In which I have nothing much to say.

Posted: November 11, 2010 in Music, Video, work
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I finished up my Six Sigma green belt training today. That means my team is about halfway through the project completion and should get our certification in a few months’ time, after we’ve deployed and reached a sustainable point. After that, I need to decide if I want to pursue my black belt. I might. I haven’t decided. It IS quite a marketable skill to have, and if I want to leave AcronymCo at some point and pursue a job on the east coast, having this as a bullet on my resume wouldn’t hurt. So, we shall see.

If I did I’d get to hang out with the Stats geeks again. I love me some Stats geeks. The ones of my acquaintance are so very, very enthusiastic about their chosen bliss that it’s hard not to enjoy learning from them.


We watched the Country Music Awards last night. Lady Antebellum represented very nicely among the categories. I never really liked country music, much, but it seems to be growing on me.

Look out, it’s a tearjerker. Country music seems to have more of those kinds of videos than other genres. Like this one, which KILLED ME when I watched it the first time, and kills me again every time I see it. So, don’t watch if you don’t want to cry. I’m not kidding. I just watched it, just now, for probably the tenth time, and it got me bawling all over again. Sometimes a good cry is good, though.


Okay. Ha. On THAT cheerful note, I’m going to get a workout in before my 5:00 teleconference. Catch ya on the flip!

  1. Heather says:

    I’m not much for the country music of the past, I don’t know, 10-15 years at least because it has become so…poppy. You like pop, so maybe that’s why it’s growing on you? Eh, no matter. Music is just GOOD and loving many different kinds of it is healthy and normal if’n ya ask me. And you didn’t, but I’m gonna offer my opinion anyway. 😀

    I truly love the old school stuff I grew up with. It reminds me of being little and having both of my parents together for, what now, seems like such a short time. So give me “Willie, Waylon and the boys…” and I will be happy. My friend Hope was at the CMAs and had a dream realized in meeting Loretta Lynn. She said she cried almost the entire time. Aww!

    • Tiffany says:

      Wow, how did she get to go to the CMA’s? I guess you and I are kind of opposite in what we like, Country-wise. I’m not a huge fan of the old school stuff, except for a couple of nostalgia songs. But, like you said, loving music is good no matter what kind!

  2. iamheatherjo says:

    Hope works in the music industry and does promotion for a couple of country artists so she gets to attend that kinda stuff.

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