After this, you’ll want me to go back to just posting music.

Posted: May 17, 2010 in bitching, Headspace, Home, Inner Geek, pets, TV

It seems to me that Pandora’s Pop/Rock station only wants to play Sting/The Police, and The Beatles. All well and good for the first two songs, but really. I’m so over it. The Classic Rock station features Led Zeppelin heavily, though, so, win.

It bugs me when folks type “wholly crap” instead of “holy crap”. I mean, I guess it could apply if whatever is being referred to consists entirely of crap. And I guess if a person has a moral reason to not refer to crap as something which springs from His Heavenly Father… except, if you follow that line of reasoning to its logical conclusion, crap DOES spring from His Heavenly Father because He made All Things… hmm. If one is full of crap they in fact are full of Holy Spirit?

Perhaps I am going to hell.

Speaking of reverence (sorta), Bill and I watched the miniseries finale of The Pacific last night, and we were sorry to see the series end. What an outstanding effort. Watching it created in me a deep sense of awe-tinged respect that is generally reserved for the religious. The mind can’t comprehend what those soldiers had to do, and how deeply traumatized they had to be after witnessing all that they did. There’s a special kind of respect that is reserved only for their kind.

We bought one of these this weekend, and I have spent (and will continue to spend) an indecent amount of time transferring files, loading programs, and getting used to Windows 7. I am currently set up at the kitchen table with this laptop at the head (or foot? I don’t think we’ve ever decided which is which) and my work laptop open and running at the seat to my right. Remember waaaaaaay back when, when we all made the switch from typewriters to word processors? Yeah. It’s like that. I am loathe to do anything at all on my work laptop now (and it will soon be denuded of all but the essential AcronymCo programs).

A problem that I will have for exactly thirteen more working days. Then I’ll ignore my work laptop until August, and let me say, that thought alone completely fascinates me.

I am stupidly amused by the fact that the dogs don’t want to do their business in the grass in the back yard anymore. The landscaper switches the time that the sprinklers come on, seemingly every week. So now the dogs have no idea when they’re going to go off, and as a result stick to dookying in the rocks. MUCH easier to pick up, that way. It’s the little things, people. I just wish I had been looking out the window when the sprinklers went off for the first time after being idle all winter. Bet it was hysterical.

Two folks are coming over today to give me a quote on a roof replacement, and one more is scheduled for tomorrow. In somewhat related news, we have made 65% progress to date against our debt payoff goal for the year. Now it’s just a matter of keeping our heads down (and our impulse buying to a minimum) and we might actually make it, b’gawd. We’re only halfway through the year, though, so I’m reserving optimism. We have two trips to get past, and anything can happen between now and December. But I’m pretty pleased at our progress thus far.

So. Yeah. Just keeping our heads down, and I’m trying to get to the beginning of Sabbatical without losing my mind. Which is why posts have been and may continue to be a bit sporadic or moody for a couple of more weeks. Hang in there! I’m trying to, at least.

  1. jadesymb says:

    Well, I prefer this to music :p

    • Taoist Biker says:

      Me too!

      I watched the first two episodes of The Pacific and enjoyed them, I just haven’t gotten to sit down and watch the rest yet. I plan to, though, so don’t go fuckin’ with me!

      We successfully figured out how to hook up the laptops to our TV so we can stream stuff from Netflix onto the big screen. Woo! Now if I can just figure out if in fact I bumped down the cable TV resolution when I shouldn’t have come remotely near it, or if I’m just imagining the whole thing…

      • Tiffany says:

        Well, if you’ve read the books and/or heard anything about the folks this story was based on, spoilers abound. But yes, it wrapped up great and was very poignant.

  2. Heather says:

    I have my own music to listen to and only one YOU so… 😉

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