Hmm. I was perusing back through my archives for this past year, and I just came to a realization. I haven’t had a panic attack, or the need to pop a Xanax, in months. It seems to coincide with the first time that I stopped taking the pill as my method of birth control (I had to go back on it for a few months, and now I’m off it again). Does anyone know if there is a correlation between anxiety/panic attacks, and the pill? A brief Google search indicates that there may be.

Great. I tortured myself for YEARS, saw therapists, and tried various forms of medication, and all I had to do was go off the fucking pill. FIGURES.


Do you suffer from little knots of pain right in the base of your shoulder blades? Do this – place your hands at chest level, palms together and elbows out, kind like you’re praying or are about to bow to your Sensei. Press your palms together as hard as is comfortable, hold for three seconds, and release. Repeat five to ten times. I don’t know WHY it works to relieve the pain in my middle back/shoulder blades, but it does.


How many of you did that just now, as you were reading it?


I just finished the annual enrollment tasks for my health and insurance benefits through AcronymCo. If I just plain ol’ die, my husband stands to be comfortably well off. If my death is a result of an accident while traveling on business, he’ll get over a million dollars. Like, $1.18 million.

Hmm. Maybe I shouldn’t have let him know that.

Note to self: Review Bill’s enrollment stuff. And sleep with one eye open.

(I KID! I kid.)


And now we have a Democratic President, a Republican House, and a Democratic Congress. NOTHING is getting done in this country for the next two years, at least.

It figures.

  1. Amanda says:

    I had read something about a possible connection between anxiety and the pill. If memory serves, it might be the increased progesterone (although my progesterone levels have, I think, gone up since becoming pregnant and I haven’t noticed much of a difference in my anxiety level). My anxiety didn’t totally go away after I stopped taking the pill, but it did improve.

    And actually, now that I think about it, when I was doing some reading up on it, I don’t think I found an article that made that exact correlation between anxiety and the pill. I think it was an article talking about anxiety and increased progesterone, and I stopped and thought, “Wait a minute – I’m taking something everyday that’s chock-full of that!” It wasn’t working well for me anyway, so I decided to toss ’em.

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