Posted: March 26, 2010 in Family, photography
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I’ve been communicating with a woman via, who is my grandmother’s first cousin once removed. Had to look that one up and I’m still confused by the connection – she would be the child of one of my grandmother’s cousins? I think? My great-grandmother’s brother’s child’s child? Ow. My head hurts.

Anyway, she has a photograph of my grandmother’s parents, my great-grandparents. She scanned it and sent it to me via e-mail. As soon as I saw it I knew I’d seen it before – I believe my grandmother had a copy of this photo, too. Which seems strange to me, for some reason – but why wouldn’t they have made multiple copies of a photograph, even in the late 1890’s?

Anyway, here are Albert Lee J Hill, and Jessie Cantelo Hill, in about 1896.

It cracks me up, how solemn they are. Many times folks didn’t smile for their pictures back then, because a smile is harder to hold for a long time. Back then the film in a camera had to be exposed for a long time in order to correctly capture the image, so folks just assumed a relaxed (seemingly frowning) expression and held as still as they could.

So. Another piece of the puzzle, and probably only interesting to me. Well, heck, my own journal had better be interesting to me, right?

  1. Taoist Biker says:

    But you never know whether or not you’ll have descendants who get bitten by the genealogy bug, and for whom your journal will be the Treasure Trove To End All Treasure Troves.

    You make me want to scan the photo of my own great-great-grandparents, taken about the same era. GGGpa has a big handlebar mustache and GGGma looks like she swallowed a lemon. My mother-in-law saw it and said, “I think I’d take my whuppin’s from Grandpa.”

    • Tiffany says:

      Ha! It would be hysterical if some generations-distant relation found this blog in some archived dusty old hard drive somewhere. They’d never get all the pop culture references.

  2. angelcel says:

    How odd. So often you and I seem to be on the same wavelength. I was going to post a photo of my GGP sometime soon, together with blurb about traits passing through the generations.

    My GGP’s photo came from a relative I never knew before, through another genealogy site – genesreunited. I’d heard about him from my mother so it was a *huge* deal to finally see his face. (I got a bit tearful)! I went over to Northumberland to visit newly found relatives towards the end of 2007. That and tracing my tree is a big deal for me because when my parents died I felt that my branch of the family had pretty much died out – just me, my brother and a cousin in her 80s. It was strangely daunting really. Tumbleweed across the prairies stuff. Now I know my family is out there and it feels good. is great, isn’t it? And your American records are so much more readily available. The last census I have is 1911, released early, (because it’s supposed to be 100 years here before it is released). I was like a kid in a sweetshop looking up the rellies!

    Sorry…I’m rambling…just love family history! Good luck in your research and let me know if you need any help or advice. 🙂

    • Tiffany says:

      Ramble away! I love this topic, and I’ve seen your recent posts. I did recall that you were heavily into researching your family history. Thanks for the offer for help, I might contact you as much of my family is from England and Scotland and I’m having a dickens of a time sifting through archival documents and whatnot.

  3. Shelli says:

    The friend I mentioned a couple of posts back (Tom Mix) is someone you might be interested in checking out her blog. She’s somewhat of an expert at genealogy. She also provided me with a great site to explain the whole cousin relationship thing. If you go, tell her I sent ya! 🙂

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