Posted: November 20, 2009 in Headspace, WTF

Wow, were my dreams full of action last night. Not *bow chicka* action, but running! And shooting! And falling! And chasing!

There was an airplane that could carve parts out of the clouds with its wings, and those parts would fall to earth like chunks of a snowbank. I had a Beretta, and I drove a Bugatti. Not that I used either, I just “knew” that I had them as my dream-self. A horizon-to-horizon storm cloud of something evil (think the Nothing from “The Neverending Story”) chased us (“us” being a girl who my dream self knew as my “sister” who had pointy ears and was apparently an elf; also there was a guy who I SWEAR was Marlon Wayans). The something evil touched my sister’s back, and as she ran toward me she disappeared in stages, so that juuuust as she reached out to me she pixellated away to nothing.

She reappeared in a cavern made of metal, with Marlon. There were these birds, also made of metal, and Marlon reached out to one, and it dropped some sort of vial from its talons. The cavern began to swirl, and they were “flushed” down into a system of tunnels.

Meanwhile I apparently decided I needed a drink, so went to the bar that my friend Jen owned (real life hint: she doesn’t own one) and her Uncle Mort (real life hint: she doesn’t have an Uncle Mort) was managing it because Jen was at the hospital with her baby (real life hint: she is), and this customer complained because the service was taking too long and I got all up in her shit yelling, “They’re SHORT HANDED because the BABY is in the HOSPITAL, you BITCH!”

Aaaaand… that’s all I can remember.

  1. Taoist Biker says:

    Heheh. I LOVE how crazy dreams can be.

    Can I borrow the Bugatti? Just for a minute, to drive to my high school reunion.

  2. dyskinesia says:

    An elf and Marlon Wayans. I think I saw that in a Penthouse Forum letter once… BWAHA!

    She pixellated away… cavern began to swirl… Could be time for a break from PhotoShop for you, Missy!

    Protective of your friends even in your dreams. Such a good girl. 😀

  3. crisitunity says:

    People sometimes say that hearing about other people’s dreams is boring. I have NEVER EVER thought so and I’m so glad you described this one in such detail.

  4. This has an Alice in Wonderland feel to it. My prescription is to cut back on the late night salsa and movie previews. 😉

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