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Posted: July 12, 2010 in Beyond Megapixels, Listy goodness, vacation

Today, I am going to Kohl’s to pick up a few items of clothing for myself. We went clothes shopping for Bill on Friday evening, and I’ve got to say he is going to look quite dapper during our vacation! Which you shall see in photographic evidence. And no, I don’t plan on being in any of the pictures myself, thanks. (Heather is gonna pitch a fit at that one – “I want to see pictures of YOU, not just the places you went!”)

I’ll be fetching a rat for Kali so she doesn’t need to be fed again until after we get back. I’ll need to time that particular trip for later in the afternoon, so that the critter doesn’t languish over-long in the box before Bill gets home. I procure the food, Bill offers the food. I just can’t do it. Then, probably after she’s eaten, Kali will hang out in the tub with Bill keeping an eye on her, while I clean out her tank.

I have GOT to make a trip to the post office today to mail a couple of boxes. I have this thing about the post office in that I HATE going. I don’t know why. Is it the line? The way that I feel vaguely inept? The fact that there’s all this small talk going on around me that makes me want to scratch people’s eyes out?

And, oh, crap. I almost forgot it’s Monday, which means the landscaper will be here today. His schedule is probably the only reason why we’re not hip-deep in doggie doodie in the back yard. I just don’t go out there in the summer unless I have to.

I have three remaining articles to write – one for UpTake and two for Beyond Megapixels. That’ll probably happen between today and tomorrow. Tomorrow itself is going to be all about house cleaning and laundry, and the beginnings of packing. Which leaves Wednesday to balance the checkbook, back up my computer hard drive, get a pedicure, top off and chlorinate the hot tub, select a bunch of CD’s to take with us on the trip, hit the grocery store for toiletries, and finish packing.


I think I must have been distracted about a week ago, when I wrote the article that posted today for Beyond Megapixels. There were a couple of mistakes that several folks in the comments AND on Facebook pointed out. Ah, but it’s a comfort and a joy to a writer to know that there is a whole PLANET of editors out there, just WAITING for their chance to point out where you went astray. But seriously, I do appreciate it when folks point out that I may have been misleading, or unclear, or just plain in error. In today’s case, I’d mentioned the use of a high ISO when I meant to say a low ISO, a certain product link was in error, and for some reason folks kept getting the idea that I was suggesting that the shutter speed controls the pop-up flash on a camera, when I was just talking about ambient light exposure (the aperture controls the flash). So, I actually went into the article and made changes, which is something I rarely do after something publishes. When enough people get the wrong translation, clearly it is the fault of the writer. Live and learn, right?


Okay, I’m gonna get breakfast, work out, shower, and get this show on the road. In parting, I’ll just say that it’s interesting to still have a wicked case of the Mondays while on vacation.

  1. iamheatherjo says:

    Actually, that’s my big “Hawaiian Vacation Pictures” complaint. Everyone’s Hawaiian vacation photos look the same unless there’s people I know in them. Blue water. Sand. Palm trees. Sunset. Repeat.

    And I’m almost postive that Bill will see to it that you are in at least SOME of the photos. C’mon…for ME?!?!?!? 😀

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