Tea and Toast

Posted: November 5, 2009 in bitching, Friends, Health/Fitness, Home


Still sick, and practically living off of tea and toast. It’s a good thing I really LIKE tea and toast – two items it’s hard for me to get tired of – because I’ve had a metric ton of each in the last couple of days.

That up there is my favorite mug, because it’s YOOGE and solid and fits comfortably in my hand. It contains a Jasmine tea that consists of black and green leaves. Also my favorite.

I think I have a bad head cold or sinus thing – no disastrous piggy flu for me! Totally stuffed up head, crackly ears, a nose that alternately runs and plugs, runs and plugs, righteous sneezing sessions, minor throat irritation, and vaguely achy. My temperature is normal (I originally typed “I don’t have a temperature”, but I do! 98.2!), I’m not coughing, no tummy symptoms, and my appetite seems to be okay.

My “v’s” and “m’s” come out like “b’s”, my “l’s” are missing, and my “n’s” come out like “d’s”. I hab a code id by dose.


In case you didn’t see my maniacal Twittering yesterday, Jen’s baby boy, Oliver Robert, was born at 11:31 a.m. weighing in at 8 lbs 5 oz, and measuring 21 inches. Both mom and baby are doing very well! I’ll be taking pictures of the baby within the next week (as soon as I kick this stupid bug that prevented me from being there for his delivery!), and with mom’s permission I’ll post a bunch here. In the meantime, there’s a few pics up on Jen’s blog, so go on over there and wish Oliver a happy birthday!


LENS WATCH 2009: In Secaucus, NJ, on schedule for delivery tomorrow! I haven’t been keeping up (already!) with my picture-a-day goal for November. Meh, what are ya gonna do? The view hasn’t changed from the bed I’ve been hanging out in since Tuesday afternoon. My own sorry face, staring back at me from the mirrored closet doors. Nobody wants to see pictures of that.

Wow, that last pair of sentences sounded mighty pathetic, didn’t they? Heh. Woesy woesy me.

  1. Taoist Biker says:

    I always prefer plugged to running. Plugged is just a pain in MY butt. Running means I disgust everybody for a 10-yard radius.

    I hobe to hear frob you todight, but if you’re too sick, it’s okay, judt redt up and we’ll do it again sometibe sood.

  2. Kim says:

    Damn, sorry you’re feeling like crapola. I was just telling Heather it seems like so many people I know are sick right now or have been in recent days. My house alone seems like it’s been hit with some kind of plague or another for weeks now. Hope you start to feel better soon.

  3. […] had a long and sucky bout with plantar faciitis early on in the year. And I had a cold or some such thing that prevented me from being there for Oliver’s […]

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