Posted: February 8, 2010 in Home, pets, weekend, work

I’m definitely coming down with something. I ache all over and my head is stuffy beyond the usual allergy thing (crackly ears are a sure sign it ain’t allergies I’m dealing with). It has been a “Ready! Set! Go!” morning as far as AcronymCo-related work is concerned, so I didn’t get to ease into my day. I can’t go into the details, but suffice to say it’s All Drama All The Time with a certain initiative that this particular R&D factory has taken on. Which is great, and means stability for this site and the people who work for it, but still. The DRAMA, people. Calm down.

Bill and I futzed in the kitchen (ribs, 2x baked potato casserole, and brownies all came out SUPERBLY) and watched the Super Bowl (is it one word or two? I’ve seen it both ways) yesterday. I was totally “meh” about the game – it was actually kind of boring. And none of the commercials really stood out to me or made me laugh much at all. And the half-time show just seemed like one long, light-infested advertisement for the CSI Trifecta. Super Bowl on CBS, CSI on CBS, half-time show The Who, featured songs happened to be EACH of the three CSI theme songs… hmm. Not a coincidence, I think.

The BEST part of the afternoon was, in fact, the video I shot of Bill dancing around to the Bee Gees (we were listening to CD’s prior to kick-off). But he’s told me I can’t share that with you guys, and I was all, “What was the POINT of me getting the camera in the first place, if I can’t share stuff EXACTLY like THAT?!?” So, I’m working on him. If I wear him down enough to gain permission, you’ll know. Oh yes, you will.

In the meantime, entertain yourselves with this, which is the same kind of nutbag behavior we get from Ozzy:

  1. Taoist Biker says:

    I thought the game was pretty good. I was kinda rooting for the Colts, but both teams are A-OK with me (had either of their championship-game opponents won, I would have been ticked off – these were the teams I wanted to see).

    And the brownies, of course. We had Bailey’s sitting around gathering dust anyway, so kuh-WHAM. They are AWESOME.

    Dys made her signature italian sausage sandwiches as she has been doing for the last few SB’s, so it was one of those days not to tell your diet about. Otherwise, awesome.

    I hope you’re wrong and your head-stuff clears up quickly!

  2. iamheatherjo says:

    I’m sorry you’re feeling ucky!

    I thought the game was good, too! We were SO noisy. The house was split so that made it funny. Cindy and Bonnie were rooting for the Colts. Sharon and I were rooting for the Saints (they’ve never won so I wanted to see them do it and Drew Brees is from Purdue, for cryin’ out loud). I was happy and we had so much fun.

    Last year’s commercials sucked too, but I this year I really liked the “Don’t touch my mama. Don’t touch my Doritos” commercial. I died and that became the theme for the rest of the evening in the house.

  3. crisitunity says:

    Two words. I.e. Rose Bowl is still two words, Orange Bowl, etc. Just another bowl game. Although I’m sure it will elide into being one word by the end of our lifetimes.

  4. Shelli says:

    I actually sat on my computer the entire time, but did record the commercials (game). Watched over the past couple of days, and am VERY disappointed in the commercials! Lots of people wasted lots of money this year. The Doritos one with the kid was THE best. Oh, and only ONE Clydesdale commercial? What’s up with that?!

    As for the whole CSI thing, you’re not alone in your thinking. I mean, really, it’s a popular show on it’s own, they really didn’t need all the reminders. And The WHO? OMG, they sounded terrible! But, I guess that’s what you get with a bunch of ancient rockers who’ve ruined their voices and probably their ears with a lifetime of rocking out. And, they’re ancient (did I mention that already? LOL). I mean, they’re at least in their mid 60’s, right? Nobody that close to Social Security age should still be trying to rock out like a teenager. 😉

  5. Taoist Biker says:

    I watched The Who also, and likewise I usually don’t bother with halftime. I thought they sounded pretty good considering their age – not all that much worse than the Isle of Wight show from whenever it was, 70 or 71.

    I also liked the lightshow-stage. And the RAF bullseye cymbals were a nice touch.

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