The Positive Power of the Internet

Posted: August 5, 2010 in Friends, Pass It On

My very good friend Stephanie is tapping into the positive power of the Internet, to help out a friend in need. There’s no obligation to contribute unless you want to, but if you could re-post, re-Tweet, Facebook it, or forward on the link, that would be really great.


Stephanie writes:

“To all my friends, coworkers, and fellow M-TEC graduates: QMedET folks, you’ll be getting an email too, but please pass the word to everyone you know that might be willing to help. We have an MT, a member of our very special team of phenomenal people, who is in dire need. She and her children have basically lost everything and are starting over, and there is a child who has multiple medical problems that will require a lifetime of very expensive specialists and medical care.

I know that so many are striving hard to make their own ends meet, but the power of the internet is that we have the power to reach so many folks who care, which can make $2 turn into $200 overnight. They are literally down to the clothes on their back and a vehicle. School is starting, birthdays are coming, children deserve a normal life with books, games, and toys; these children’s mother had to spend part of her last $50 on underwear and toothbrushes.

Please understand that this is a special outreach and not an obligation; no one will be thought of badly if they cannot contribute. Even a reposting on Facebook, a blog, Twitter, MySpace, e-mail, etc., is a contribution. Please consider a small gift to this very worthy and special family. Thank you!”

Follow this link to donate via PayPal.

Edited to add: if the link above isn’t working, try going to the QMed Facebook main page and click on the “MT in need” tab.

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  2. Is the link working properly? I click it and get a broken page. Could be my connection. It’s been wonky all day.

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