Apparently I am an unsuspecting jerk friend.

Posted: December 21, 2010 in meme
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I was tagged, dadnabbit.

1. Just who the hell do you think you are? No really.

These days? No idea. Not as much “me” as I’d like to be, that’s for sure.

2. Who is your favorite person you have met via blogging/internet (besides me, obviously).

Well, there’s Marie who had BETTER be available for drinkage during our next Indy trip is all I’m sayin’. TB and Dys are the most recent friends that I met in person, that were friends on-line before I met them in real life. I hope to meet Temerity Jane some time in the near future, seeing as she lives in the same state as me and all. Aw, hell, I hope to meet ALL of my on-line friends in person sooner or later!

3. Do you remember that one episode of Twilight Zone where that girl is driving and she has a flat tire and that guy stops to help her, but then there’s this weird hitchhiker and he keeps showing up and then it turns out she’s dead? That was awesome. Okay, but seriously. I liked AR’s fictional characters question, so I’ll put that one to you guys as well.

Do you remember when David Duchovny, aka “Jake Winters”, used to host Red Shoe Diaries on Skinemax? Le pant, le gasp, le sigh, le drool.

4. I need an idea for a Christmas dinner side item to go with ham. Thoughts?

Get ye hence. May I recommend the Connoisseurs Vegetable Casserole?

5. What are you proud of?

My sanity. My basically optimistic nature. My fudge.

6. What’s your poison?

IPA’s and whiskey.

7. What question do you WISH I had asked you?

Who was the last person you drunk-dialed, and what were the circumstances?

And now I thrust this task upon my usual suspects (the ones I figure will do this, anyway):

Mr. Bad Pants
Oregon Sunshine

Please for to be answering the following RIVETING requests for information, and then impose upon seven of your friends with questions of your own:

1. Favorite holiday TV special, Christmas or not.

2. Favorite pre-1960 movie.

3. Most embarrassing moment of the year 2010.

4. Do you love football in the snow as much as I do?

5. Do you think people that sweeten their coffee with honey are totally weird? Or are you ONE OF THEM?

6. What’s your guilty pleasure?

7. Would you video tape yourself dancing to cheesy 80’s music? Please? No, seriously, please? Name the song!

BONUS QUESTION: Who was the last person you drunk-dialed, and what were the circumstances?

  1. Taoist Biker says:

    The video taping question was totally inspired by my James Brown routine the other night, wasn’t it? And no I am NOT videotaping it.

    While it’s hardly a favorite, whenever all-time holiday special discussions are held, the Star Wars Holiday Special still wins, doesn’t it? I saw it once, in 1978, and even as a 4-year-old who was a rabid Star Wars fan I can STILL clearly remember thinking… “WTF’ingF?!? This sucks!!!”

  2. iamheatherjo says:

    You’re just tagging me because I haven’t done an entry in a while, darn you! 😉

    The only Red Shoe Diaries that ever interested me was the very first one with David D and that’s only because his fiance was cheating on him with…BILLY WIRTH! *sigh*

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  4. Marie says:

    Brilliiant! I knew you and TB would be good at this thing. And I will clear my schedule for drinkage with you guys in Indy. for serous.

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  6. Bad Pants says:

    I’m slow, I’m late, but I answered. Finally. And it’s LONG…sorry.

    Do I get bonus points for answering multiple questions multiple times?

  7. […] Ok, Tiffany over at Snerkology tagged me for a meme several days ago.  So long ago in fact, that I almost completely forgot about it with all the chaos that has been happening in my life lately.  Oh, and the girls were here.  Neither know about this blog out of necessity and so it makes writing here difficult.  Rambling again! […]

  8. Oregon Sunshine says:

    I finally answered too. It’s been a hard thing to do between aliens and the girls being here. But it’s done and up!

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