I’m going to kill that damn cat.

Posted: November 30, 2009 in bitching, Giveaway, Pimp, Video

I’m giving away THREE FABULOUS PRIZES to those readers who are visitor numbers 99,999, 100,000, and 100,001. I’ll post the giveaway as a sticky when I get around to it. Just send me a screen shot via e-mail with one of those visitor numbers (stats can be found on the right hand frame, scroll to the bottom), and your snail-mail address. I’ll send you a gift in the mail for being such a loyal reader! The way I figure, the 100,000 visitor mark will hit sometime within the next month.


Oz is driving me BATSHIT this morning. I’ve had to chase him around the house three times (so far) with the spray bottle. He keeps attacking Zoe, she keeps making that noise, and I am getting more and more pissed. He soaking wet and highly offended and I couldn’t give two shits.

Yeah. Bad mood today. This is going to be a short one today, folks. FML.


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