The official first day.

Posted: June 7, 2010 in Headspace, Home, vacation

Tried to go back to sleep after Bill got up with the alarm. Gave up at about 6:30.

Had a cup of coffee. Kissed Bill goodbye.

Checked e-mail and feed reader. Wrote an article for Beyond Megapixels.

Had some Coco Krispies. Read.

Went outside and picked up doggie doodie. It was already way to fucking hot, just after 9:00.

Read. Cleaned the kitchen.

The beardies looked thirsty. Took Cheeto out and soaked him – he took a long drink. Took Lucy out, saw that she laid eggs overnight. None viable, tossed them. Soaked her – she took a VERY long drink, so long I had to interrupt her before she made herself sick. Fed her five worms, she could have eaten twenty. She’ll have to make due with arugula.

Read some more. Had a ham sandwich.

Made a couple of phone calls, made an appointment for tomorrow to fight with the HOA about the roof.

Weighed the merits and flaws of getting dressed and going to the grocery store. May have to succumb to the inevitable.

Just… not yet.

Weighed the merits and flaws of getting up and getting my workout over with.


Now I’m writing this.

It’s a quiet day.

I’m doing well.

How are you?

  1. justdc says:

    lol! I’m great, loved that you are using the new theme, it looks really good, making me want to change mine actually but I’m so committed to my original theme, I would feel like I’m cheating. I am not ready for the change…lol

  2. Jeanette says:

    Curious how a sabbatical works (because its never going to be a option where I work) this paid or unpaid?

  3. […] A million hysterical conversations. Five speeding tickets. A hundred games of Rock Band. Two sabbaticals. Two bottles of Absinthe. One new roof. One attacking bee colony. One death in the family. One […]

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