Friend Crush

Posted: September 1, 2010 in Friends, Warm Fuzzy

Have you ever met someone, and within minutes of that meeting, have that lovely realization that you now have a friend that you can call upon, love, enjoy, treasure, and ball-bust for the rest of your life?*

Happened to Bill and I, when we met TB and Dys in person for the first time, last Thursday. And first, can I just go on record as saying that it’s grossly unfair that I have to remember to use their nom-de-nets when writing about them? They have it easy with the use of our real names. I call shenanigans**.

Meeting someone in person with whom you’ve had a prolonged on-line friendship is just like picking up a conversation where it left off. A really good conversation. Full of inside jokes and instant understanding and “I KNOW!”‘s and “ME TOO!”‘s. And laughter. Lots and lots of laughter. So much laughter that my face actually HURT from all the smiling I’d been doing, once the weekend was over. Part of that was all the fangirl squeeing I was doing over all the MotoGP stuff. But most of it was because of the company I was keeping.

From the moment we first met until the moment we parted on Sunday afternoon, the four of us just clicked. Stories were funnier, insights were more interesting, commonality was drawn on a startling amount of levels, and we never – not ONCE – got tired of each other’s company. That fact is attested to by the late hours we kept each night, and the constant text messaging back and forth when we weren’t in each other’s company for whatever reason.

Yes, I know, I’m going on and on, but dudes, I totally have a friend-crush on Dys and TB. I can tell if we lived close to one another, weekend plans would probably automatically include them. Backyard barbecues would be a common occurrence. Every MotoGP race would be watched together, and we’d turn Dys and TB into Formula One fans in short order.

Life is just better when you have good friends to share it with. And I’m grateful, more than I can say, for the opportunities I’ve had to make more.

(*I will also go on record as saying that the LAST time this instant-kindredship happened to me, it was over Heather. Though, we met in person first. I am truly blessed in my friends.)

(**Speaking of which, Dys or TB, one of you needs to let me know if it’s okay to post face pics here, and on Flickr. I have an ass-ton, but I can be edited. I mean, it’s possible. It’s a mighty struggle, but it IS doable. I think.)

  1. dyskinesia says:

    Da feeling es MOO-chall dahlingz! MWAH!

    Hanging out with you guys made me want to come home and try to make some friends locally, which has never happened to me before, because normally making friends is just such a hard thing full of drama and crap and drama, but it was SO easy to just BE with y’all that it was actually inspiring! (Wow, that kinda made me gag a little, and I’m the one who wrote it, lol)

    I love the GP, but I will definitely look forward to it even more next year just for the chance to hang out again!

    **On the face pics, I’m okay with it as long as my hair looks fabulous … so that should rule out most of them (HA!). (The bike kissing picture notwithstanding because that one is just worth it.)

  2. Taoist Biker says:

    Hey, I meant what I said. You guys get The Pass. The “I don’t even care if the house is clean, yes, come over!” pass.

    And as far as the name shit goes, can I get a HELL YEAH that I didn’t call you “Laura” ONCE all weekend! 😀

    You commenting about your face hurting warmed my heart. I’m so glad you guys enjoyed yourselves; we certainly enjoyed having the chance to be with you. Next time maybe around less distracting subject matter. Hell, for me, a strip club would be less distracting!

    • Taoist Biker says:

      Oh, duh, I forgot to say: Post all the pics of me you want at this point. You’re one step removed from me, and at this point I think if my coworkers or anybody have found my blog I’m already done for, pic or no pic.

      • Tiffany says:

        You do have your priorities, don’t you? 😀 How bout girls stripping ON a bike? Also, yes, mad props for not calling me Laura, or “hey you”, or “bitch”, or “Hansel”.

  3. Heather says:

    I gotta say, Dys, my friends make my life worth living. No shit. They are far less “drama and crap” than family has ever been for me. I truly feel that my friends are better than family because I actually got to hand-pick them. 🙂

    Love you bunches, Tiff! (And now you know what a pain in the ass it was remembering to call you LAURA all the damn time! Heehee!)

  4. Hilly says:

    I get friend crushes all of the time! I am one of those people who immediately falls in love with someone (or dislikes them immensely) so I may be uhhh, a bit intense when I start crushing on a new friend. I mean, not stalkerish but you know!

    I am glad you found new friends that you adore!

  5. Bill says:

    Was a great weekend! And we are really looking forward to next year.
    Dys is right on I have a hard time with finding people that you click with on enough levels to want be around them more than a few hours here and there due to the bullshit and drama which there was none of at all this weekend, how refreshing!
    That and well let’s face it I have all the tact of a sledgehammer and very little mental filter media which makes it so easy to be around me.
    At this point I can think of only one way to improve next years fun that’s if we get Heather to come out for a day or two.

    • iamheatherjo says:

      Bill, what Dys said about having friends is almost to the letter how I feel about romantic relationships. Hahaha!! And I don’t really like being around much of ANYONE for more than a few hours at a time here and there. I’m just too used to living and being alone. I’m spoiled/broken/ruined (whatever you wish to call it). 😀

      I’ll figure something out and plan better for next year. Promise! Miss you kids!

  6. Blur out their faces like criminals…do TBs twice.

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