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Posted: March 15, 2010 in Humiliations galore, Video, weekend
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Bill and I went to Oro Valley (near Tucson) this weekend, and went hiking in the Catalina State Park. I shall regale you with verbiage and pictures soon, but for now I thought I would share with you the foolishness that I will soon be posting to UpTake as an entry.

The first part is of shots overlooking the park, and I’m being all professional and whatnot as I describe the place. The second part is of me sitting in the negligible shade of pointy things, waiting for Bill to stop crashing through the wilderness. He was off exploring nooks and crannies and overturning rocks looking for snakes and bugs. I chose to sit that part out, and videoed my perspective.

Some observations upon viewing myself for the first time on video:

A. My sunglasses kept slipping down my nose or sticking weirdly to my skin, which is why I was doing that weird stuff with my eyebrows and nose. Also, nobody told me I tend to talk out of the side of my mouth. The heck?

B. I got flustered when Bill hollered, “Who are you talking to?” Which is why there is a space of about ten seconds where I am remarkably inarticulate and shrieky.

C. It was a really fun day, even though I sounded whiny that we’d been out there for a couple of hours. Really I was just coming off of being concerned about Bill, because he’d hiked into a small canyon where I couldn’t see or hear him, and he didn’t hear me when I hollered. I was envisioning him with a broken leg and me having to attempt to fireman carry him out of there. I started videoing myself shortly after he reappeared.

D. I look, and sound, incredibly STUPID. I don’t know how people I know IRL can stand it. Yet, I am bravely carrying on for the sake of 100% 95% 83.7% disclosure. AKA, “Keepin’ It Real”.

E. I have seventeen more chins than I actually need.

For the version I’m sharing on UpTake, I merged the first part together with the second part and added a title page and credit page. That ended up making a wmv file too huge for Vimeo (749 MB?!? I gotta figure out how to make that smaller, though I think it’s so YOOGE because it’s in HD), so I just uploaded the SOOC MP4 files to Vimeo. 749 MB is not too huge, however, for YouTube (though it does take approximately two hours to upload), so that’s the version that’s going up on UpTake. I’m still getting used to this.

So, here we go.

Part One:

Part Two:

  1. Dyskinesia says:

    You look and sound great, truly! And man does that look like a park full of pain. I fall down a lot, so that’s just 4-500 added degrees of OUCH for me.

    And hello, I have those glasses. Not EXACTLY those, but daaaaaamn close. Well, more accurately, I have the pieces to those glasses because one of the screws fell out and they are/were my faves and I’m a loser who is still hoping that I will find a screw to stick in there.

    See? THAT is what sounding stupid sounds like.

  2. Taoist Biker says:

    a) I do that thing when my sunglasses start to slip, too. Except I think I also involve my ears in some weird way. I’m sure it looks like I’m having some sort of adverse drug side-effect.

    b) I’ve already told you as someone who’s had a conversation with you that you do NOT sound horrible. However, you LOOK wretched. Wretched, I tell you. Kidding, of course! You look like a lady out for a hike. You were expecting to look like you just stepped off the Red Carpet ™? Ya look great.

    c) If you think YOU talk out of the side of your mouth, [Nicholson]wait’ll ya get a’load o’ me.[/Nicholson]

    d) Not that I think you need help, but I combat my own chin-problems with a generous helping of beard. I can probably loan you some if need be. Just give me a few weeks’ notice.

  3. jadesymb says:

    The hand under your chin… next time put it down.

    Looking good!

  4. iamheatherjo says:

    I thought you knew you talked out of the side of your mouth! 😉

    And that voice on the video is not the excited, squeaky little voice I’m used to. That was you behaving yourself and trying to be all grown-up-like. Heehee!

  5. connie says:

    You look and sound very sweet-not stupid at all. I had a different impression of you. Not bad – just different. You remind me of Meryl Streep.

  6. sharon says:

    I think you have a very soft sweet lyrical voice. Very easy to listen too. And as for talking out the side of your mouth. I didn’t notice at all. My sister is deaf in one ear and when we are out somewhere noisy she seriously talks out one side of her mouth. She looks like popeye the sailor man. Plus I think you look great the 17 extra chins were just an optical illusion because the camera was too close you can totally fix that by growing longer arms which will also help as you get older to read things well if you’re long sighted that is!

  7. Amanda says:

    You look and sound great! Can’t wait for more videos!!

  8. Robyn Taylor says:

    You have a lovely speaking voice!

  9. Kimmothy says:

    This was awesome!! You really did look and sound great – this is something I wish I could do but know I cannot.

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