Unexpected Memories

Posted: November 19, 2010 in Memory Lane
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Remember I mentioned a couple of weeks back that I’d be at the other AcronymCo campus for my Six Sigma training? It so happens that my ex-husband’s sister works at that campus. The weekend before the training (the 7th), while digging around in the devastation that we like to call our “storage room” (formerly Robert’s bedroom) I came across an old Bible of my ex-husband’s, that had been signed and gifted to him from his grandmother. Now, if someone had discovered something like that of mine, I’d sure hope they’d be kind enough to give it back to me. So, with that thought in mind, I e-mailed my former sister-in-law (on the 9th), told her I’d be on her campus that week, and asked if she’d like me to return the Bible.

She responded back on the 10th, and said that they had a ton of such Bibles in their possession (I guess it was a “thing” for their grandmother to give them one quite frequently), so they didn’t need it back. She did say, though, that her parents, in the course of packing up their belongings to move to a property of their own (they’d been living in a travel trailer on my FSIL’s property for quite some time, I believe), came across some of my “childhood mementos” that they wanted to return to me.

I immediately responded in the affirmative, intensely curious about what those mementos might include. After all, I thought that my ex had destroyed everything of mine that he had in his possession (for some entertaining reading on THAT saga, head here and here – remember that I was “Laura” and Bill was “Calvin” at that time). She said she’d drop the stuff off at my desk the next time she was at my campus.

Back on November 14th I posted about the dolls that Grandma used to have on her bed, and talked about how I used to hang out in her bed and play with those dolls.

Then on the 16th, just two days later, I came back to my desk after a training class and found a large envelope on my chair. Inside were the mementos FSIL returned to me – a photography project from high school, some high school essays, the materials from my driver’s ed course (with an hysterical “I’M SO BORED” note that I’d penned to a friend of mine who was in the same course), and a small stack of pictures. Included in the pictures were shots from a trip to California that I’d taken with my Grandmother back when I was around ten or twelve, a few shots of me with some childhood friends and with my cousin Laurel, and this picture:

That’s me on the left and my best friend Kim on the right, in Grandma’s bed one morning after a sleepover, with all of the dolls. There’s two more dolls in the picture than I have in my possession now – they’re either still hanging around at Grandma’s somewhere, or she gave two of them to my sister or my cousin.

Anyway, the timing of my contact with FSIL, my penning of that entry about the dolls, and the receipt of a picture that exactly described what I talked about in the entry, just floored me. I just sat there at my desk looking at that picture, saying “NO WAY!” over and over.

I’ve stated before that I wholeheartedly believe my ex-husband’s family are good people. I know they didn’t participate in or condone the destruction of my belongings, and they were very kind to return this stuff to me. With as much as these kinds of memories have come to mean to me, I’m even more grateful that my ex’s craziness stopped at him.

  1. poet says:

    i doubt very highly that anything i forgot at the time i left is even around. but then again, i am pretty sure i managed to collect all of my belongings before i left. i am glad that there are still decent people in the world who believe in returning things to their rightful owner.

    have a GREAT day~

    • Tiffany says:

      At the time my ex and I split, we were living in AZ but his parents were living in Maine. When we left Maine, I left some of my belongings with his parents. When they moved to AZ after my ex and I split, they brought that stuff with them. Which is why my ex was able to get his hands on it. 😦

  2. crisi-tunity says:

    That’s some good stuff right there. Almost life-affirming. Glad your ex-SIL is a decent human. (And somehow I’m not surprised about the many-Bible-gifting grandmother.)

  3. Jean says:

    Love your little apple cheeks! What cute babies you would have had!

  4. Jeanette says:

    How neat that you not only have the dolls but you now have a pic of you with said dolls!!

  5. Oh Tiffany! You haven’t changed at all! I recognized you immediately, even before reading that you were on the left 🙂

  6. maryanne says:

    omg, you still look the same!!! and I LOVE the dolls!!

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