Read it before you judge it.

Posted: May 21, 2010 in Arizona
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Just a general word of advice (not directed to any particular person, just to the general hysteria surrounding the topic), try reading Senate Bill 1070 before judging it.

Because, you know, it’s annoying to pontificate on something you haven’t even read.

  1. Damn. You are going to make me read it…this better not be long.

  2. MY impression is that it is too long…but I like the changes in colors throughout the document.

  3. Bill says:

    You’re right.
    The single biggest problem with this bill is the people that have no idea what it really says. Most everyone I have spoken to are just regurgitating the BS the media is spewing without knowing the truth.
    I have lived in Az. all of my life and know first hand how this state has changed beause of people breaking the law.
    The ignorant and the criminals are the ones that have issue with this bill.
    For example, what the hell does the Sheriff out of Maryland have to say about this issue? What dog does he have in this fight? Where was all the uproar years ago when California, who is leading the way in boycotting arizona, when they passed 834B, which is also anti-immigration?
    Has anyone ever researched what is required to be a “foreigner” living in Mexico? They have their own requirements just like we do, so that no one takes advantage of their free social services. For example, you have to have an FM3 visa, and in order to renew it annually you have to have 10k in a Mexican bank or be able to prove that you have income from the US so that you’re not bleeding off their social services. As foreigners you cannot demonstrate against the mexican government or you will be escorted out of the country immediately. Why should people from other countries get to come to the US and demand rights and get to choose which laws they’d like to break?
    Argue the facts, not opinions.

  4. joanna says:

    Well said Bill. I have lived in Arizona all of my life as well. Every year on April 15, I wish I could decide not to pay my taxes. Since the Feds complain that 11 million is to huge of a number to deport, I suggest we work the numbers game to our benefit. If 11 million Americans refuse to pay federal income taxes, would they come after us? You bet they would. The feds, for some reason, don’t WANT to inforce immigration laws. I smell corruption. They say the drug cartels have a very long reach. When a US President mocks his own citizens in exchange for favors from a foreign president, we have some serious, serious problems.

  5. Bill says:

    Unfortunately it’s all about the corruption. Anyone that doesn’t believe our government and the media is slanted or really any less corrupt than any other government on the planet either doesn’t care or is ignorant to the fact. The problem like you said, is that we as a group will not rise up and fight the wrongs that have been put upon us for quite some time – quite a bit in recent years. While I’m not a zealot about conspiracy theories, a good read is Jesse Ventura’s “American Conspiracies” if you want to answer your question about why we’re catering to foreign presidents, read chaper 10, “Your Government Dealing Drugs”. If it doesn’t at least open your eyes to the possibilities of what is really going on around the world, then you really don’t care so you should just sit back and take what they give you. Discussing politics is always polarizing, I just encourage everybody to educate themselves about what is happening and then make their choices and decisions – don’t just follow what the media tells you. If you have a gut negativity about something, research deeper. If it doesn’t make sense, then, hmm…

  6. fran gee says:

    Careful Bill, you might get those beautiful guns taken away. If not by the Feds, then maybe by the 11 millon. You’re surrounded!

  7. angelcel says:

    I was saying to someone recently that when I write about things that I feel passionately about, I find that I can almost *feel* the distaste coming down the phone lines and into the computer because so many people prefer to inhabit Happy Clappy Land where there are no injustices, no wrong doings. I haven’t a clue what this Bill is about other than ‘immigration’ and ‘Arizona’ but good grief it’s good to hear some passion! (BTW, I’ve also often said that if Jo Public found out what *really* goes on behind the scenes in government he/she would most likely go insane. That either makes me a conspiracy theorist or a realist – take your pick).

    • Tiffany says:

      I am tempted to write up a full entry about my specific feelings… I know what you mean about being afraid of “feeling” the distaste… but then, what else is a blog for if not to offer up your opinions for other people to trash? 😀

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