For Nikki

Posted: January 13, 2010 in Friends, Headspace

Remember that project from hell that occupied nearly two years of my working life? I just learned that a lady I worked with on that project passed away on January 2nd. She was in her early fifties, and had no pre-existing illnesses. She’d just come home from visiting her husband in China (he’s also an AcronymCo employee, there on an extended project), and spent Christmas with her parents. Then, sometime in the last week of December, she became ill. She was hospitalized, and her husband flew home from China. She experienced what is being described as “an unexpected, rapidly progressing illness that resulted in multiple organ failure.” She passed away in her husband’s arms.

I wasn’t close to her, but I did like her a great deal. She was always incredibly positive and upbeat, and extremely helpful and patient. We met multiple times per week (via teleconference) for nearly a year, and I met her in person on my business trip to Oregon. She and her husband were apart a lot, since his position kept him traveling to remote AcronymCo sites in different countries, where her position kept her home most of the time. But she traveled to where he was as often as she could, and last year during her sabbatical they both went to Ireland for an extended stay. She shared her vacation photos with the project team when she got back.

I’m sitting here pondering just how fleeting it all is, this life we all live. It can end at any given moment; any second in time could be the last one you, or someone you love, experiences. It makes all of the petty grievances of the world seem minute in comparison.

Love one another, my friends. This life is much too short.

  1. Taoist Biker says:

    Well said, madam. Well said.

  2. jadesymb says:

    What happened to her, is pretty much what was happening to Ollie when we were in the hospital. Thankfully his outcome was living, but it was so close. It really brought home to me how short and crazy this whole existence is.

  3. Walter Adena says:

    There’s a very thin line between life and death. We might as well spend every moments of our life doing our best and expressing our love to others. 🙂

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