Takin’ What I’m Givin’.

Posted: October 12, 2009 in blogkeeping, Calvin, Friends, Headspace, Home, Pimp, vacation, work

daffyMy lovely friend Jayne has begun a photography and fine art collective called JLM Photo Design. Since the world could use a little more beauty in it, stop on by and offer your support, won’t you?


I have a shyte-tonne of work to do.  I’m back at work at AcronymCo after a week off – this week I’m covering for a co-worker while she is out on vacation, plus I’m digging through the pile of e-mails and associated tasks that were waiting for me this morning, and I’m training on Jen’s desk over the next couple of weeks in prep for covering for her during her maternity leave. 

Anyway, because I have so much work to do, as a result I’m writing over here. I’m kind of stymied for how to even begin, really. Ever get so busy that you totally seize up? Yeah, me too. I was just e-mailing with the aforementioned Jayne and I said that something would have to give, eventually, because I’m planning on going back to school in the new year. Housework seems to be the number one candidate to get dropped. Calvin will have something to say about that, I suspect.

Speaking of Calvin, he has been working SO HARD lately that even the seduction of overtime pay is starting to pale in comparison to achy feet and a tired mind. Not that we’re ACTUALLY complaining, mind you – in an economy where unemployment is so high, to be thus employed is a coveted condition. And God knows we could use the money. He was in Tucson all last week, will have to go back for at least a day this week, then is heading up to Flagstaff on Friday to work through the entire weekend.

I’m going to go up to Flagstaff, too. I’ll hang out in his hotel room, occupy myself with writing and photography throughout the day until he completes his mission du jour, and then we can hang out after work together. Last week was interesting – what with me being on vacation and Calvin being out of town. I enjoyed the alone time and accomplished a lot of stuff that needed to get done. But that was enough, those long days apart, so I’m crashing his gig next weekend. He doesn’t seem to mind.

I’m proud of, and grateful for, my guy.


So, yeah. Vacation last week was… interesting. A good sampling of how my sabbatical is going to go next summer, I suspect – planned travel notwithstanding.  It was not so much of a vacation as much as it was a shifting of concentration from one job to another. Having a deadline is an interesting concept, and I have near-daily deadlines that I have to meet, every week. I still have yet to entirely figure out how to arrange my time around everything that needs to get done. Research is required for every article that I write – some articles require more research than others. Each article averages about an hour to an hour and a half to research, write, edit, and promote (Stumble, Twitter, Kirtsy, Digg, Reddit, Delicious). Five articles a week for BMP, and (shooting for) five articles a week for UpTake, is fifteen hours a week. Sandstone’s website and marketing is taking up about three hours a week, depending on the events that are going on (if I photograph an event, that adds probably another five or six hours). So on a “busy” week, I could be working for 24 hours on the various projects.

(Look out, she’s doing math again.)

Am I whining? No, not really. I’ve mentioned before, I like being busy. And I think the stuff that I have on my plate is manageable. Goodness knows many people work 70 and 80 hours at their “day job”, away from home and stuck in an office. That I can accomplish much of what I need to do, comfortably in my jammies and sitting on the couch next to my husband… well, that just makes me fortunate. And therefore, grateful.

It does make me more absent than I’d like to be, from here, from No Butts (hah!  exercise?  what’s that?), from all of my friends’ blogs.  And actually, to that last point, I’ve been READING everyone’s blogs (you’re all in my feed reader) but commenting has fallen off.  I’ll strike a balance eventually, rest assured.

Yeah, I know you were worried.

  1. angelcel says:

    Oh! I just emailed you and thought I’d check out if you’d written on your site (you didn’t show up in my Google reader today for some reason). Thanks for the link!

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