Good News

Posted: August 16, 2009 in Journal, Motorcycle, Pimp, weekend
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calvinhobbesjiveSo, yesterday turned out better than we expected. Todd from Dent Crafters arrived at 10:00 to repair the ding in our truck, caused by the motorcycle’s mirror when it tipped over. When he initially looked at it, he was skeptical (so he said to Calvin) that he’d be able to fully remove the evidence of the dent, given its shape and position. But when he rang the door bell to tell us it was done, and I went out to the driveway to inspect his work, I swear I couldn’t find any evidence whatsoever that anything had ever happened to the truck at all. Not only that, he charged us LESS than he originally quoted to me over the phone. So how’s about them apples? Arizona residents, if you need this kind of work done to your vehicle, I can’t recommend Dent Crafters enough. Look ’em up in the yellow pages!

Then the Kawasaki Superstore called us at about noon (they picked up the motorcycle with their trailer on Friday afternoon) to tell us the motorcycle was ready. All it needed was a tune-up, all work was covered under the extended warranty, and we left there with a perfectly running motorcycle and no money out of pocket.

We celebrated our good fortune with a couple of beers at Sandstone– where we were highly amused, then a little annoyed, by the antics of a young man who’d had a few (dozen) too many. Come to find out, he’d been there Friday night and dropped a $250 tab, and then showed up early in the afternoon on Saturday to drop another $300 tab – buying drinks and shots for the entire bar. Which is tiny, mind you, but still. The tiny little micro-bartendress had to exert her authority and help his friends haul him off to sober up. But before things turned south, he sure was funny.

So! That’s the news. I’ve got some more writing and photo editing to do (I’m going write for Uptake, and post the buffalo’s story that I mentioned here), and my additional goals for today include cleaning the kitchen, putting away last week’s laundry and starting on this week’s, and watching some football (WOOOOOT! Football season!). Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!

  1. crisitunity says:

    That’s great news!

  2. Taoist Biker says:

    I hereby shed tears of joy for your resurrected Vulcan.

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