Tally… hoo boy.

Posted: November 11, 2009 in Friends, goals, Headspace, Inner Geek, photography

1iconphotoI’ve taken a leap. Kind of. More like a step. A short bounce? A movement forward whose small increments are way out of proportion to the level of excitement/anxiety I’m feeling at the moment.

I filed a Trade Name Application for “Snerkology Media”.

And I bought snerkologymedia.com. Site design is currently underway.

And I applied for an upcoming Photoshop seminar in Phoenix, hosted by Kelby Training.

And I’m designing and ordering business cards.


Last night, I took my camera with me to Joss’ benefit party. Of COURSE I took my camera with me. I take my camera EVERYWHERE, all the time. Whether I’m shooting in an “official” capacity or not.

Anyway, seems the photographer they’d arranged for the evening actually FORGOT HIS CAMERA at home (it boggles the mind), and since I had my “fancy camera” (their term, not mine), I was thereby elected to take the official photos for the event. Which was fine and dandy with me, seeing as I was planning on taking a million pictures anyway.

So I chased Joss around for the entire evening and took a whole LOT of pictures (final count to be determined, I haven’t had a chance to get them off of the card yet). The woman mingled non-stop and totally wore me out with the amount of energy she had. I love her SO MUCH and I’m so glad she had such a fantastic turn-out. You’ll be regaled with pictures soon, rest assured.

Anyway (again), the owner of the establishment offered to pay me for my night’s work, but I pished at him, “Of course you don’t need to pay me, it’s for Joss!” To which the man replied, “Well, I’d love to hire you sometime for the stuff we’ve got going on around here.” To which I responded, “OKAY!”

Two more people asked me over the course of the evening if I was “for hire”. To which I responded, “Well, SURE!”

Nothing specific is lined up yet, but I did come to the glaring realization that, hey, if I’m actually going to, you know, do this thing, I need to be able to represent myself in an official capacity. No more directing folks to my blog and/or Flickr account, then trying to explain why I blog under a nom-de-net. No more jotting my name and number down on a cocktail napkin. Nope, I need a professional website, and BUSINESS CARDS, b’gawd.

So. That’s my current project.

I’m excited about the seminar I’m attending – I’m a total fangirl for All Things Kelby (though he won’t be the instructor – that’ll be Dave Cross, who is equally awesome). Attending this seminar will do two things for me – further enhance my Mad Photoshop Skillz (TM), and give me a great networking opportunity.

Looks like I’m still going to have to explain where “Snerkology” came from, though. “The guy” from Go Daddy called me yesterday to confirm some details about my domain purchase, and he was all, “What the heck is a snerk?” So I said, “A cross between a snort and a smirk.” And he totally got it. The reason I originally spelled it “snerk” instead of “snirk” was purely aesthetic. “SNERKOLOGY” just looks better than “SNIRKOLOGY.”

Am I wrong?

My very, very, VERY FIRST tagline to explain the origin of the name was, “An uttered noise which denotes amusement/disgust/derision/disbelief.” With, of course, the “ology” at the end referring to the study of those things which cause amusement, disgust, derision, or disbelief.

I think that sums it up nicely. I think I’ll use that tagline again for a while.

So… yeah. Things are starting to get interesting!

  1. dyskinesia says:

    How does anyone representing themselves as a potentially quasi-professional FORGET their camera???? WTF?

    But more importantly, I am so proud FOR you. Seeing you go so wholeheartedly after something that brings you so much joy is fantastic, even as just the folks along for the ride. 🙂 Congrats!!

    • Laura says:

      I know, right???

      Thank you so much! I’m excited and nervous and… well, yeah. All that stuff. My photography gear WANT list is growing exponentially, I’m afraid.

  2. Kami-O says:

    AWESOME! Run with it!

  3. Jeanette says:

    How exciting for you! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could make a fantastic living off of just your photography?

    • Laura says:

      Heh. Calvin says that once my earnings reach a certain point he’s going to quit his job and become my house-husband. It’s not very likely to happen, but I wouldn’t mind it at all!

  4. iamheatherjo says:

    YAY!! Exciting stuff!!

    I know the list of your wants keeps growing, but you can do so, so, so much even with what you have and I know you know that and soon your profits will pay for all those wants, just watch!

    I did not like having to get a federal tax id and all that other garbage, but it was fun to set up my own “business” back when I was doing HVAC graphic work on the side. My friend Lars keeps bugging me to get cards that he can hand them out but I’m dragging my feet about it.

    • Laura says:

      I’m afraid everything I earn is just going to go into supporting my gear habit!

      Since I’m a “DBA” I don’t have to file for a federal tax id, it all goes into Schedule C of my personal income taxes. And you SHOULD get cards! You’re an awesome band photographer!

    • Kami-O says:

      Heather Jo! DO IT! Be like NIKE!

      • iamheatherjo says:

        I’m a weirdo. I only want to take pictures of what (and whom) I want to take pictures of. That’s why I’m hesitant to have this guy pimping me out.

        I’ve already said “absolutely not” to two weddings and had a near miss having to photograph a baby shower. hahaha!

  5. crisitunity says:

    That’s so wonderful!!

  6. Shelli says:

    Congrats! Wow, and we can all say “we knew you when”. 😉

  7. Taoist Biker says:

    Pshaw. I’m already polishing up my resume so I can ask you for a job as Lead Motorcycle Correspondent.

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