Posted: November 6, 2009 in Health/Fitness, photography, work

pennyrumGot up at 4:00 a.m. It’s close to 5:00, now. Going to make an attempt to go into work today. It might be a short day, though.


So, at what point do you guys go to the doctor? I have nasal/sinus congestion and my ears are so muffled that I’ve driven Calvin to new levels annoyance with all of my, “What? Huh? Sorry? Come again?” I’m going to investigate different OTC meds that target such symptoms, but I’m concerned that this congestion will turn into a sinus and/or ear infection, or will descend into my lungs at some point. That last one I can REALLY not afford, given my already limp-lunged asthmatic status. Bronchitis is my mortal enemy.

My Grandma’s “rule of thumb” was to take me to the doc’s if I had a fever. No fever to speak of during this illness (unless my thermometer is faulty, but I don’t feel feverish, to myself), and I honestly don’t think the doctor would tell me to do anything differently than what I’m already doing (rest, fluids – no problem because I’ve been constantly thirsty, ibuprofen). He might be able to give me better drugs (maaaaaan), but in the end, are they really any better than, say, Tylenol Cold & Sinus?

So. I’m undecided. Somebody tell me what to do!


And now I’m at work. I must admit, I kind of like how quiet it is when I get here at 7:00. The starting gun doesn’t really go off until 8:00, so I have a calmer hour to get my tea and water, sort through my e-mail, and get myself organized for the day. Also? The air handling system is really loud – like a space shuttle, pre-launch. That’s something I didn’t notice, really, before. The clackety-clack of keyboards, drone of conversation, and sound of foot traffic along the isles usually drowns out the vents.

Know what else I didn’t notice before? The coffee stain on my shirt. Lovely.


I was thinking about a topic for Beyond Megapixels this morning. I thought it would be nice if readers would share the one photograph that they took, that they are the most proud of. There’s a few, that qualify for me:


I’m proud of this one because I think it’s composed well, and I think I did a good job at the post-processing. You’d never know to look at it, that there used to be a stop sign and a vehicle in the picture, would you?

See, here’s the original (trust me, the truck is in there if you zoom – I didn’t notice it until I zoomed in to do some close work):

Road Trip Day 3 004

I’m proud of this one because, well, it’s just darned pretty:


This one just makes me happy. I like the composition, the colors, the bokeh, and the fact that it’s so sharp you can see the tiny hairs on the stems.


Really, I’m proud of all of the pictures that I have in my portfolio, which I add to on a consistent basis. Do you guys have photographs that you’re particularly proud of?

  1. crisitunity says:

    I never go to the doctor if I’m sick. If it’s a virus, there ain’t much they can do. If it’s a bacterial infection, they can theoretically give me antibiotics, but I’m allergic to the two main families of antibiotics (-cillins and -mycins), so that don’t do much good. If I were hallucinating, or some portion of my body was paralyzed, then I would probably go to the hospital, but going to the doctor’s for a garden-variety illness is just pointless, IMHO.

    • Laura says:

      Yeah, you’re right. Though I’m a bit more touchy about it, given my asthma. I think they’re overly prescription happy in most circumstances.

  2. Taoist Biker says:

    I basically don’t go to the doctor for anything like a cold or flu unless I’m REALLY concerned I have some serious secondary infection. I’ve had pneumonia a couple of times as a kid so a cold lingering in my lungs for several days is SOP for me.

    I’ll put my favorite photos in a separate comment, for fear that I get sent to the spam folder for links. So, if I don’t have a second comment on this entry pretty soon, check ye olde spam filter. 😀

  3. Taoist Biker says:

    Most of these are MotoGP pics, and I’m extremely proud of them because taking a close photo of a motorcycle at speed is freaking challenging.

    Valentino Rossi (cloudy sky doesn’t wash out the colors as much)

    Andrea Dovizioso – this may be the best action photo I’ve ever taken!

    Rossi in the rain

    And I’m still partial to this self-portrait that I use as my avatar.

  4. […] a jackass with a camera… By iamheatherjo In Laura’s most recent entry, she said “I thought it would be nice if readers would share the one photograph that they […]

  5. iamheatherjo says:

    I hope you feel better soon, sickie! I only go to the doctor for this type of illness stuff when I get “the cough”. The one that keeps me awake at night and breaks my ribs. That cough.

    I took up your photo request and turned it into my entry for the day.

  6. dyskinesia says:

    Green. You go to the doc when you see something green because green means bacterial (favorite doc ever taught me that one).

    Also go for Heather’s cough or if you have a tightness is your chest that gets worse when you lie down — that’s okay for about 1 day, but if it keeps getting worse after that, you MUST go.

    Trust me when I tell you that being hard-headed about that chest tightness/shortness of breath when lying down = pneumonia, consolidation inside your lung, steroids, and years of screwed up breathing after. 😛

    And HOLY CRAP at the first photo post processing – that is FANTASTIC!

    • Laura says:

      Ain’t got no green, thank God! And breathing issues are an automatic “don’t pass go” pass to the doc’s, for me. So far, so good on that score.

      Thanks! I was rather proud of it, myself!

  7. Shelli says:

    Let’s get the stuffy problem first. My first choice for OTCs are these (look at ingredients):

    1. Phenylephrine HCl 5mg or better. Usually found in Sudafed PE or generic. This stuff is great for the sinus pressure, and does an ok job on the congestion as well. No side effects that I’ve found.

    2. Diphenhydramine hydrochloride 25mg. Found in Benadryl or generic. This stuff will dry you up better than the Sahara! But it will also knock your ass out! Do NOT take if you have to drive!! I use this primarily in the evening, when the first meds start working and my nose turns into a faucet.

    3. If it starts heading towards your chest, hit it with the big guns … Guaifenesin 400mg. This is the “mucus medicine” that you see on the commercials, the gross one where the mucus has “moved in” with it’s family in tow. Again, I use the generic, only the one I use is the Mucus Relief + Sinus. This shit will have you snottin’ in no time!

    4. NYQUIL NYQUIL NYQUIL. Nuff said. Oh, and keep some sort of ledger of what meds you take and the times you take them, ’cause some are every 4 hours, some are every 6, and you don’t want to combine them too much.

    Now, onto the pics. They’re all fantastic! I hope I can someday do as good a job as you. Seriously! Since I’m just starting out, I only have a few that I’m proud of at all. I have them all on my Photobucket – Photography by Shelli album.

    (as a side note, when I look at your Flikr pics, I can’t enlarge them beyond the 3×5 size that I see on the screen. Am I doing something wrong? Also, the “before” pic with the truck in it is not accessible at all. 😦 )

    • Laura says:

      Good heavens, you sure did crack out the Google MD! Got Benadryl and Nyquil in the heezy, plus Tylenol Cold & Sinus.

      You probably can’t enlarge the pics because I have them copyright protected, and the one of the truck I have set as “private”, though I can post it to my own site cuz I get the code directly from Flickr. You might be able to see all sizes if you get a Flickr account and you and I “friend” each other.

      • Shelli says:

        Sadly, no Googling was required. 3-4 times a year, I’m following this routine. Had the meds sitting on my desk, ’cause I’m currently having the same symptoms. The mucus meds are a must have in my house, especially the Guaifenesin! So, how are you feeling today? Better, I hope. 🙂

        Understood on the pics. Not a fan of Flickr, though. S’ok, I still enjoy your pics, even if they are small! 🙂

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