Oz and Zoe say…

Posted: January 9, 2010 in pets, photography

… happy Saturday!



  1. Jeanette says:

    Oh..what pretty kitties! I know I’ve said before that your Zoe looks identical to my Zoe!

    • Tiffany says:

      I just wish Zoe would calm the hell down about Oz. She has to know where he is at every second, in case he takes it into his fool head to pounce on her. SIGH.

  2. AmyD says:

    Those are some gorgeous babies!!!! My cats (girls) HATE each other with a deep, ugly passion. To the point that Liza Jane started eating all the cat food and put on a ginormous amount of weight and Molly started LOSING weight. We’ve now had to move Molly and all of her things up to Ethan’s room to separate them because Liza has to be such a big bully and Molly is pretty anti-social anyway.

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