Posted: January 8, 2010 in 3P, Beyond Megapixels, Friends, photography

I was futzing around in Photoshop yesterday, some during the day while I waited for a report that I needed for my analysis to publish, and some last night before Taoist Biker’s radio show. They’re all pics from last year’s road trip, and I was messing around with the best way to add a frame around them. I also decided in Flickr to start posting a link to the original, unaltered photo in the comments of the Photoshopped version, for comparison’s sake. I’ve already posted them all over the place (Twitter, Facebook, Flickr Groups) but here they are for your amusement if you don’t follow me in those other locations (click to embiggen, and to see the original SOOC versions):






Last night’s radio show hosted by Taoist Biker was very amusing. We were joined at different points by Maleesha and Steve (MTAE), and talked about keeping original versions of photography/musical works (such as flubs that we would otherwise discard), THE BOOK and how painful it is to read and how NOT like the book the movie is going to be, football and betting, Steve did a mini-version of one of his comedy routines, and Maleesha lead the discussion about regional accents. So, gang, you’re missing out by not joining us! Fortunately he holds these things monthly, so you’ll have your opportunity. Plus the recorded version of each radio show is up on Blog Talk Radio for posterity’s sake. I, personally, refuse to go back and listen to the shows that I’ve participated in. I’m sure I come off like a total choad, and I’ve NEVER liked the sound of my recorded voice. YMMV.


Positive: I’ve gotten a ton of participation in just two hours over at Beyond Megapixels, on the poll I posted this morning; also, one of my guest post contributions was chosen to publish on Digital Photography School (an explanation of metering modes).

Productive: I’d like to get the housework done after work today, so that we can relax in a clean house all weekend long.

Plan: I doubt it’s going to take much arm-twisting, but I’m hoping to convince Bill to take a motorcycle ride up to Chuckbox tomorrow for burgers and beer. And my diet be damned.

  1. Taoist Biker says:

    I’m not sure anybody really likes the sound of their recorded voice.

    With the prominent exception of my son and his lowered-voice effects. Heheheheh.

    Ride an extra few miles for me this weekend, and thanks for the fun last night (and the shameless plug, too)!

    • Tiffany says:

      Heh. I think you should post those!

      We went for a couple of rides and I even felt a little guilty about our ability to ride year-round. Only a LITTLE, mind you.

  2. maleesha says:

    I thought you had a PERFECT radio voice, Snerk, actually!!!

  3. Shelli says:

    Nice frames! I really like the one of the table and chairs.

    I have alot of friends that do the BTR thing, I’m just not one for talk radio to begin with. Have fun on your ride this weekend! 🙂

    • Tiffany says:

      That one seems to be getting a lot of positive feedback. I wonder what makes it so appealing? I’m drawn to it too, though I couldn’t tell you exactly why.

      We did have fun on our rides, thanks!

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