The Life I Wish

Posted: September 8, 2010 in Headspace, Home

The life I wish to lead is a simple one. A quiet one. A peaceful one.

A beautiful one.

I want to live in a place that inspires me. I want to know people who enrich me. Whom I enrich.

I want to become what I used to be.

To greet each day with surety – a priceless optimism founded by the long line of days that came before.

A deep inhalation of joy, of living.

Creation from my own hands, my own mind.

Meaningful gifts. Blessed silences. Shared glances. Gentled hands.



  1. Bill says:

    Maybe with your next Husband? 🙂

  2. Oregon Sunshine says:

    I wish that too. And for a beautiful spot of land much like the one in your photo.

  3. S says:

    Holy cow. That brought tears to my eyes. You wrote exactly the way I feel. I hope for both of us that we can get that. Well, not together or anything cuz I think your husband and my guy might object..but you know what I meant! 🙂

  4. angelcel says:

    Beautiful and poignant.
    Do you still intend to move back home?

  5. Karen says:

    Thanks Tiffany, I copied that and retitled it to the The Life I Have. It is a good reminder for all the abundance in my life.

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