Posted: November 23, 2009 in Food, Holiday, Home, vacation, Warm Fuzzy, weekend

Wow. I didn’t get on the computer AT ALL this weekend. I didn’t even turn it ON, yesterday – and I missed a day for NaBloPoMo, but eh, not what I consider a huge failure in the grand scheme of things.

I was SUPPOSED to be way frickin’ busy over the weekend. The only thing that got accomplished was to clean out and reorganize the refrigerator and freezer, clean out the spice cabinet, and clean out the cabinet that holds all of our canned goods. Had some peaches in there that expired in July. Of 2005. Calvin and I went to Pets Inc to get critters for the critters, we went to the Sandstone for a couple of beers, came home and wrestled and had a nap, then ordered a couple of pizzas and watched Star Trek.

Sunday was even slothfuler (more slothful?). I didn’t get up until 10:00 – I haven’t slept that long in AGES. We sipped on coffee and I read a book while Calvin read the paper, with football on in the background. I made bacon and eggs for brunch, more reading, more football. Marie wasn’t home so we moved it all into the bedroom for some nekkid football watching, ice cream in bed (DECADENT), more reading, more wrestling, and another nap. Then I picked us up some Taco Bell for dinner and we watched three DVR’ed episodes of “V”, then the new Bill Engvall show, then bed.

Aaaah. It was a good, GOOD weekend.

And I’m paying for all of the slothocity (slothfulness?) today. Work for AcronymCo (then I have the rest of the week off), and a couple of articles to write, followed by some MAJOR FUCKING GROCERY SHOPPING because there is basically NO food in this house. I have a list for all of the meals for the week, and a separate list entirely just for Thanksgiving. It’s gonna be an expensive trip today, I fear.

There is a shameful (I mean it – SHAMEFUL) pile of laundry that needs to get put away, and another pile that needs to get washed. Plus I pitched a fit on Friday night while I was looking for something, and pulled all of the socks, underwear, and other miscellaneii (miscellaneousness?) out of my top drawer and threw it on the floor in front of the dresser, and there it still sits as of this morning. General cleaning is SCREAMING to be accomplished and have less than zero interest in doing any of it.

We’re going to end up having a very quiet Thanksgiving – in fact, it might just be me and Calvin, since the kids are stretched rather thin with obligations to their other family members and friends this year. And you know, that’s okay. I’m not going all-out this year with the cooking – the menu I posted last month has been pared down considerably (now just turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, veggie casserole, dressing, and salad), and I’m even (GASP) considering buying a pumpkin pie instead of making one. Or maybe I’ll buy a pie AND make Grandma’s Melt In Your Mouth Blueberry Cake. I’ve been craving that like nuts, lately, and it’s AWESOME in the morning with my cup of coffee.

So! That’s the news. How was YOUR weekend?

p.s. – Jen has been posting regular updates about Oliver, he’s much improved and they hope to leave the hospital in another week to 10 days. Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers!

  1. Shelli says:

    I sure hope you got dressed before going to Taco Bell! Although, nekkid Taco Bell could be fun, too. 😉

    • Tiffany says:

      ~grin~ Yes, of course I put clothes on. Jammies with a sweatshirt and slippers, but clothes nonetheless. I wonder if I could have gotten my food for free? Eh, with my luck I would have gotten arrested.

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