Upcoming Blogkeeping

Posted: September 17, 2010 in blogkeeping
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Hi gang. Over the next several months I will be attempting to re-create all of the entries on the old domain to their new home here, as well as apply headers to the Colloquial archives of September 2003 through March 2005 that didn’t translate during consolidation (if they don’t have headers you can’t click on them to read the entire entry from the archives). I also need to re-create some of the Blogger entries from Snerkology The Weblog Version that didn’t make the original transfer to WordPress (August 2007 through January 2008).

Though I will try to remember to turn off the automatic Tweet when I’m blogkeeping, you may end up seeing some ancient history show up in your RSS feed. I don’t think there’s a way that I can get around that, though if anyone knows of a way I’m all ears. So, sorry for any inconvenience or annoyance.

The upshot of all of this will mean that eventually everything will exist in the WordPress structure, and I can finally switch from snerkology.wordpress.com to snerkology.com. I will then install the core WordPress software and host everything on my Dreamhost account (I will forever remain a Happy Dreamhost Customer) so that I can better customize my site and have everything backed up in the event of an alien attack.

This is going to be a LOT of flippin’ work. I think eventually I’m just going to let Operation::Goddess go (I write about fitness related stuff at No Butts, and I don’t have a driving desire to maintain the capability of going back to see what I had to eat in March of 2005 – though I might run through the archives just to see if there are any articles worth re-creating). There’s only a handful of entries at Waking Mind, so those can easily be recreated. I just purchased a domain name for World Famous Nosh (update your bookmarks, though you should be redirected), so eventually I will host that stuff too.

This hobby of mine requires a lot of administrata.


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