Waiting for inspiration.

Posted: April 5, 2010 in bitching, Music, work

Writing. I have a LOT of it to get done today, since I kind of slacked off over the weekend. If kind of = yep most definitely oh my God you lazy sack. I’m just waiting on inspiration right now. I’ve written 137 articles for Beyond Megapixels, as of this morning (hmm… I just checked over there and the site seems to be experiencing technical difficulties). That is MUCH more on the subject of photography than I ever thought I had in me to write about. And this month marks the one-year anniversary of being hired for UpTake. I feel like I’ve been able to balance my creative writing with the stuff I get paid for, though. I know you all will let me know quickly enough if the quality of the stuff I post over here suffers in any way. Heh.

I’ve been noticing soreness in my wrists over the last couple of weeks, which I firmly attribute to a whole heck of a lot of database management that I’ve had to do for AcronymCo. We’re getting ready to implement a new system that is drawing its information from the database, so we have to make sure everything in the DB is accurate before the switch is flipped. That translates to a LOT of squinting at spreadsheets, left hand at the ready to ctrl-c, right hand at the ready to right click-paste (can’t use ctrl-v in the database, which throws the whole copy/paste rhythm RIGHT OFF). HOURS of it, and carpal tunnel here I come.

I remember feeling this way – a general sense of fatigue in my wrists and hands from typing and mousing – right before I left for my first sabbatical back in ’03. By the end of my leave I was right as rain again, so I anticipate I’ll be fine when I can just give all of this repetitive motion a rest. Of course, I’ll be on the computer more this summer than I was during my first sabbatical, but I’m pretty sure removing 40 hours a week of desk work from the repertoire will improve things significantly.

I can’t believe I spelled repertoire right the first time. Go me! Spell check? I don’t need no stinkin’ spell check!

Anyway. As of this morning I’m two months away from the first day of my sabbatical. I hate feeling like I’m wishing my life away. And I almost (ALMOST) don’t want to get there, because then it’ll be here, then it’ll be half-way over, then I’ll be in Maine, then there’ll be one week left, then there will be SEVEN YEARS before I can take another one. If I make it that long. I hope like hell I’m done with AcronymCo (ahem, of my OWN volition) and living in Maine before I get to the TWENTY-ONE YEAR mark.

Blah. This stream of consciousness thing isn’t doing much to stir any inspiration from the recesses of my mind. Since the landscaper is due here this morning, I guess I’ll go pick up dog poop. Now THAT’S inspiring.

In the meantime, this is one of those times when I like the remake as much as the original. Plus, the movie featured did fill me with all the hars. Happy Monday!

  1. Hilly says:

    Hellsyeah on spelling repertoire correctly! My word is hemorrhage. I always need spell check for that dammed word!

  2. Shelli says:

    Completely off topic, but I was thinking of you Sunday night when I found out about the earthquake, and that it could be felt in your corner of the world. Assuming everything is ok, since you’re like, blogging and stuff. 🙂

    • Tiffany says:

      Heh. Yeah, all is well. We never even felt anything! Some folks I know said water started sloshing around in their pools, but they didn’t actually FEEL the quake. Weirdness.

  3. Taoist Biker says:

    I was convinced I had carpal tunnel in about 2001 when I was doing a shit-ton of DB entry (long story) but it turned out to just be a really bad case of tendonitis. Once I finished my DB project and laid off my wrists for a while, they healed right on back up.

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