Posted: June 28, 2010 in best things, Beyond Megapixels, Home, UpTake

I wasn’t planning on writing an entry today, but I’m so geeked about this that I had to record it. You know, for posterity and stuff. See, the roofer we were going to go with gave us an estimate of $8221. It was pretty much in the middle of the range of quotes that we received. Then I contacted a company we’ve gone with before, and they gave us an estimate of $6775 for the same work, same materials, everything. That’s nearly $1500 cheaper, and even less expensive (by about $50.00) than the original quote they gave us several months ago. That one included the use of less-quality materials (three-tab vs. dimensional shingles, if you’re wondering), but our timing is such that we’re able to take advantage of a seasonal discount that they offer.

Investing in this house, which we don’t plan to retire in, is grating. That we’re able to put a new roof on for less than we feared is a total WIN. Bill’s planning on painting the exterior later this year, then once Amanda moves out we’ll start slowly getting the upstairs in order. By the time we’re finally able to move and sell this place (WHEN, not IF), we’ll have a minimum amount of work that we’ll need to do to make it “sellable”.


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