Assplant Coordinates

Posted: November 2, 2009 in Blogthings, Home, Listy goodness, photography, work

There are two locations at home, from which I conduct all of my writing and on-line business.

The living room couch, on my lap desk (70% of the time):


The desk in the bedroom (30% of the time):


I spend more time in the living room than the bedroom so that I can hang out with Calvin while I work. Also, we like to have the laptop handy so that we can research such esoteric information as, “Who was that one guy who played that dude on that one TV show?” (Answer: Howard Morris as “Ernest T. Bass” on The Andy Griffith Show.)

It is from one of these two locations that I shall be regaling my lovely readers with fascinating and pithy topics as I participate in the daily-for-the-month-of-November blogging extravaganza of National Blog Writing Month.

Upcoming topics include:
– The change in my AcronymCo work schedule.
– My “writing process” (topic request courtesy of Dys).
Oliver’s birth story (cuz you’re never gonna get a birth story of my own) from the unique perspective of the photographer. (Oliver hasn’t been born yet, by the way, I’m just anticipating a November delivery!)
– Thanksgiving, in nauseating detail.
– My 50mm lens, in excruciating detail.
– Eleventy-seven stream-of-consciousness entries.
– Photo-a-day stuff (a self-imposed goal to take daily pictures).
– Health and fitness stuff (which I will probably post on No Butts and pimp here – that counts!).

I’d love to hear from you all – what kind of topics would you like me to write about? Anything goes, my friends! I need writing fodder if I’m gonna get through NaBloWriMo!

  1. Taoist Biker says:

    T’hell with YOUR topics – I gotta radio show comin’ up and I need a topic for THAT!


    As I watched a stream of riders go by as Dys and I were out walking yesterday afternoon on a brilliant but slightly cool fall day, I remarked what a beautiful day for a ride it was, and she said that you’d posted about trying to convince Calvin to take the bike out. I’d admittedly be curious to hear what you like about riding a motorcycle as a passenger. (My own passenger days ended in high school, although I do have some experience.)

  2. Shelli says:

    LOL I have those esoteric conversations, too! I’ve got a bit of a photographic memory for everything BUT names! Half my life is spent on IMDB, looking for who played who in what show or movie from way back when or just yesterday. Drives my Husband nuts!

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