The mystery of the quotient

Posted: November 8, 2010 in Memory Lane, Music
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Taoist Biker put this song in my head today:

It’s one of my favorite Led Zeppelin songs, though I always have wondered at the meaning of the line that I used for today’s title (well, and yeah, a lot of their other lyrics are equally as puzzling). I love almost all of their albums entirely, though I’m not a huge fan of the last one (Coda). I can thank my ex husband specifically for getting me into Zeppelin – one of the few good things that I took away from our relationship.

He had all of Zeppelin’s albums on vinyl, and we’d sit for hours in his room, or mine, and listen to them. And make out, heh. Also, EW. ACK. BLECH.

At our wedding, our first dance was to Thank You. Yeah, because THAT’s what a seventeen year old will pick for her wedding song. Still, it held meaning to us. And now I can listen to THAT song without getting icked out. Growth. Progress.

Hmm. I had little else to say, today, other than Led Zeppelin. I like ’em.

Like TJ said, “It’s NaBloPoMo, and they can’t all be winners.”

  1. […] as reading about someone’s whiny sickness on the Internet but there you have it. To quote Tiffany quoting Temerity Jane, “It’s NaBloPoMo, and they can’t all be winners.” […]

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