In Which My Vote Will Not Count

Posted: November 2, 2010 in Arizona, bitching, WTF
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Bill and I signed up for the early mail-in ballots, received them, and then proceeded to procrastinate until it was too late to mail them in. So we filled them out and now need to drop them off at our polling place today. BECAUSE we didn’t mail in our ballots, Those Who Keep Track Of These Things called us… and called us… and CALLED US, to the point where the phone would ring, we’d pick it up, they’d ask for me, they’d start their spiel, and we’d interrupt them with “YES WE HAVE RECEIVED OUR BALLOTS”. Then they’d call back five minutes later and ask for Bill. Because “T” comes before “W” in the alphabet.

Then there’s all the robo-calls, and smear campaigns, and negative ads, and ALL the FUCKING FLIERS in the mail that tried to out-do each other in size, glossiness, and CAPITAL LETTERS. Every street corner is crowded with campaign signs that, rather than informing us (with REASONS) about who we SHOULD vote for, only serve to whine about who we SHOULDN’T vote for. Along with the evil, evil organizations who support them. “Vote for me!” “Hey, don’t vote for HIM, he’s supported by Sheriff Joe!” “Yes, but THEY’RE supported by the NRA!”

With that methodology in mind, I should just turn in a blank ballot.

Suffice it to say, I feel like my vote will NOT count in a way that it has NOT counted in every election since my birth. And yet, I persist. As does Bill. We just both wish that there were some reliable way to get our hands on ACCURATE information about each of the candidates (IMPOSSIBLE), and propositions (which wasn’t bad; we relied on Ballotpedia again), and even the darn Supreme Court and Superior Court Justices, for crying out loud (okay, never mind, I just found it… bookmarked for next time!). A comparison matrix would be nice. Who voted for what in the past. And some performance report cards. But NO. As much as I looked, all over the internet, for some reliable information, all I found were sales pitches and angst. Lots and loooooots of angst.

Which makes me believe, what with the ease of access for pretty much ANY other topic on the PLANET, that when it comes to politics, they (whoever “they” are) are trying to muddle things up and confuse the information on purpose, such that it will be easier for “them” to hide the fact that the elections are, in fact, fixed. The outcome is ordained long before elections even commence. “They” don’t WANT us to be informed, because if we were, the political landscape would be MUCH different than the one we enjoy today.

And THAT’S why I think my vote doesn’t count. So, to all of the people who will be “representing” me and my interests, in their various political capacities, I say to you: EPIC DEMOCRATIC PROCESS FAIL.

  1. Jeanette says:

    I too am so completely sick of political advertising…so glad this day finally got here!! I don’t think my vote counts anymore either but I always figure that people have fought and died for my right to vote and to vote as a woman so that’s the least I can do, even if it doesn’t mean anything.

  2. Jayne says:

    Our system here doesn’t (yet) include out-and-out glossy advertising and certainly not the type of politician to politician mud-slinging that goes on there. (I’m not sure if it’s not allowed by law or just considered un-British)!! 🙂
    BUT…I know just what you mean about feeling you don’t have access to the true facts. Our national newspapers have strong political affiliations so if you’re say a socialist you’re going to gravitate towards a Labour party supporting newspaper and vice versa for the other parties. Of course the Ediitors of those papers ensure that they paint their own slant on everything and in doing so sling a bit of that mud here and there. So in the end the truth is in that No Man’s Land – somewhere in the middle. QED, you have to ask yourself: Is this true democracy, or in fact do the media moguls really run the place?

    Gotta vote though – and I admire you for sticking with this. Bet you’ll be pleased when it’s all over.

  3. Taoist Biker says:

    Move to MY state and let me know about votes counting. Heh.

    IT ANNOYS THE PISS OUT OF ME that THIS is our chosen level of political discourse, but I’m concerned that even the combined might of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert can’t change it.

    • Tiffany says:

      You mean the whole voter fraud thing? We haven’t had too much flack about that particular problem here in AZ, that I’m aware of.

      IMHO, I don’t think Stewart and Colbert took it far enough. And THAT’s a whole ‘nother conversation, that we’re taking our political queues from a couple of comedians. Imagine if we knew what we know now, back in the days of Short Attention Span Theater. Boggles the mind.

  4. Neal and I think that Jon Stewart should be president with Colbert as vice president 🙂

    I don’t find that we get the same level of smear campaigning going on in Canada, although we do have our own versions. What I find to be the most frustrating is that it’s all *politics*. The candidates make a whole bunch of promises based on what they figure voters want to hear, swear up and down that – unlike the “other guy” – they’ll actually keep these promises, then get in and, well, don’t keep the promises. Often it’s due to financial reasons, but one would think that with the access to financial information they have, they’d know what was and wasn’t possible before they started campaigning.

    That said, I am an Obama-supporter, and although it’s true that he hasn’t yet been able to keep all of his promises, it has only been 2 years and he walked smack-dab into the middle of a huge recession. Sadly, it will now be even harder for him to keep his promises because of the outcome of the midterms.

    And perhaps I shouldn’t include that last paragraph because I obviously don’t know how you voted, so you might have voted Republican or Tea Party and be happy with the outcome but… well, it’s just my opinion, for whatever that’s worth (which might not be much since I don’t live in the US, heh)

    • Tiffany says:

      I (we, in fact) actually voted a mixture of Democrat and Republican. At this point I don’t think I’m even a specific party anymore. I’ve got this HUGE “what difference does it make?” attitude because NO MATTER how we vote, and NO MATTER who is in office in any capacity, things are still fucked six ways from Sunday.

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