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Posted: September 1, 2009 in Beyond Megapixels, bitching, Drama, Family, Music, Pimp, UpTake

bugssteamtailAugust is over, finally. You won’t find me complaining.


I’m scheming up something to surprise Calvin with on his birthday. It’s squee-worthy for me, as well. Full deets will be disclosed after October 1st!


Calvin and I watched the Country Music Festival on TV last night, because there was nothing else on. But! These three songs specifically are tending to change my mind about country music. I might have to become a (selective) fan, after all.

Joey by Sugarland (I actually have, and love, this album.)

In Color by Jamey Johnson (Made me bawl right there on the couch. I miss my Grammy.)

Then by Brad Paisley (Couldn’t find the full version on Blip, so this is a link to YouTube.)


I’ve actually been pretty busy over at Beyond Megapixels, and UpTake. Here’s some links if you’re interested.

Beyond Megapixels:

Add a Signature to your Digital Photos
Gems – Black and White
Five Photography Websites I Rely On
Photo vs. Image (this one sparked quite a conversation in the comments!)


The Story of the Happy Buffalo
The Cody – Luxury and Comfort in the Heart of Rodeo Country
Eight Road Trip Pet Peeves
Three Jumping-Off Points to Canada


There has been big drama in the Land of Marie, lately. I think I mentioned a while back that her boyfriend joined the military, and his departure to boot camp coincided with the end of Marie’s lease on her condo, so she moved back in with us to await his return. From there they were planning on getting another place together and living Happily Ever After.

Yeah. SO not happening.

Turns out that this punk ass kid was carrying on a DUPLICATE relationship with another girl. And by duplicate, I mean exactly that. He was giving them the same Christmas presents, right down to identical “Build-A-Bears” with the exact same song that plays when you press their paw. He was writing them identical letters from boot camp (with identical requests to send money), just changing the names. Or, referring to them as “cutie” instead of using actual names. The list of transgressions goes far, FAR beyond that.

This all came to light when the other girl’s sister started calling and harassing Marie. Then the girl herself got on the phone, and they started comparing notes. The other girl would read one line from a letter, and Marie would follow with the next line. He was trash talking Marie to the other girl, and trash talking the other girl (who he referred to as his “Bitch Ex”) to Marie.

Marie started putting pieces of the puzzle together, and it turns out that this kid had not been faithful to her for their entire two year relationship. Calvin and I never liked him (which this kid knew very well – we haven’t seen him since last Christmas, and he left for boot camp in July), and have always thought he was kind of an asshole, but now the full truth comes to light. He’s been warned to never EVER show his face around our house, if and when he comes back to Arizona.

So. Brandon Mason. He’s about 6’2″, twenty, blonde, scrawny, and is stationed in South Carolina right now. If you run into him, kick him in the nuts for us. Tell him Laura says hi.

Asshole dickhead motherfucker.


On that note, happy Tuesday!

  1. Taoist Biker says:

    Holy frijoles. How the hell do people do shit like that and look at themselves in the mirror? Sometimes people just boggle my mind.

    I gotta go read the happy buffalo story!

  2. iamheatherjo says:

    Some folks just suck. I know there are a lot of people that will say that he will get what’s coming to him (I don’t think I believe in that anymore) but it’s just unfortunate that none of us will probably get to watch when/if it actually does!

  3. Drill Sgts lovemessing with people and teachin’ lessons. It is a long shot, but maybe…with some creative story tellin’…and truth stretching you could make up something fun enough to get someone there to make his life uncomfortable. Just for the sport of it…

    • Laura says:

      That was actually one recommendation we had for Marie, to write (or otherwise get in touch with) his DS. Worked for us when Michael was messing around with some bills while he was away… we “told” on him and he got his ass chewed.

  4. dyskinesia says:

    In order:
    TFG that August is over, and not just weather-wise. Outside of a fantastic birthday, almost the entire rest of the month blew!
    Surprises rule!! (unless my house isn’t clean!)
    I’m so jazzed to read your Beyond Megapixels articles; damn it, I need more free time!
    So sorry for Marie. 😦

    Of course, most importantly… That’s my fave Bugs line in that pic!! MADE MY DAY!

    • Laura says:

      No need to clean your house (I don’t think!). I’m glad you’re enjoying the BMP articles, there’s one more I want to publish, but my editor is publishing it on a spanish language site first (woo, look at me all multinational!).

      Yes, I use “Stop steaming up my tail” quite frequently. There is no life circumstance to which a Bugs line cannot be applied.

  5. crisitunity says:

    Hamala kamala. That’s a phrase I just made up that means “Holy shit x1000”. That is the most insane relationship stunt I’ve ever heard of. I hope Marie and the other girl were able to bond a little over how unbelievably badly they were treated by this guy.

  6. Kami-O says:

    This one beats ANY of my shitty dating stories. What a TOOL! I’d do everything in my power to get back at him, including getting him deployed. Wholly cow!

  7. Kimmothy says:

    HA – WHERE IN SOUTH CAROLINA??? I’ll pay him a special visit, kick him in the nuts and say, “That’s from the Snerkology crew!!!”

  8. JB says:

    Probably Fort Jackson….

  9. […] was doing the rounds at her mom’s house and at her boyfriend’s mom’s house (same guy, long story, drama drama drama) so she left at about 2:30 and spent the night away from home. Bill […]

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