Prayers for Granny

Posted: November 18, 2010 in Family
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Send out good thoughts to Granny Claudine today, if you will. She’s been having chest pains lately (“You know, they didn’t start until Grandpa died… I just thought it was my broken heart. Honey, you don’t ever want to ignore chest pains.”). Tests revealed she has three blocked arteries and is going in for angioplasty this afternoon.

Poor lovely lady.

Bill is up in Tuba City tonight, which means my evening will be occupied with a teleconference (boo), a workout (double boo), a frozen dinner (meh), and Grey’s Anatomy (woot!). I work from home tomorrow, to make up for having to come in for meetings last Monday. And then I segue into my vacation next week.

I am going to work out EVERY DAY. YES I AM. And stock up on Trader Joe’s salads to eat for the week. Because, you see, on Thursday I’m having PIE. AND NOTHING’S GOING TO STOP ME.

  1. Oregon Sunshine says:

    We will keep her in our thoughts and light a candle for her.

  2. Jen says:

    *hugs* and prayers for Granny.

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