Posted: October 31, 2009 in Home, weekend

motorI smell.

I got up this morning at 8:30, and pounded out the three articles per my quota, as Calvin got started on the housework. I joined him at noon, after partaking of some Stouffer’s Frozen Lasagna (cooked, of course) for lunch. He did EVERYTHING ELSE but the kitchen, which I cleaned (including the microwave, which we tend to forget about since it’s above eye-level – over the stove). I de-cluttered the area around the television in the living room, and I organized and de-trashed the top of my dresser while Calvin did his night stand. I folded and put away and hung up all of the clean laundry in the bedroom (Calvin helped with that, too) and got new loads of laundry started. I washed the windows and window sills in the bedroom, vacuumed in there (Calvin had already gotten the rest of the house) and wiped down the closet doors. AND I did doggie-doo duty in the back yard, and got the hot tub to draining so I can clean it out and re-fill it (uh… later). Two beers, a shot of whisky, and a ton of 80’s music later, and I’m calling this bitch DONE.

Projects for another day – the freezer, the cabinets under the bathroom sinks, our bedroom closet, and Kali’s vivarium.

Now Calvin’s crashed out on the bed, and I’m indulging in a snack and writing this.


I’m hoping to convince Calvin to go to Cien Agaves for tacos and tequila later – it probably won’t take too much arm twisting. Especially if I suggest we take the motorcycle – it’s 81 degrees and sunny right now, and this evening is supposed to be clear and mild.

Joss is coming over tomorrow morning to watch football (donations are still open!). I’ll probably make a breakfast skillet out of the leftover roast, eggs, hash browns, salsa, cheese, and whatever else I have a mind to throw in. We’re watching the 10:00 game at our house, then going to a bar or something to catch the early afternoon game.

It feels good to have such a productive weekend.

Okay! I’m gonna get in the shower, now. Hope everyone is having a happy Saturday!

  1. Shelli says:

    Geez woman, I don’t do that much cleaning in one day when AM feeling healthy! LOL I think the next time you’re in PA, you should stop by. I’ll keep the cleaning supplies handy. ­čśë

    • Laura says:

      Heh, just give me a mild buzz and I’ll clean for ya! But, yeah, the level of productivity we experienced is kind of rare, for us. The house hadn’t been cleaned in three weekends in a row, before this one.

  2. Jeanette says:

    LOVE those kind of weekends!

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