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My boss put a word in with a manager of an AcronymCo group over in Massachusetts, letting him know that I was interested in making the move back East, and to keep me in mind for any forthcoming openings. It barely registers as a preliminary step in our goal to move closer to my home state, but the thought of it generated in me a little bit of excitement nonetheless. I immediately hopped onto the internet and started researching towns close to the campus. Bedford caught my eye, but I pretty much immediately ruled it out entirely as a candidate for our future home. Holy hell, is that one exclusive little town. According to its Citi-Data, the median income for a family is $112,000, in a population of 13,800. The median family income for the town we live in now is $68,000, and we’ve got a population of 255,000.

Housing prices drop dramatically over the New Hampshire border (not to mention the non-existence of sales tax), and certain towns in and around Nashua are within a 50-minute drive to the AcronymCo plant, and a two-hour drive to Portland Maine/J’s Oysters/the Old Port/every place I hold dear in this life/HOMEHOMEHOME.

The upshot of all of this being that if I can’t actually be IN Maine, I’ll settle for being CLOSE TO Maine. 120 miles away beats 2,771 miles away, HANDS DOWN. Transferring to the Massachusetts AcronymCo has the added benefit of, you know, not having to JOB HUNT. Hello, tenure. Hello, sabbatical #3 in 2016.

Ih, we’ll see. It’s a long-ish shot. But stranger things, and longer shots, have happened.


Bill and I are working on resurrecting our MojoVation (that’s mojo and motivation). Gradually over the last few years, we’ve let the upkeep of our home slide a little. And as that upkeep slid, so did our positive attitude about, well, pretty much everything. We’re always happier when we’re busy, when we’re productive, when we have projects that we can work on together. So in 2011 we’re going to address ALL THE THINGS. Painting things and drywall things and fixing things and maintenance things and whatnot things. Which will make us happier. Which will, in turn, motivate us. Which will, in turn, inspire us to do MORE WITH THE THINGS.

The upshot of all of that being that when we’re ready to make the Big Move, the house will be in good order to sell, or rent, or sit idle. And if the Big Move doesn’t happen (but OH it will!), we’ll still have a house that we’re happy with. And people can come over and we won’t relegate them to just a few rooms. And we’ll have a guest room in which to put up the people that we really like.

Like you.


It’s January of the calendar, which means that I have begun considering vacation destinations for this year. August’s trip to MotoGP in Indianapolis is already arranged but for the flights, but that only covers a few days and I have a full 21 days to schedule. THAT is a happy lunchtime occupation, let me tell you. That we’re going to Maine is a given – I was going to try to go for my cousin’s baby shower, but my aunt just called me two days ago to say it was being held the last Sunday of THIS month, which is too short of a notice to give my boss. So! Bill and I are probably going to go in the first part of June, when the weather is nice but the tourists aren’t overwhelming and we can meet the baby in person. I have made it clear to my uncle that he has to sit down with me for a couple of solid days, while I scan all of our old family photographs. Someone has to be there to tell me who the hell all the people in them are.

And then I got to thinking… it’s only a five hour drive from Portland to Montreal, and Montreal has this little race that’s held in the first couple of weeks of June every year. You might have heard of it… Formula One? So I thought, how COOL would it be to fly into Portland, hang there for a day or two, drive up to Canada for three or four days for the race, then back down to Maine to finish our vacation? Fast on the heels of that tentative plan was a G-chat message to my good (and handily-located) friend Sherry, who not only LIVES in the Montreal area, but has also been to that F1 race and has all the inside deets!

I swear to God, I don’t know how any of us got anything done, let alone had any FRIENDS, before the Internet.

Anyway, no plans are set in stone yet, but usually once we have a thought like this, for a vacation that we can get very enthusiastic about, we tend to run with it. Case in point.


So! I get to wrap this day up by going over to Discount Tire to get the two rear tires replaced on the truck. Bill had to rescue me from the AcronymCo parking lot a couple of days ago, when I discovered upon trying to leave for the day that the rear driver’s side tire was flat. I called him, he did his Man Thing involving jacks and cursing and whatnot, and I was on my way again in a little more than half an hour. Beat THAT, AAA! We took the tire to Discount Tire, where it was discovered that the hunk of metal was embedded to close to the sidewall to be able to fix. They placed an order for new tires, which came in today, and that’s what I’m doing after work instead of drinking BEER. THEN we have to drop the truck off early tomorrow morning at the dealership for some scheduled maintenance, which may interfere with our plans to go up to Prescott for the day. Though if we can secure a rental car we might be okay.

Ain’t it grand to be a grown-up? $450 bucks that we didn’t anticipate having to spend and there goes my new flash. Thanks a lot, LIFE.

So, you guys have any grandiose plans for the weekend? Dish!

  1. poet says:

    your home state and my home province border on one another 🙂 i like the state of maine. much like new brunswick. calm laid back, cities big enough to have everything and small enough to have that comfy feel. never been to many states though… i hope it all works out for you 🙂 i enjoy reading you. take care and have a great w/end 😉

  2. Oregon Sunshine says:

    We had something similar happen in November with the quarterly bonus Bad Pants got from his job. It became imperative to replace our back tires the day AFTER we bought plane tickets for the girls’ holiday visitation to us. I was very, very thankful for that little bonus, even if we didn’t get to do anything fun with it.

    This weekend? I’m going to prepare to have snow and a cold snap here. I’ll wash buckets so they’re clean and ready to haul water and snug my ponies up in their blankies so Casey doesn’t get all cranky and naughty when it gets cold. Wish I could find my winter riding gloves…

    Then, I will work on eating the bittersweet chocolate cheesecake with the chocolate and hazelnut crust I made belatedly for my birthday this week, watch a few movies off of Netflix (X-Men 3 and Fame, at the very least), work on a couple blog posts and read more Pride and Prejudice since I got nagged into reading it.

    That is how I plan to spend my weekend, complete and in a nutshell. Or is that nut house?

    • Tiffany says:

      And ain’t that always the way? Yeesh. I remember hammering on the bottom of the water buckets to loosen the ice – the fancy stable up the hill (we working boarders had the less fancy 10-stall barn at the bottom of the hill) had HEATERS in their automatic watering systems.

      Happy belated birthday! Hope your weekend was lovely!

      • Oregon Sunshine says:


        I would buy heated buckets or a trough heater in a heartbeat if, IF, there was a way to run electricity down there without running the line over the driveway for all the roofers to drive over. But, alas! There’s not!

        I’m house shopping this weekend. Just looking around and dreaming of mid to end of May and our lease being up!

  3. iamheatherjo says:

    That’s awesome about getting the word out to the other branch. I expressed interest in another branch with my old employer once and had an offer to move to Vegas in less than a month! And I up and went.

    Being two hours from HOME HOME HOME would be nuttin’! I drive that far to go to some of my jobsites (Bill does too!). How exciting. 😀

  4. Sherry says:

    I am giddy at the thought that you might be up my way. GIDDY.

    This weekend I’m leaving the kids with a babysitter (rather than a relative) for the first time ever and we’re going to a bar for a friend’s birthday. I’m so not excited about being in a bar (probably because on top of the four years straight that I spent in bars from the age of 18 to 22, I then spent an insane amount of time in bars on the Friday and Saturday of almost EVERY weekend for two years when I was watching George play; I am barred out) nor am I excited about paying bar prices for beer that I could purchase at the store for a fraction of the cost. However, I’m going to take my 50mm with me and try to amuse myself with taking fun shots of said beverages, friends, the band that is supposed to be playing, etc.

    Sunday will be spent lazing around because dude, I am too old (get off my lawn) to be going out at 10 pm on a Saturday.

    • Tiffany says:

      We will meet and it will be a total squee-fest and Bill and George will have fun rolling their eyes at us.

      So is this the bar that you mentioned you were doing the photography gig for?

  5. Bill says:

    Just delayed on the flash a couple of extra weeks.
    We are very lucky we had that bit of extra at that time I just wish we could always use the extra for fun stuff.
    Besides we did not need the flash on a prefect day up north with the rental jeep 🙂
    It should be just as fun on Sunday up on Four Peaks.

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