Posted: April 15, 2010 in Food, Music, photography, vacation, Warm Fuzzy, WTF

It’s things like this that make me wonder just exactly how much our government is keeping from us.


This morning I was fussing at myself in the bedroom mirror when Bill walked in. He walked over to me and gave me a kiss and said he was leaving for work. Then he paused, looked me up and down, and said, “Behave yourself today.”

I responded with, “I always behave myself!” He grunted an uh-huh at me, and turned to leave. I called after him, “Thanks!” “For what?” he says. “Well,” quoth I, “the only time you tell me to behave myself is when you think I’m looking particularly attractive.” He grinned and was all, “Nuh-uh!”

Heh. I take my compliments where I can get ’em.


I’m pretty sure I mentioned (but am too lazy to go check) that I will be borrowing a macro lens from Pro Photo Rental the week after next, when I’m on vacation. I’m going to make a light box and then play around with taking macro pictures.

I’m looking for some recommendations for what to take pictures of. I’ll be doing flowers, of course, but other than that, what kinds of subjects do you guys think would make for interesting macro pictures?

Speaking of which, this has got to be the neatest example of a macro photo that I’ve ever seen. Pioneer Woman has been featuring macro photography on her site this week and I’ve been getting a lot of ideas from over there.

Still, I want to hear from you guys on some subject ideas!


Speaking of vacation, I KNOW I said I wasn’t going to plan it to the umpteenth detail… but come on, you guys. You KNOW how much I love lists! Plus Bill will be in Chicago for the week and I need some structure to occupy my time. Here’s what I plan on doing:

– Get a manicure and pedicure.
– Go see the Ansel Adams Exhibit at the Phoenix Art Museum.
– Make things for dinner that don’t get made when the family is around because they don’t like ’em – like this and this and maybe even this or this and darnit, it’s too early in the season for rhubarb or I would totally make this. Of course, for the most part I’ll probably just stick to those pre-made salads from Trader Joe’s. I mean, why cook when I don’t really have to? Except I like to. Ah, fuck it. I’ll see what I feel like doing when the time comes.
– Give Gadget and Gypsy baths. Duuude, they smell like DEATH.
– Spend time luxuriating in the hot tub. Not as fun without Bill, but still quite lovely.
– Probably do useful things like cleaning and laundry and crap like that. That stuff is unavoidable, I’m afraid.
– Go to the library, like, every day.
– Save up episodes of Glee and Supernatural and House and Medium and Stargate Universe and Grey’s Anatomy (yes, I’m still hanging in there) so I can watch them mock-free.
– Rent non Bill-friendly movies. Like romantic comedies. And I might even get drunk one night and watch New Moon. Not that I’ll ever admit it here. Oh, wait…
– Daily workouts, which have been going quite well over the past two weeks and I hope to continue the trend.
– A wee bit of clothes shopping. I need summer-weight shirts, and I also need shoes. I plan on checking out Kohl’s and DSW.
– I feel the urge to go CD-shopping. It’s been a while since we’ve added to our music collection. I could order from Amazon but then I’d be missing out on the whole record store experience, browsing the isles, flipping through cases, digging through the discount bin. Anyway, any music recommendations you guys would care to share would be appreciated!
– Play with a new photo editing program that was recently gifted to me.
– Possibly blog, but DEFINITELY NOT work (other than the aforementioned photography stuff which will surely end up as BMP entries, and I’ll probably write a museum entry for UpTake at some point).


On that note:

Happy Thursday!

  1. crisitunity says:

    OH PLEASE WATCH NEW MOON. I’m dying for someone else to be as idiotic as me.

  2. joanna says:

    You get to have all the fun 🙂

  3. crisitunity says:

    Also, on the link on top: totally a weather balloon.

  4. Calvin says:

    We need the last Scorpions cd and if you want to combine a workout with some chores you could dig around on the side yard and find the cleanout for the master bath.
    I’m just dying to find the poop tube cuz we all know how much fun it is to play in the sewer.

  5. Shelli says:

    The massive fireball has happened before. And not in our country. A rare occurrence, for sure … a cover-up? Doubtful.

  6. Taoist Biker says:

    Swamp gas.

    N = R* x Fp x Ne x Fl x Fi x Fc x L

    N at any given time in the history of the universe a maximum of 1, or so I believe.

    Dys was trying to take a photo of something macro the other day – I think it was the tiny but delicately sumptuous painting on a 19th century Japanese snuff box?

    • Tiffany says:

      42! (Which you would get if you’d just read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy already – which reminds me, I’m sending back THAT BOOK. Finished! Scarred for all time!)

      • Taoist Biker says:

        I read the Complete Hitchhikers’ Guide over Christmas, akshully. And WOOHOO for scarred-for-all-time! But he DID get the greatest Christmas gift of all, didn’t he? 😀

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