Week three (with potential TMI. You have been warned.)

Posted: June 21, 2010 in Health/Fitness, vacation
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Here we are, gentle readers, at the start of the third week of my sabbatical. I am enjoying my time off immensely and have the mix of useful vs. slothful activities right where I want it. For instance, last Friday I cleaned the entire house, did some writing, did some reading, and watched TV. Saturday I ran to the grocery store, made meatloaf, did some laundry, layed (lied?) out in the sun, and watched Iron Man. Yesterday I made potato salad and brownies and t-bones, watched a couple of races, watched the series finale of The Tudors, the season premier of Leverage, and the latest True Blood (JEN JEN JEN – did you DIE when she said, “I keep expecting Bill to just appear and say… “Sookehhhh…” Also, WTF-ety-F was the Snoop Dogg thing all about???), and read. Today I shall write a couple of articles, fool around with the camera, perform doodie duty, and clean the kitchen.

I need to get a bit ahead on my writing work this week, as I’ll be going in for the Essure procedure on Thursday. The procedure is scheduled for 1:30, I need to be there by 12:30, and I’m not allowed to eat for six hours beforehand. They gave me prescriptions for 650mg Motrin, and for Vicodin. That they felt the need to do so makes me a bit trepidatious about the amount of pain this is going to cause. Hence, Bill and I won’t be going to the beer festival in Flagstaff on Saturday. I keep telling him that he can go (Robert and Joy are going up), but he doesn’t want to leave me. Ain’t that sweet?

I’m not permitted to do any sort of heavy activity for a week following the procedure, so working out is, well, out. No sex for two weeks following (TEH HORRAH), but I’m getting a Depo shot at the same time as the procedure (just one will see me through until the follow-up appointment), which takes two weeks to become effective, so we’ll be in prime form for all the HOTEL SEX we’ll be having in Maine.

I’m sorry, my snowflakes, my darling readers, am I sharing too much?

Then sometime in September I go in for a follow-up to make sure the process “took” (something about die and ex-rays and whatnot). My out-of-pocket cost is $400.00. I have 90/10 coverage, which means that the whole thing ACTUALLY costs four grand, which is, in my opinion, retarded.

Leading up to the appointment I need to fill prescriptions, stock up on tasty food, go to the library, and generally run any other errands that need running.

As an aside, exactly one month from today will see me, my husband, and my sister gallivanting around Bar Harbor.

  1. crisi-tunity says:

    Four grand?? I thought it was about a grand. Also, I understand that some people have bad crampy reactions to the procedure, so they probably gave you the Vic just in case.

    You lay or laid in the sun on Saturday. But you would be lying (not laying) in the sun today.

    Incidentally, you and I have very different definitions of “slothful”. ­čÖé

  2. iamheatherjo says:

    My friend that had it done at the beginning of the month said the procedure was painful even with her meds and the shot in the butt she received, but she went home and slept it off for a few hours and was working running around taking her kids here and there and then working on the flooring in her house the next day. For what it’s worth, the sites that I read where women had gone through the procedure some said the test afterward to make sure everything had worked was far more uncomfortable and crampy than the actual procedure. I’m sure it all depends.

    I also refused to do the Depo shot and just continue with the pills until everything is all done. I have not heard anything good about that shot from any of my friends that have had it so I really do hope you do well with it.

    • Tiffany says:

      I’m getting the Depo shot because I’ve been off the pill since February. I’ve been on it before and didn’t have *horrendous* side-effects – mostly moodiness and a bit of weight gain, after being on it for a year. The good thing here is that it’s effective after two weeks, I’ll only have to have one dose, so the side effects shouldn’t be that bad.

  3. Taoist Biker says:

    You talked about SEX?

    Everybody do all your emailing to your loved ones, they’re coming to shut the whole internet down in just a few minutes.


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