Huh. Somehow I managed to forget that I’m on vacation next week. I work from home on Monday, but then the rest of the week is mine to do with what I will. Well, except for Thursday, when I cook Thanksgiving dinner. But other than that, the week is mine.

As long as I get all of the writing that is due next week done over this coming weekend.

THEN the week is mine.


Heather forwarded me a link that is so damned adorable I thought I was going to die of the cute.

Go see.


Snerkology Media, the website that I will use to advertise my professional photography services, is up and running. It has my real name all over it, and indirect connections between my “real” life and my “on-line” life. This means that my crazy ex could find the website, and make the connection between it and “Laura Charon of Snerkology”, if he put forth a bit of effort. I’m not too terribly concerned about it, really. He already knows where I live (since it’s the same house he and I lived in), and I haven’t put out my personal phone number (though he knows my work number), so the only real damage he could do is send nasty-grams to my Snerkology e-mail (again, he already has my work e-mail addy) or leave troll-like comments on this humble website.

At which point my loyal minions (that’s you guys) would rise up and smite him. Verily, I am well protected.

I’m still toying with the idea of just “coming out” here. It’s confusing enough to have to keep writing under “Laura Charon” at BMP and UpTake (that’s how I started there, so that’s how I should continue). Meh. It’s not a decision of overwhelming importance. Unless you guys have an opinion about it? Do you care, one way or another?

Oh, and FYI, you guys will start seeing my “real” name associated with, if I e-mail you or respond to e-mails sent to that address. Just to keep everyone confused and on their toes!


Jen posted an update about Oliver – he’s not out of the woods yet, but he is improving gradually. She wanted me to thank you for all of your kind thoughts and prayers. Keep ’em coming! I’ll keep everyone updated on what’s going on, here and on Twitter.


Finally, Devlin turned five on the 12th. I wish Lilly had stayed in touch with us, I’d love to still be able to have a relationship with our grandsons.

Happy Birthday, Devlin, wherever you are!

04_30_06 029

  1. Kimmothy says:

    I’m happy to say I’m one of the cool kids who knows your real name already, so it won’t be very shocking to me – I’d say since you’re marketing yourself all around, the real deal is the way to go.

  2. Joanna says:

    I agree with Kimmothy…PLUS it is such an artsy name!!!

  3. crisitunity says:

    If the only reason you’re sticking with Laura Charon at this point is your ex, I’d let it go and come out. I think you’re at the point now where if you’re going to build a career on the internet, this site needs to be part of it, and the confusion that will result is just something you have to deal with. If you have reasons other than your ex, weigh them against the internet career thing and that’ll hopefully help you make up your mind.

    I do not know the story of why you’re not in touch with your grandsons. I’m sorry to be nosy, but there’s probably a bunch of us newish readers here who don’t. Unless it’s too crummy a story to tell or link to, which is fine.

    • Laura says:

      I’ll probably still keep my personal blog separate from my professional blog, but yes, I get what you’re saying. Really I’ve been avoiding it because of the confusion it’s sure to generate by calling myself, my husband, and my kids by different names than I’ve been using since 2000.

      Here’s a link that gives a bit of backstory to my former daughter-in-law Lilly, and the grandbabies. Basically, when Michael went into the Marines he got married right away, and they had three sons in quick succession. When Michael and Lilly got out of the Marines, they all lived with us in our house. Then Michael and Lilly split up, Lilly took the kids with her, and they dropped off of our radar.

  4. Taoist Biker says:

    Your real name does sound more like a pen name than your pen name. 😀

  5. Angie says:

    Noooo! You’ll always be “Laura” to me 🙂 I love the new site, though. You are such a talented photographer–you definitely have that eye for composition and color.

    I’m sorry, too, that Lilly didn’t stay in touch. One would hope that after all the dust settled that she would maybe send an email/pictures here and there, especially seeing as you and Calvin were such loving grandparents. Does Michael have any contact with the boys at all?

    • Laura says:

      Thank you, Angie, that’s very kind of you! You can call me whatever you want to yourself!

      No, Michael doesn’t have any contact with Lilly or the boys – she got re-married relatively quickly, and her new husband adopted the boys.

  6. Shelli says:

    Nice, kill us all with the cute … thanks! LOL (awww, kitty!)

    Being a new minion, I have no idea about the whole ex thing, or why he’d still be bothering you. Or about Devlin (adorable!) is being kept from his grandparents. Suffice it to say, all you need to do is say the word, and my inner bitch will be released onto anyone you desire! 😉

    I also agree, your real name is way more pen-name-ish than your pen-name. I think you’ll probably always be Laura to me, unless you specify otherwise.

    • Laura says:

      I KNOW! Snoofie wuzzy fuzzy!

      You can find out alllllllllll about my ex in the Epic Saga that I wrote and posted last year. Go to the best of tab, scrooooolllll down almost to the end where it says “April/May 2008 – Saga #1 – The story of my ex.” Read parts one through six plus the epilogue, and you’ll offically know more than you ever wanted to!!! The story of how Calvin and I got together is listed right below it on the “Best Of” tab if you’re interested, too.

      • Shelli says:

        Holy bejeeeeeezus woman, what you went through! Sadly, I can understand, because I was the child of an abusive marriage. *majorly huge hugs* to you, for all you’ve accomplished in SPITE of your ex! 🙂

  7. Megan says:

    The new site looks great. Congrats. I think the temporary confusion of changing to your real name might be difficult to wade through, but in the long run it is probably better to go with your real name instead of forever prolonging the confusion. But like Shelli said, you’ll always be Laura too. Even when you’re not. If that makes any sense.

    I miss your pics/stories of those three little boys. I can’t imagine the hole their absence must create. I hope Lilly reads your site and contacts you sometime. It would be good for the boys as well as for you.

    • Laura says:

      Thanks for the compliments and feedback! Well, “Laura” really IS my middle name, so I actually always WILL be Laura!

      I hope Lilly stops by this site sometime, too. She used to read when she and Michael were together. SIGH.

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