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Posted: April 26, 2010 in Home, kids, vacation

First off, happy birthday to my step-son Robert, who turns a venerable twenty-seven years old today! Ha. You didn’t believe us when we said you’d get old some day, did ya?

It’s nine of the clock, and I’ve dropped Bill off at the airport for his week-long stint in Chicago (and started missing him as soon as I pulled away). I came home to have some breakfast and call the plumber (we’ve got a toilet that won’t empty when it flushes), then went back out again to get supplies at Trader Joe’s. It’s a tradition, when Bill goes out of town, for me to stock up on the stuff that 1) he wouldn’t want to eat but that I’ve been craving; and b) requires little to no preparation. I’ve got salads enough to last me for the week’s worth of lunches, plus spicy hummus and flatbread to snack on. I’m giving the Chicken Tikka Masala a shot since I’ve heard so many people rave about it (here is one of those ravings), and a crabmeat-stuffed flounder that Bill actually enjoyed a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been weirdly craving. There’s a mushroom tortellini with asparagus on deck for dinner tonight. I bought a bag of arugula as a treat for Cheeto and Lucy, who love their rocket salads something fierce. And I got the requisite veggies and fruit and whatnot. The bill came to $70 exactly. The checkout lady suggested I buy a lottery ticket, though what that has to do with such an exact grocery bill is beyond me.

I’m on the last week of the first month of my personal “challenge”, which I’ve been hesitant until now to talk about because I didn’t want to jinx myself into not following through. But I’ve been kicking ass (though I won’t weigh and measure until the end of the week and see if any of this ass-kicking is paying off in the way of pounds and inches lost) and haven’t missed ONE workout since I started the first week of April. That’s six workouts a week, you guys, and I’m actually following through in a way that usually eludes me when I set myself up with these kinds of goals. There might actually be (gasp) MUSCLES coming in. Fascinating!

My diet could still use some work, but I’m getting there. This “challenge” lasts all the way up until we go on vacation in mid-July and progress in levels of exertion and duration. I’m very curious to see what kind of results I can accomplish in fourteen weeks. So far so good!

It is my goal this week to re-claim the bedroom from the state of disaster that it’s been in for the longest time. Off-loading the closet seems to be the key, so that I can rid us of crap we don’t need in there and actually have someplace to put the stuff we do need. I need to get my desk back in order so that I’m not constantly on the couch with my laptop, and I need to figure out storage for my growing cache of photography gear. Somewhere among those lofty goals I will try to de-hair the damned bedroom – though it won’t stay that way, attached at our hips as the cats are.

Plus, glory of glories, we seem to have termites making inroads around one of the windows. The bedroom needs to be presentable enough for the bug guy to enter, which will probably require that I use each and every one of the attachments on our vacuum cleaner. Le sigh.

Bill and I picked out all the stuff needed for a makeshift macro photo studio over the weekend (colored foamboard and poster board, can lights), so I’m going to mess around with the macro lens some more. Here’s one of the roses from the bush in our back yard:


The library is calling my name – a task for later, after the plumber has come and gone. And cross your fingers that THAT little repair is cheap and easy. I need to finish watching the “Madonna” episode of Glee so that I’ll be good to go when that comes on this week – finally I can watch a live episode and not have to hurriedly change the channel if someone walks in. There’s Supernatural to get caught up on, too… ah, all my guilty pleasures that are coming home to roost this week (and you’re welcome for the pic heading up today’s entry).

The kitchen is a disaster – we had Robert and Joy over for dinner last night for his birthday, since his dad was going out of town today. I made roast, and a cake, and we watched Avatar and had whiskey shots. Then we had to pack for Bill’s trip and by 11:00 at night I was in no mood to do dishes. So, I’m off to do that, and scrub down the bathroom, before the plumber gets here.

So, yeah. Day one of vacation is off to a roaringly domestic start!

  1. Taoist Biker says:

    I think I gained somewhere between 5 and 50 pounds over the last three weeks while traveling. Ye gods.

    Sorry I missed Bill, and I hope you have a nice quietly enjoyable week at home!

  2. jadesymb says:

    Last weeks Supernatural was AWESOME.

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