New theme!

Posted: June 3, 2010 in blogkeeping, Bring the funny, Calvin

Do you love it? Do you hate it? Do you care?

What amuses me is that I will, during the life of this blog, probably change the theme three thousand times. So if anyone looks back at archived entries, posts like this one will have no context. Ah, time, you whimsical bitch.


Now, because I told Bill I would, please consume for your amusement the following conversation that took place last night during dinner:

Bill: “You know, I’ve always wondered about something.”
Tiff: “Oh yeah? What’s that.”
Bill: “What would you do if you were, oh I don’t know, poking around on or something, and suddenly discovered that I was your half-brother?”
Tiff: (long slow blink) “Wha…at?”
Bill: “What would you do if I was your half-brother? Would you still stay with me?”
Tiff: “Uhhh… ummm… ahhhhh…” (longer slower blink)
Bill: (expectant look)
Tiff: “Um, well, no, we’d have to split up. But we could still be friends… you know, later. After the horror subsides.”
Bill: (all butt-hurt) “What? You’d leave me? Just because I was your half-brother?”
Tiff: “Well, um, yeah.”
Bill: “But WHY?!?”
Tiff: “Um, because you’d be my brother…”
Bill: “Your half brother!”
Tiff: “Still, we’d have a mutual parent! That’s just… ew!”
Bill: “I can’t believe it. You’d leave me! I mean, we could just keep going as we are now. We’re not going to have kids… we wouldn’t have to tell anybody!”
Tiff: “Um… yeah. Sure. Okay, whatever. What the heck are you getting all upset over?”
Bill: “I knew it! I knew you were just looking for an excuse to leave me!”
Tiff: “Wha… wait, what???”
Bill: “You’d leave me! Just because I was your half-brother!”
Tiff: “You know, I thought it was only girls who were supposed to get all butt-hurt over a hypothetical situation. Clearly, you are the girl in this relationship.”

  1. crisitunity says:

    Have to admit, I don’t really love it. But it’ll probably grow on me.

    Also, I wouldn’t leave BF just because he was my half-brother. But I’ve written a Flowers in the Attic-type book (not just read but written), so you definitely shouldn’t go by me.

  2. Oregon Sunshine says:

    I like this theme!

    As for the conversation- LOL! I feel your pain.

  3. Taoist Biker says:

    I like the theme. However, I think part of the reason I like it is that it seems somewhat masculine to me. Like concrete or something. Take that however you’d like.

    I’m buying Bill some Midol.

  4. I HATE change, but like the paper “thing” at the top…

    Maybe you guys could just live together and NOT do it…or move to West Virginia where it is cool to do that with your brother.

  5. The theme is very different – I do like it, but I’m not sure if it’s “you”. Of course, I’ve never met you in “real life”, so you should probably ask someone who knows you in, er, both worlds 🙂

    As for the conversation, that was awesome! I’ll have to ask Neal tonight what he’d do if he found out that I was his half-sister. LOL!

    • Tiffany says:

      Well, I’m not sure how “me” is represented, in blog template terms. I just thought it was a cool new look. Oh, and do let us know what Neal’s opinion is of the whole concept…

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