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Posted: August 19, 2009 in Beyond Megapixels, photography, Pimp

1iconpenIf I could remember who taught me how to read and write (my mother? my kindergarten teacher? osmosis?) I would rain blessings upon them. Because, when I think about it, my ENTIRE LIFE’S BREAD AND BUTTER is based on the fact that I consume and produce a mind boggling amount of words words words words words.

Runner up on the whole raining blessings thing would be my typing teacher in 10th grade. Wish I could remember her name. I wonder if my uncle still has my high school yearbooks?

Anyway, I have a fun announcement! I have been chosen for a freelance writing/photography position, over at Beyond Megapixels. My debut entry is here, all about how I overcame the intimidation of using my D-SLR’s manual mode. I hope you all will follow me over there and enjoy all of the down to earth photography advice and articles that BMP has to offer.

Yeah, I’m gonna be one busy little chickie, between BMP, UpTake, my actual *day* job, and going back to school. But busy is the way I like it!

  1. Taoist Biker says:

    Typing, schmiping. Yeah, I got an A in typing class in high school (on an IBM Selectric), but it was only when I started online text gaming that I really started burning through keyboards. 😀

    Woohoo and congrats on the new gig!

  2. jadesymb says:


  3. boundandgags says:

    Excellent! Good luck.

  4. That sounds too busy…even to me. Try to keep having fun doing all that…other than the “real work…”

  5. Hilly says:

    I can’t imagine being illiterate. Or not being able to type!

    • Laura says:

      I can’t either, and yet there are fully functional adults out there who can’t read OR write. Typing isn’t as much of a necessity – for example, my husband is a hunt-n-pecker, but he gets by well enough… ~grin~

  6. suzy2110 says:

    We didn’t even have typing classes in my school! I had to learn fast when I got to Uni and have a lot of bad habits that I doubt I’ll ever kick! Congratulations!

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