality of life from there forward.”

Day 15 → Something or someone you couldn’t live without, because you’ve tried living without it.

Tiff – Bill. Books (yes, I actually tried to stop reading so much, once). Carbs.

Bill – “Tiff. Beer. Motorcycles.”

Day 16 → Someone or something you definitely could live without.

Tiff – Debt.

Bill – “Absenthe. My ex-wife. Not to get bitter or anything.”

Day 17 → A book you’ve read that changed your views on something.

Tiff – I can’t really think of one. The books I tend to read aren’t exactly life-altering.

Bill – “Jesse Ventura’s “American Conspiracy”.”

Day 18 → Your views on gay marriage.

Tiff – Going to a gay wedding is on my bucket list.

Bill – “Why not? Why should we (straight folks) be the only one who suffer?”

Day 19 → What do you think of religion? Or what do you think of politics?

Tiff – Whatever doesn’t piss me off is cool with me. Which isn’t much, given those subjects. I’m not a particular political party, and I’m not a particular religion.

Bill – “The bigger and more organized they both are, the more evil they tend to be.”

Day 20 → Your views on drugs and alcohol.

Tiff – More, please.

Bill – “Yes, and yes.”

Day 21 → (scenario) Your best friend is in a car accident and you two got into a fight an hour before. What do you do?

Tiff – Wait, are they dead, or do they just have a broken leg or something? Is this a Hallmark moment, or a Kleenex moment? Will I need a ouiga board to tender my apologies?

Bill – “Apologize before pulling the plug.”

Day 22 → Something you wish you hadn’t done in your life.

Tiff – Left Maine. I continue to believe that even if I’d never made it to Arizona, Bill and I still would have met somehow.

Bill – “Gotten into a serious relationship at such a young age.” (He was fifteen when he met his now ex-wife.)

Day 23 → Something you wish you had done in your life.

Tiff – Finished my degree. Which is still my goal, if AcronymCo would just pony up the tuition, already.

Bill – “Gone directly to college right after high school.”

Day 24 → Make a playlist to someone, and explain why you chose all the songs. (Just post the titles and artists and letter)

Tiff – Bill’s playlist would include “Need You Now” by Lady Antebellum because that’s our go-to warm-fuzzy song lately. Also “You’re the First, My Last, My Everything” by Barry White because every time I hear it I remember Bill dancing around to it. “December 1963” by Frankie Valli because we went to see Jersey Boys twice. “Nei Tuoi Occhi (In the Miror)” by Yanni because they way they sing together is the way we feel about each other.

Bill – “My playlist would be to you. That Barbara Streisand song (“I’ve Finally Found Someone”), because it IS us. Rock You Like a Hurricane because it’s the theme song that I want to do ya to. Oingo Boingo (that would be “Dead Man’s Party”) because it always reminds me of our first days together. Dancing Queen because of the drunk proposal.”

Day 25 → The reason you believe you’re still alive today.

Tiff – Albuterol sulfate.

Bill – “Helmets and divine intervention. Oh, and husbands coming home late.”

Day 26 → Have you ever thought about giving up on life? If so, when and why?

Tiff – Never, even at my saddest.

Bill – “Yes. During my divorce when I was sure I would no longer have my wife and wasn’t sure whether I would have the love of my life.”

Day 27 → What’s the best thing going for you right now?

Tiff – What Bill said.

Bill – “The partnership that we have.”

Day 28 → What if you were pregnant or got someone pregnant, what would you do?

Tiff – Sue the pants off of my doctor.

Bill – “Take complete responsibility.”

Day 29 → Something you hope to change about yourself. And why.

Tiff – What Bill said.

Bill – “Improve my health because I want to out-live my wife. And so I can still be sexually active in the old people’s home.”

Day 30 → A letter to yourself, tell yourself EVERYTHING you love about yourself.

Tiff – I’ll pass on this one.

Bill – “Lame. No way.”